“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” (SS)(#4) “Anu”

Hey friends! So finally I am back 🙂 EXAMS ARE DONE 🙂
Now tell me how many of you are happy seeing me and how many of you are like “NOT AGAIN!!” So now you want me here or not I am back to eat up your brains 🙂 So firstly yesterday was my best friend Anushey’s Birthday on 19th of October and I wrote an OS for her and if you want to read it so the link is here for you!!


Okay so Aamu di wanted a short summary of this FF but I have a game for all of my sweet, cute readers that if you are reading my FF (season 2) from the very start so give the summary of the FF of the first 3 parts (in the comment section) and if you guys will re-read the chapters I will come in your nightmares 😛 It is just a random game and let’s see who reads my FF sincerely or how many are fed up of it 😛
Well Aamu di you don’t worry I will give u the summary in the next chapter for sure which will be posted by Saturday IA!! And also the winner of the game will be declared and the person will get a long episode of this FF and in advance I will add the person in my FF for an episode… but please PLAY FAIR!!!
Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂
So now as today’s chappy will be for ZaiSid birthday so I am dedicating it for Anushey!! I hope you all enjoy it and do leave you comments below!!

Also I hope that you guys are not losing interest in the Fan Fiction and I am not dragging it unnecessarily! If you feel so don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂 I will be soon wrapping up this Fan Fiction as I guess it is not that much enjoyable whereas I still have many plans for it also I have a question for you all

Also this chapter is in Sid’s voice so I hope you will enjoy it 🙂
I entered my room huskily and jumped on my bed with a cross face, feeling disappointed knowing that what is my value in this entire world. Busy in my thoughts an aroma hit my nose, which smelled so luscious that I was not able to resist myself from peeping outside my room’s window, to find Mrs.Jaipal (A/N: Mrs.Jaipal is Sid’s neighbor living opposite to Sarna Mansion, she has hearing problem and is very aged and funny at times Sid loves spending time with her and she also is so lovable; she lives all alone with a servant who is her sister’s niece’s friend’s daughter’s old household in charge 😛 So Sid is a bit attached to Mrs.Jaipal whom he calls Pinky aunt!)
Peeping out of window I found Mrs.Jaipal’s maid Nandini making tempting Biryani! Mrs.Jaipal passed by her room’s window holding a news paper and caught my glance and shouted, “Siddy!!” I smiled as when she calls me Siddy it makes me feel so sweet as it looks as though someone loves me, I waved and said, “Good evening Beautiful Lady!” She made a pout face and remarked, “Do I look beautiful to you??” I smiled at her funny antics, she threw the newspaper to my room’s window and said, “Start your job!!” Well she means that as always I am ought to read the entire newspaper for her. I read it for her, and as I threw newspaper back to her it fell down, over a black shiny Mercedes which stopped there just then. I knew who was it! Yeah it was the silly boy Zain 🙂 I smiled at Mrs.Jaipal and said “Sorry!” as I rushed downstairs to welcome my younger brother with the hope that he might remember my birthday 🙂 Opening the door I found Zain, Simple and…I was left awestruck when my glance fell over an innocent beauty, she wore dressed in a pink see-through crop top making her belly visible ( I am sorry if you found it vulgar) with black fitted tights and her black, shiny, hair blowing due to the wind and she indulged in making them proper caught my breath..My heart started to pump fast as I stared her lovingly, just one question was going in my mind, “WHY ON EARTH IS SHE SO BEAUTIFUL???” She is driving me crazy man!! My chain of thoughts was broken by Zain who grabbed my hand and said, “Bro I am seriously very tired after a whole day run I am going to sleep!” He left from there even without thinking that today is my birthday..But never mind I knew Simple would be knowing it and would be wishing me but my unlucky destiny as always made me broken by her saying, “Hey Sid! Well where is Usha Aunt?” I just pointed to Choti ma’s room disheartened by what she said as I guess I expected too much from my destiny! She paid a token of gratitude for her help and left from there! Now we 2 were left alone!! My heart was pumping fast as I looked up to her beauty, to her innocence , to her gracefulness which made me flattened over her! She looked up to me, increasing my heart beat as I waved HI and said, “Hi Siddharth Bhasin!” she passed a smile and continued, “Hey Jasmine Gupta!!” I forwarded my hand for friendship but I noticed a hesitation in her eyes so I said, “It’s okay!!” taking my hand back off! She looked back to me and herself forwarding her hand asked, “Friends??” I smiled and forwarding my hand said, “Of course!!” But as our hands met we felt a sudden shock or should I say spark within us and instantly ; without any further ado took our hands back instantly holding them as if we felt current, and yes we did!! “Kya hua??” I asked on which she replied, “Current!! Aap ko bhi!” I nodded my head in YES!! Well we head a formal introduction and we started chatting when I realized Choti ma and Simple were descending down the stairs towards the living room where we were seated as they entered I quickly stood up as a sign of respect and bowed my head down as she looked up to Jasmine and asked, “Who are you?” Before Jasmine could reply I anxiously started, “Choti ma she is…” But I halted as Choti ma looked at me sternly and bluntly said, “I am talking to her not you!” which made me quite! Jasmine looked to her and with decency in her voice said, “Namaste Auntie I am Jasmine Gupta, Yuvraaj’s friend!” Choti ma faked a smile on her face and said, “Nice meeting you!” When I exactly knew what was going in her nasty mind, yeah she was thinking about CLASS DIFFERENCE, FAMILY LINEAGE, BACKGROUND etc. Whatever!!

I tiptoed to my room, it was about almost 1 hour left when it will be gone my birthday will be gone, and I guess it will be wasted as always 🙁 I was bored as Zain, Simple, and Jasmine were busy discussing something and none of them wanted to share it with me so … When I was thinking, I heard some noises from the living room, I went down the stairs when I noticed a party going on, when I looked up at the clock it was 11:58 p.m and only 2 minutes left in my birthday to get over and most probably this party was to celebrate Zain’s birthday which was about to start after the next 2 minutes or should I say 1 minute. Zain grabbed the mic and said, “Hello everyone! So this party is thrown by me and thanks for coming and being a part of this celebration! Well this celebration is to celebrate 2 occasions! Firstly today 17th October is my elder brother Sid’s birthday who has finally entered twenty’s! Man you have grown old now!” He said laughing at me where I was smiling as this was something more than I expected!! Sometimes destiny is so much merciful and clement on you that you don’t know how to react, at a side I was happy that my younger brother made this occasion special for me and the other side I had tears due to happiness! Zain wished me, “Happy Birthday dude!!” as he said showing his fist on which I hit 🙂 We brothers spend the 2 happy occasions together with our best friend, Simple. We laughed, we danced, we played, we talked, we spent a quality time. We three were busy enjoying when I heard a sweet voice from the back and as I turned I found…………………………………………………………….

Precap: Sid and Jas spend a quality time together and………………

Question of the chapter 😛 (This we will have in every chapter from now and onward 😛 )
Q1) Who was the person who called out for Sid at the end??

Let’s see who guesses right!
And also see who will provide the summary the up to date wali summary 😛

Now enough of my BakBak!! I hope I am not boring you all out! Love u all my cuties and my sweeties 😉

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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  1. Adya

    It was fab zuha di……..nd I guess Jasmine…….god knows……..well thnxx for the summary……….luv u

    1. Adya

      Sry I wanted to write episode nd wanted to write advance thnxx for the summary…Bt pata Ni advance Kahan gya …sry…..sooooo Sry…..nd zuha di….fab episode….loved it…..

  2. Maggi

    It was fab???

  3. Apurva

    Awesome ? and sorry for not giving the summary but sincerely i read all the episodes of ur ff from season 1….

  4. Ramya

    It was amazing n I think girl was twinkle who called aid

  5. Angita

    Awesome zuha
    Tooooooooooooooooo good
    Keep smiling dear???

  6. Chiku

    Awesome ?????
    Loved it zuhu

  7. Awesome

  8. Payal...

    Nice one
    And i guess twinkle called out for sid

  9. Jhakkas meri Zuhu!
    Jaldi post kar!!!!
    Aur mujhe apne ff ki summary yaad nhi tere ki kaise batau?
    Jaldi post krna….love u?

  10. Amazing epi..

  11. Kritika14

    It really was amazing! Well, sorry I won’t be able to give you the summary as I am lil busy and even I remember it roughly so yeah! Hope you didn’t mind. Also, the answer to your question … seems like it is twinkle? Anyway, hoping I was right and do post soon! I’ll be waiting xx Love you ?

  12. Amazing epi.. so nice sid got a surprise party.. well, that sweet voice seems to be of twinkle.. n plz don’t mind I won’t b able to provide a summary.. m a bit busy

  13. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Post soon can’t wait for the next part and you are not at all dragging or making it boring I love you ff 🙂 Post soon 🙂 want to know who the girl is 🙂

  14. Sayeeda

    Amazing episode…Zuhoooooo ….. loved it ….. awesome yrr….
    Ummmmmm…..I think it’s Twinkle only….. fingers crossed…. let’s see what’s the correct answer…

    Love you????

  15. Affaa

    Haiiii say one thing… What is secret of ur writing skill… Ur every episode.. I’m in love… Ur storyline is amazing… And ur outstanding… Yaar hats off to u… For rocking in every episode… Please can’t wait for next.. I think I should come to Pakistan to know coming episodes… Party woooow… Keep writing… Yaar Allah may bless.. Love you lots… Allah hafiz

  16. Kruti

    Ur just amazing zuha….seriously ver well written …..Amazing epi….loved it
    Continue soon

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