Life is unpredictable (Shot 1)

“Mr. Kunj Sarna”


A mansion is shown


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Bedroom and living room:



Beautiful bathroom ?? #epicluxurylife

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Tv lounge but the walls are not made of glass amd have a big tv at one wall:

At Backyard under the roof:

camera focus and zoom at a room where A man is seen sleeping facing his back. A duvet is just covering his naked body With him laying another figure. If you think may be his Wife??? So there is big noo. she is just another random girl he just pick to spend night with.

The Girl wake up and smile looking at Man. She get up from bed and went to washroom. After sometime she come out wearing her dress and look at the man all wake up Half laying half sitting.

Ofcourse he is The Greatest Jerk Mr.Kunj Sarna, Known as playboy with thousand billion bank balance.

He is one from most famous and top bussiness tycoons.

Girl: Good morning baby

Kunj: Here take this money and go

He throw money toward girl and she catch it with shock face.

Girl: What do you mean?

Kunj: It was just one night stand *smirk ?*

Girl: But i thought

kunj: yeah you thought i like you and you can be my GF.

Girl: yeah

Kunj: That will never happen. now get the hell out of here and never show me your face again

Girl: You are bastard.

She yell and went out of the room

Kunj just smirk. You know he got satisfaction after doing this almost everyday.

he was just sitting there when he got a call from his P.A.

Kunj: hello why you called me ohhh i know to disturb me?? *In lil anger*

Rahul: No sir actually… *scared*

Kunj: Speak up

Rahul: Actually i called you to remind you that you have meeting with luthras

Kunj: Okay what time it is?

Rahul: Its 10 Am

Kunj: okk its 8:30 i will be at office after 30 mins

Rahul: Okay with that kunj hung up the call and went to his closet.

He took a black bussiness suit and went in bathroom to take quick shower

He got ready in less than 15 mins he come downstair and he told His care taker whom he called bebe that he will be late so she has no need worry.

Bebe lives With all other servents even though kunj wantes her to live with but he can’t deny her saying.

She had been taking care of kunj since his birth like his mother.

She is the only one with whom he talk politely and never raise his voice.

Kunj: Ok byee bebe

Bebe: Byee puttar

Kunj come outside and ask drive to bring his car outside.


(i was just drooling over his house and car ??) Driver bring his car outside he take the Key and sit on driving seat yeah he drive by own.

And The car run on the road faster than a cheetah

at exact 9:00 am kunj was parking his car. After parking his car he went inside the his office building. Receptionist Greet him and he just nod. Every employ was just sitting and talking. some making out ?. As soon as kunj enter all stand up and greet him he just nod and went inside his Cabin.

Kunj sit on his chair and start doing some work related to his meeting.

Meeting with luthra’s is very important although luthra’s are less than Sarna empires but it important for kunj new project and he can’t lose it. But it important for luthra more than it important for kunj because they can have more chance to spread there bussiness and kunj know it very well.

Kunj was sitting on his chair Closed eye when he got a knock on the door.

Kunj: Who the hell is there?

rahul: Sir its me rahul

Kunj: Come in

Rahul: Sir here the file of project and luthras can be here at anytime.

Kunj: Hmmm… You go and check all the arrangment i will be there soon

Rahul: Okay and with that rahul left kunj start reading the file after sometime he also left for meeting

?????????????? ???

Heyyy guys look most awaited story is here LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE.

I don’t know you all will like it or not but hope for best and finger crossed.

I know this epi was quiet boring because it is and introduction epi of Kunj and his life style next will be intro of twinkle.

ENJOY The love story of A playboy and A married girl. ❤

Nisa ?

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