“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” chapter -1

Hey friends it is me Zuha! With the 1st chappy of this FF! Thanks for your Love and suport throughout! Your comments means a lot to me! And thanks for making me reach 50 comments on my first ever Sidmin/Twinj FF! And this chappy is kind of a prologue or introductory chappy so it will be a bit short and may leave you with confusions and shocks but don’t you worry, WHEN I AM HERE THEN NO FEAR😉😉
Well without wasting anymore time .. let’s get to the story!

An apartement is shown…A girl is seen sitting on a couch, looking full and gloomy, hugging a pillow tightly! Her hair are tied looslg letting out few strands falling on her face! Her face is yet to be revealed! Her rosey lips looks gloomy! The pinkishness of her cute cheeks look dull! A boy comes with a glass of juice! He pats the girl!

Boy: Hey, Jas! (And removes her hair, the beautiful soul is none other than our Jasmin)
Jasmin: Sid! You here?
(The handsome hunk was none other than Sid )
Sid: Jasmin! Look I brought juice for you! You will feel better!
Jas: Sid! Will you promise me to stay by my side always!

SID holds her hand and says, “I promise you dear I will always be by your side, always there to support you! To look after you! I love you!”

Jas: I love you 2!

Suddenly, Jasmin coughs badly!

Sid gets concerned for her!

Sid: You okay? Should we go to the doctor?
Jas: No, no I am okay! You go it is quite late!
Sid: You sure? If you want I can stay back here!
Jas: No, no! You na society! What they think if a boy and girl…you go! I will be okay! And I don’t want your career to get affected before it started! You go!
Sid: Just call me whenever you need me (cupping her face)
Jas: Okay!
Sid: I love u!
Jas: Love you 2!
Sid kisses Jas on her cheek!
Sid: Take care!
Jas: Okay! Now go!

Sid leaves!

Sid reached outside…He gets a call by an unknown number…He I left shocked! He rushes to some place!

After a few hours!
Jasmin is on her mobile when she notices the date!

Jas: Oh my God! It is 23rd July! How can I forget…Today is Sid’s birthday! I should wish him!

She calls him…No response! !

Jas: He must be annoyed with me! And he should be! Howcome I! Leave it! I will go to his place and wish him! Yeah it is a better idea! I will get a gift for him on the way!

She rushes out…

After a while!
Jasmin reaches at a big mansion incarved on it “Sid’s” she holds a bag and moves in! She knocks at the door but no response! She comes to know the door is open ! She enters inside! To find Sid nowhere!

Jas : Strange!

She was about to call out for “Sid!” When she notices a door open! She walks towards it! She opens the door, and is taken aback on seeing the sight! The bag from her hands drop! She find Sid kissing a girl (U can assume any negative character here and plz give me suggestions for it! Whatever! The girl’s name is Archana And she plays an important role here)

Jasmin almost in tears:SID! !!!!!!

Sid and Archana compose themselves!

Sid: Jasmin!

Jas: Wow Mr.Siddhant! Well played! I seriously enjoyed this game a lot! Chalo let’s give this game a name! The name of “Cheat!” The name of “Betrayal!”

Sid: Jas!

Jas: Just shut up! You bl**dy liar! What do you think of yourself! I gave you love and this is the result you have given to me! Thanks a lot!

Sid: You are mistaken!

Jas: Yeah you are right! I was mistaken! I was mistaken to love u! I was mistaken to trust you! I was mistaken to believe you! (She turned to leave, but turns back) And happy birthday! I thought to surprise you but..u have me a wonderful surprise! Millions of thanks for it!

She leaves … wiping her unstoppable tears..Sid goes behind her and tries to stop her but in vain! Archana thinks, “Siddhant! Just wait and watch how will I destroy you!” And she smirks! She burns Sidmin picture!

Chappy ends on the burning pic of Sidmin!

Precap: 8 years leap!!

Sorry…Sorry do such a boring episode! And take more at the moment Sid was 20 yrs old while Jas was 18 yrs old!

Plz leave your comment! Wanna throw Tmatars and Aloos on me you are welcome and if Sandlas so you are also welcome but don’t throw hard😉😉

Love you all!

-Zuha Fatima


  1. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    My Zuhoo( hope u don’t mind me calling wid this name …but the person I love I used to give them names …I hope u like it …)
    Wooowwww……yrrr my sis u made me ur fan ….what a story ….u said sorry for the episode to be boring but u know after reading it …I’m more curious to know what will happen after 8 yrs…
    Thank u soooo much for giving the first ever ff on Sidmin …

    Nd I have one request that I posted my ff ” I can’t stop loving u ” ..episode I hope very soon it will on tei page …plzzz read it ….
    love u

    • Zuha Fatima


      Areee Sayeeda Api, Apna bhi kehti ho aur phir formalities😠😠😠Do u need permission from me? But after all I am your cute, little, innocent doll😜😜Maaf kiya! Zuhooo I like it😉 OMG? fan? That also me, of yours na baba na! Itna bhi acha nahi likhtu hu mai! Or plz on friendship? Orders only😡😡Will definitely read urs! Love u 2!


  2. Rafaya Adnan

    |Registered Member

    Hey Apppoooo😘😘😘 Simply OUTSTANDING!! Just loved this chappy! But still I would love to throw Sandals on u and that also very hard, after writing at 12 of night, disturbing my sleep you are saying boring? I wanna slap you tight, but unfortunately I can’t do so! But be aware of me! And of course I love you!!

    • Zuha Fatima


      Hey Kachoooooo😘😘😘My sis is back! Sandals? Hahahahahahahaha😝😝😝Nice joke, I like it! Mama papa se teri complain karoun gi! It is not for u! Okay? And yeah sorry for disturbing u I was bored that time😝😝 Love u 2!

  3. Romaisha

    |Registered Member

    Damnn yaar!! Can’t wait for next epi you were right confusions but that’s ok it makes your story all the .more.amazing !!

  4. Aamu

    |Registered Member

    hey fattu (hope u dont mind coz i call my small sissy also by dis name)it was lovely awesome amazing
    n a bit confusing n suspense
    waiting for 2 chappy
    n precap-8 years leap
    m full excited
    just do cont asap
    muah love u but more ur ff (hehe)

    • Aamu

      |Registered Member

      n how dare u !!!!!
      to calll it boring
      ab iski puishmnt to milegi or punishmnt is u hav to post next soon plz m dieing(how is my punishment)

      • Zuha Fatima


        Ya Allah😱😱 Itna ghusa? Sorry sorry🙏 Ghalti se mistake ho gai😂😂 Well yeah I will be updating by tomorrow😆😆 And the punishment👌👌👌👌


    • Zuha Fatima


      Well I didn’t mind you calling me by that name! U can call me whatever u like😊
      Ya Allah!😱😱 Is my FF that good? Thanks a lot dear for showering so much love upon me and on my FF😘Love u dear💗💗 MUAAHHH😘😘😘


  5. Vaishali

    Hey Zuha hows u…

    I liked the concept..its seems intresting…twinkle ka reaction after she saw sid with that girl is what i loved the most…

    And yes i have a request…please give linger updates…pllleeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😃

    • Zuha Fatima


      Hey Vaishali di! I am good! I am happy u enjoyed Jas’ confrontation part, I wanted that part to touch the hearts of the readers and I think so I succeeded😆😆😆 Okay di will try to write long😊


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