So I m posting the parts as soon as possible as in march i have my xams and any how I have to complete it by 10 feb And thank u for commenting in the previous part
Recap:anika to go to pune shivaaay to bring her back
Shivaay:mein jaa rhu anika ko lene
Omru together :hum bhi sath chalenge

Three of them go together in the carshivay drives om sits next to him and rudy at the back they arrives there in the
bus stand they enquire about anika by showing pictures of her to people and no one recognizes her at last they disappointed meets at one place
Shivaay:anika yah a nhi hai tumhe kuch mila
Om:nhi shivaay
Rudra:mujhe hi nhi
Om :mujhe lagta hai pune ki last bus jo abhi nikali hai wo nikal gai
Shivaay:we have to find the bus we will go on the road going to pune
They alll drives to the road

In the bus
Sahil and anika are sitting
Anika is leaning on the window and reminscing her moments with shivaay how shivaay flirted with her and there nk-jhok fight sahil was also sad he was busy in her dear saumya’s dream
Oh jaana sad version plays
Hear shivaay is driving very fast
Om:shivaay shivaay calm down anika mil jaiyegi aise car chalegya toh accident ho jaaye gaa
Rudra:bhaiya ap tej chalo iss long hair creature ko kya pta ishqbaazi kya cheez hoti hai
Om:tujhe baaada pta hai

Shivaay:shut up both of u can’t u concentrate on road to find the bus and om from when has ur Iq came in single digit like rudy
Rudy:bhaiya ur insulting me
Om:shivaay wo dekh ek bass hai
A blue cream colour bus is seen (u can imagine any colour i don’t travel much in buse s so I don’t know)

Shivaay:i think yeh pune jane wali bus
Rudra: par bhaiya yeh bus ko rokenge kaise hath de deke
Shivaay:ap sab mere style mein hoga just see
Shivaays drives the car in full speed and halts it in front of the bus(u must have seen in serial)
Rudy:bhaiya aj apne prove kar diya ap mere bhaiaya ho
Shiomru get out of the carin heroic style

In the bus

Person1:kya hua driver sahab bus aise kyu rok di
Person2:haa bhai kyu roki
Driver:someone has parked his car infront
Due to jerk anika head huits the window btu nothing happens she was like who is it she tried to seee but an’t
Person1:aree yeh tho shivaay singh oberoi hain wo famous bussiness man wo yaha kya kar rha hai
Person2:haan bhai yeh toh wahi hai

Anika hears the conversation
Anika:o bete ki yeh bagad billlla yaha thak pauch hya ab mein kya karu idea
And hides underneath the seat and sahil she alos hides him
Sahil:did yeh kya kar rhe ho
Anika:chup chap aise hi reh
Sahil makes a gives anika u r mad wala look

Anika a[leading puppy face
Then shivomru enter the bus and scan the whole bus but cannot find her
Driver:ap kise dund rhe hain
Person1: haa hum apki hepl kare
Person2:aree jaldi karo der ho rhi hai
Om:shivaay anka bhabhi yaha par nhi hai

Rudy:haa bhaiya
Shivaay: I also think so
Then only shivaay notices a hand with anka’s braclet as she has kept her hand on the seat her braclet is showing shivaay signs all of them to be quit aand om ru confused but stay quite
Shivaay:haa anika yaha nhi hai chalo hum chalteh hai and made a door closing noise
Anika:hush bagad billa chala gya and as she gets up she is shocked to see shivaay standing infront of her
Shivaaay :hi anika mein odhaar

She changes her head direction
Anika: shishi vaay ap yah akaise ai kyu ??
Shivaay:mein apni wife ko ghar wapas le jane aya hu?/ anika widens her eyes and says
Anika:wot oh hogi apne bade see ghar mein
Shivaay:nhi wo is hbus mein hain aur wo hai mrs anika shivaay singh oberoi
Anika:ap luch bhi bol rhe hain
Shivaay:acha kuch bhi bol rha hu tho tumne ne yeh mangalsutra kiske naam ka pehena hai yeh sindoor kyu lagya hai kyu anika btao naa
Anika is silent she don’t know what to say

Shivaay smiles
Shivaay:chaalo mere sth chalo
Anika:mein nhi jaungi
Shivaay:meine kaha chalo mtlab chalo
Ania:nhi jaungi mtlab nhi jaungi kya kar lenge app utha ke leke jayenge and then she bite he lips she knows shivaay’s intention
Shiuvaay:nice idea chalo warnale jaunga
Person1:madam chali jayenaa kite pyaar se bula rhe hain aur phir ghar mein ladai ki je gaa hum der ho rhi hain

Person 2:haan late ho rha han bus se utro bahar jaa ke drama karo
ANika: bhaiya a p inhe nikal digye mein nhi jaungi toh nhi jaungi bass
Shivaay:hivaay singh oberoi oi nhi sune ki adaat nhi hai
Anika:adat daal leege
Anmd before she could say anything shoaay picked her in her arms and went anika resisting
Anika:shovaay mujhe chjodiyeh

Alll the people in the buss stared clappings and hotting omr u and sahil came with anika’s luggage
Anika:shivaay mujhe chodiyeh apne suna nhi
Anika:abhi nhi sune ki adat nhi thi apko
Shivaay:ab tumne bol diya hai tho adat daal li
And makes her sit int he car and om ru and sahil sit AT THE BACK
Shivaay enters the car from drivers seat and sees anika trying to open the door
Shivaay:it will not open child lock

Screen freezes on anika’s annoyed and everyone’s happy face

Precap:heheehe I even don’t know

Guys please ignore the gramatical mistakes made by me one of best friend or you can say pagal friend amaya read this and said that I do alot of mistkes Please do tell em mistake both shoes and flowers are accepted i have posted the part soon as in case i wont be able to post tommorow and yaa I m very badine nglish i have done it hindi if u don’t undersatnd do ask me in comment aur message me
Bbye guys
Love u
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