“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” Intro & Promo

So EDKV is ending 🙁 but we will always be there in our hearts after all Shravan and Suman’s chemistry was so damn amazing! Well I am writing this Fan Fiction for all NiMik fans and ShraMan fans!’
Well I am Zuha a fan of EDKV as well as NiMik and ShraMan!

It will be a 10 chapters fan fiction revolving around 2 individuals…

Well let’s go with the introduction…

Nikitta Dutta: She is very sweet an innocent, yet very bold, loves everything around her not because it is beautiful, but because she feels it beautiful! Hates those who feels Love is a game! She has a dark past but never shows that how sad she is from inside, how she feels! She is an actress but not a famous one!

Namik Paul: He is mostly drunk! He hates the world and has a dark-past! Don’t have any family! And is hot-tempered. He is an actor and a famous one as well!

A boy and girl are seen talking, lovingly, they are enjoying their teen age love … they were very close to a kiss … when suddenly a girl shouts, “NAMIKKKKK!!!!”

8 years later….
A big mansion is shown…There is a boy seen in tuxedo…Looking hot top-to-bottom! A servant comes and gives him a bouquet stating, “Sir your fan has sent a gift for you!” The boy smiled and says,
“Red roses! Impressive!!” He holds the bouquet from the end where there are thorns and blood starts oozing from his hand! He continues, “Red is the color of blood .. and blood is pumped from heart when there is no heart .. then no blood so these flowers are meaningless only give pain as the thorns do!” He throws the bouquet of flower and gulps down a bottle of alcohol!

On the otherside …
A lady is shown .. she is in a car .. a sweet, little beggar girl comes to her and says, “Didi please buy this flower!” The lady smiles and asks for a flower , the beggar girl forwards a flower to her .. as the lady holds it her fingers get pricked by the thorns! Tears flow down her eyes ………………. She says, “These flowers are the sign of Love but when there is no love these flowers makes you feel special! Why did you do this with me?! I loved you! I will never forgive you for what you did with me! I hate you!”

Screen splits and both faces are shown background voice says: Kya yeh bane hain ek duje ke vaste?

So did you like it? If yes then do tell me!

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  1. WeirdSister

    I loved it zuha….!!!
    Plz plz post soon..
    Love u

  2. Ohh so sweet Fatima.awesome. I liked it very much.plz aise hi post karte rahena plz.and thank u so much.

  3. Initially…
    I opened this intro to read just to see..who is that crazy fan of starting an ff on this last date of edkv…?????
    Quite impressive entry zuhi..??????
    Well even ur intro was so nice…??
    Pls try to post regularly..????
    I would like to read shraman and nimiks ffs for the whole life???????

  4. Priya15

    It’s amazing Zuha..

    So u r the one who wrote this in tei..

    Actually I used to love the title… But I have never tried reading it.. As I don’t watch tei…. Tq soo much for writing it on edkv.. Namik.. Yippee…

  5. Zuha just luved it plz plz post next epi soon .very anxious to know about it

  6. its a awesome one yaar
    plz post next one soon
    eager to read it.

  7. Y.balamirra

    oh nice start zuha
    keep writing,
    all the best.

  8. Beas

    It’s amazing. Post asap. Really have to admit my cute little sis u r a fab writer.

  9. Angel20

    Very interesting promo zuha!! Loved it! Post the episodes soon!

  10. EDKV such a nice serial it should have been continued… Other some bakwas serials are running.

  11. Ariana

    Omg Fatu it’s wonderful!!! So much of mysteries….can’t wait for the real epis…Pls dear post soon.

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