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Life – A Kaira FF (INTRO)


Hello Lovelies thus is my first post on TU…In fact my first post on an Indian platform…Just wanted to give it a shot…if you would like me to continue please comment and post on my wall so I have a rough idea of how many people viewed it….. So here goes!


(All characters are same and Kaira and Keesh are married)

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sunlight peeking through the silky baby-blue curtains and shining upon a cute couple…the girls face adorning a smile even in sleep and the boy holding her close to him. The treacherous rays of light disrupted the beauties sleep and woke her up.

She slowly opened her eyes to the sight infront of her. A man…HER man lying there holding here close mumbling sweet nothings into her ear…

“Wake up Kartik”…she said sheepishly….”Today is the day”…..
As soon as those words left her mouth His eyes Flew open.

K: Is it….?
He asked confused.

N: Yes it is….
She said laying her head back down on the plane of his chest..

K: then quickly get up!….There’s no time to lose!….quick hurry up……!

N: Calm down Kartik….

Precap: GUESS!

Comment below on what you think Kaira are talking about and if you would want me to continue please comment below and on my wall…….Plus I am a romance novelist so do expect lots of romance….nothing explicit but mature themes….


  1. shivaya khanna

    hey nice start ff seems interesting waiting for next chapter

  2. Fenil

    Awesome start.
    Can’t wait for next.

  3. HarSHaN

    NYC Functions Maybe Tatsy Karthik in rush..

    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Thanx for comment

  4. Aleya.marzan

    Good Stat. Maybe kaira gng to attend a function. Let’s see. Waiting for next

  5. Fammy.Sie73

    You’ll see dear

    1. Aleya.marzan

      Waiting onlu

      1. Shivangi Mehra

        She posted her next PART. …with a different title pic

  6. The_Known_Stranger

    Oh that’s amazing..I am waiting for more posts.. apologies in advance for I may not comment regularly..u know exams love dancing over our heads…

    C ya

    1. Fammy.Sie73

      Dear all my posts for this ff can be found quickly and with ease from my profile….if you click on my name ‘Fammy.sie73’ you will be taken to my page where if you click on the pen you will be taken to all my posts!

      1. The_Known_Stranger

        I know ..I am reading ur posts regularly just amn’t commenting..for that I am sorry..
        Well thanks

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