The life I’d never expect (DevAkshi an ff) Part 1

***********PART 1*********

We see in a house a girl is crying helplessly

Girl : Ma please don’t do it I don’t want to marry
Lady : U have to Sonakshi, I don’t want a burden in my house
Boy : Ma! Shona is not a burden and she is falsely accused
Ishwari : U keep quiet Vicky, don’t poke ur nose where not required
Sona : Leave it bhai, its no use
Vicky : But Shona…
Sona : Bhai please….ma I’m ready if its ur wish

Just then her dadi bua comes there

Dadi : Ishwari what r u doing, how can think like this
Ishwari : Bua please, not now I’ve had enough of her
Sona : Dadi bua rehne do, koi faida nahi
Dadi : But Shona…
Sona : Dadi bua I told bhai also and u also if ma is happy I’m happy

Ishwari calls some guy and tells him something

Somewhere on some road a man is waking hopelessly drunk and his P.A following him

Girl : Sir come home please its already late
Guy : (drunk) Tina..u go I’ll not come

Just then Ishwari’s men walk by and hold the guy

Tina : Arey what ur doing leave sir
Boy 1 : Ay!! Shut up and come with us
Guy : Where ur taking me
Boy 1 : Its ur marriage so we r taking u there

He says and takes him to Dixit mansion

Boy 2 : Ma’am the boy

Vicky and Dadi bua are shocked seeing the drunk boy

Vicky : Ma ur getting Shona married to this drunkard
Ishwari : (smiles evilly) Haan
Dadai bua : Arey sharam kar Ishwari, apne ghar ki Laxmi ko is bevde(drunkard) se shadi karvaygi
Ishwari : Haan Bua

Sona was shocked thinking her mother can stoop low to get her out of the house

Ishwari : Who’s this girl with him
Tina : I’m Tina Dev sirs P.A
Ishwari : Oh his name is Dev
Dev : Y am I bought here
Ishwari : Its ur marriage
Dev : With whom

Ishwari brings Sona

Ishwari : Her

She brings the sindoor and mangalsutra from the temple

Ishwari : U have to fill this in her hairline and tie this around her neck
Dev : Ok

He says and does as instructed

Ishwari : Now ur married

Sona kept crying silently and Vicky and dadi bua were helpless. Dev held Sona’s hand

Dev : Come wife…

He says and drags her outside followed by Tina


Thats it hope it was good

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  1. Priya12

    Wow…it is so interesting….unique story line…… hope devakshi will live a good life with success before ishwari…yaaha bhi ishwari bura insaan hai…
    Dev’s last dialogue….come wife…I just luved that.., I can imagine was hilarious…
    I just wanna kill that blo*dy ishwari… (bhagwan mee prarthana karti hun ki agar tum ishwari ko martei hu toh mee rozz mandir aaungi)…
    Pls post nxt epi asap..

  2. Shruti710

    Nice episode
    Post soon

  3. Awesome

  4. This is so damn unique! Itni achanak se shaadi ho gayi! Please post he next one soon!!

  5. V.V.harshita

    It’s jst interesting…..keep posting

  6. Awesome please continue

  7. Awesome epi,post the next one soon

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