life is hard (intro)

Hi guys today I am going to tell you a true story based on tashan e ishq
A girl is on her bed looking at a family pic and crying and started to talk
Why does god give you life if it tough
I was so happy un life today i will write down all my bad and good memories on a notebook first I will talk about my toddler life it was good bring the center of attraction but then came school time i was bullied for 6 years by different girls as I got in a higher class at times I cried thinking that there was swthing lacking in me but I was the topper of my class and my parents felt proud of me I again felt special because of my parents they are my life in 6 grade my luck started to change from good to worse slowlyy parents business started to go bad and my teacher had a sister whom she would always favour I can still remember the day when we had test my teacher announced that her sister and other children had scored better marks than me they started laughing me I was I’m tears as they mocked me I said to myself that I will do better than everyone then atlast came results only to be shocked at my grades sure i beat the rest of children but i was placed 2nd and teacher sister at 1st my dreams was shattered when it was graduation she had all the trophies the attention then atlast came het speech i wanted ti cry causw it wasy dream to give the valdictorian speech and i looked at my parents who were disappointed i went off to high school and there was more bad my parents business started to go even more worse I tried to make friends but they didn’t want to be friends since they were rich and thought they were intelligent I tried to change myself but it didn’t work out I got yelled at all the time but silently i cried remembering this and wish my mom was here since i was living in another state i found a way to take me out of stress and to write stories on a website at high school i got yelled at for silly mistakes I made by my teachers I disliked some of them my mom always Told me thatthat she would leave this world no one knows what I have been through and still going through because I always carry a smiling face and try to keep people happy sometimes even I want to end my life but this is what life is about u need to be sad and happy I hope no one has to bear something like this I need to keep strong for my family and then the girl sleep

People life is full with ups and downs so live life to the fullest and in sad times have a smile because life is har

Hi everyone this is rhiya and I am sorry for not posting any story bcuz I am busy and took this story from a book that I read I hope you like it
Luv ya guys

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  1. Nishfd

    Good start. ..
    Feeling bad for her

  2. Baby

    post ur ff soon…..
    feeling bad for her…♥
    lods of love…♥

  3. Mia12

    Uffff rhiya u knw ur just Awesome,,?? Every time u come in with realistic thing,,?? just love it so much,,??? post soon babes,,☺☺

  4. Presha

    Hey rhiya
    Just loved it..

  5. SidMin23

    Nice start

  6. Twinj

    Rhiya I guess am cmting in ur fs for the first time but it’s praiseworthy…a story of a girl who has suffered a lot…the track n plot is amazing…life is hard but it’s not always….loved the concept… asap

  7. Ramya

    Awesome rhiya intresting plot
    Post soon

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