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Life – A Kaira FF (Part-1)


N: Calm down Kartik….

And with that he grabbed his towel and dashed into the washroom. Naira nodded her head in disbelief ‘My mendak is such a child’ she thought to herself….

Eversince Keesh had gotten married Kartik Was insisting They Went on Honeymoon with them…and seen as they didnt have one themselves was fairly considerable. Naira at first objected but later when Kirti insisted that she would need her as Keesh alone may be awkward for the couple and Naira knows Naksh’s likes and dislikes and could play the role of cupid in their love-life…Naira rejected at first but then Suwarna made her agree to it as Kirti decided not to go otherwise…Kartik was overjoyed at the revelation and was waiting for the day since…and finally it had arrived!

Kartik came out the washroom in nothing but a towel and picked up his phone, while Naira was folding the duvet of the bed and as soon she looked at him she immediately turned to face the other way and said in a rather amused tone;

N: WHAT exactly do you THINK you’re doing Mr.Mendak

Kartik rather casually replied
K: going through my emails

Naira amused at his casual tone put her hands on her hips, still facing the other way replied

N: I mean where are your clothes?

K: I forgot to take them with me and I also cant decide what to wear…

N: Quickly take something and go….I cant face away from you forever….

K:Why are you facing away anyway…its not like you havent seen me shirtless before (Wink, Wink)

N: I need to do the morning pooja…

K: So….You do that everyday…

He said while aproaching her still in nothing but a towel

N: And because of you I’ve been late ever since Kirti and naksh’s wedding

She sensed him coming near and took a few steps further away

K: You cant blame me…Its not my fault Their wedding reminded me of my time and i just wanted to…you know…savour the moment…

And with his last words he clasped her wrist and pulled her with such a force she had to brace for impact resulting in her hands landing on his bear chest….Their eyes in a deep lock as he tilted his head forward and she ever-so-slightly raised her chin to initiate thier first kiss of the day….

His heart was racing…she felt it beneath her matter how long they’d been married every kiss of theirs felt like their first..every time she could evoke that same feeling within him that he too could to her…His heartbeat was racing and it matched the beat of her heart quick and flurried….He had been cold before with the cold water drops on the plane of his chest but niw they were warm…Now there was too much heat. Firelight and Flames. Everywhere he touched she felt anew. He entangled his hands in her hair as she did in his. He tilted her head ever-so-slightly. Both their eyes were closed. Because they closed their eyes when they dreamed and when they prayed. And this was both a prayer and a dream. There was such elusive reverence in each of their kisses.

After 1 minute or two she pulled out with her knees weak and a heady feeling making her unsteady and as for him he felt intoxicated by her mere touch let alone a kiss….

After half an hour they headed downstairs went through their daily routine…Got their already packed bags took everyones blessings…picked up keesh and left for the airport…boarding their flight….


SO guys some of you requested me to continue so here it was….Please leave suggessions/Comments below… its my first FF on an indian platform so trying slightly diffirent approach then the usual and please do share this or let other TU members know of this post….


Love – Fammy

  1. Fenil

    Beautiful chappy.
    The way Naira said My mendhak is cute so sweet.
    Honeymoon decision good.
    Nice cute romantic kiss.
    Can’t wait for next.
    Hope i can expect keesh romance some light moment.

    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Thanks dear…and ofcourse there wI’ll be keesh romance as I don’t think we are getting to see enough in the show…

  2. Amazing


    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Dear I am afraid I can only PM the Links so if register as a member than I can send you the links…I’ve tried they don’t work otherwise….I think it’s the server it doesnt allow it

  3. Shivaya khanna

    Wow amazing loved the chapter glad you are showing Kairas honeymoon cause can’t see it happening any soon in the serial chapter was great eagerly waiting for next pls post soon

    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Sure will dear

  4. HarSHaN

    Very Nycc..Slightly different approach?!!Mm.So.I think there maybe other story way in story line..Create next Soon..

    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Sure will…thanks 4 the comment!

  5. Aleya.marzan

    Ohh I got it today really nice

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