“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” chappy 7


So my cutie pies how are you all? I hope all are doing well! Well I am good, and back with another chappy of this FF “When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry _ Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!” which is totally based on our cute couple Sidmin (Siddhant and Jasmin) also known as Twinj (Twinkle and Kunj) from Tashan-e-Ishq!

Before starting I would like to ask something from you guys regarding the FF, that what kind of a story will you prefer, because I am thinking to wrap up this FF by August end or start of September as I am really busy with school and being a topper student it is really tough to manage studies and FFs and for me studies are my utmost priority so I am winding up with my FFs! Well there are 2 things in my mind decided for this FF, but I leave the decision on you guys that what you want? My first option is for a short story which will be covered in about 10 chapters like as this is 7th chapter the story will end by next 3 chapters with a happy note and it will be a short one and that also I will post by this week and end the FF and this option is easy for me as well, but if you want more about SidMin story so there is another thing in my mind which will take around 15 to 20 chapters as I will show there life during their work together and they will share some cozy scenes together and it will be full of romance and maza and the truth will take time to unfold but this will be a bit tough for me but I will try to end it in August within the next 15 days or maybe 16 or 17 and so on and so forth!

Now before wasting any more time let’s jump to the chappy 

Kahani 8 saal baad! (Story after 8 years!)
Archana was on top of Sid, she was about to kiss him as she pulled his face towards her and was about to touch his lips when…………………………………………………………………….
…………………………………………….The room bells ring and stops Archana from doing so! (Kitna saara suspense dala bas itni si baat batane ke liye 😉 Magar jaldi kya hai abhi deh toh lo kon aaya hai?)
Archana gets up tensed and throws the blanket over Sid and gets up tensed!
Archana opens the door and much to her shock she finds Yuvraaj on the doorsteps! (Haaawwww…kitno ka guess ghalat nikla kis kis ko lag raha tha keh hamari Siyaapa Queen Aye gi iss siyaape ko rokne magar koi nahi Siyaapa Queen ka UV aaya hai 😉 Chalo kuch bhi kaho bechara sid toh bach gaya uss chudail se )
Yuvraaj and Archana are shocked to find each other!

Both: TUM?????
Archana (Silently): What are you doing here?
Yuvraaj:This should be my question! What are you doing here?
Archana: Well for your kind information I am Siddhant’s wife!
Yuvraaj: WHAT??? Sid ne tujh se shadi ki hai? (Sid has married you???)

Archana: Yes! (With attitude) Any problem?
Yuvraaj: Yes I have 99 problems which one will you like to solve! (With a grin)
Archana (With a silly face): WHATEVER!
Yuvraaj: Well I am not at all interested in talking with you, I am here to meet Sid! Where is he?
Archana (Tensed): woh…actually…woh!
Yuvraaj: Madam! What woh…woh! I don’t have time! Just call Sid!
Archana: Woh….he is in washroom taking a bath!
Yuvraaj: Okay fine! (He turns to leave…but turns back!) Wait a second….
Archana: Now what?
Yuvraaj: Do you think I am insane?

Archana (Murmuring): Any doubt!
Yuvraaj: Did you say something? Anyway! You said he is in washroom, bathing himself! Right!
Archana (Fed up): Yes!
Yuvraaj: Then why is the door of the washroom open?
Archana is now seriously very tensed! She is standing idol!
Yuvraaj waves hand in front of her! : Hello! Reason?
Archana: Reason..Yeah…Reason! Actuallly na….what happened is that ke when you came before that he left after taking a shower so…
Yuvraaj: Okay okay fine! Well his envelope was left in my car so please give it to him!
She hurriedly snatches the envelope from him!

Archana: Okay thank you so much! Now u leave! Bye!
And she shuts the door and sighs!
And looks at Siddhant lustfully and says, “I am sorry baby we can’t make it today but one day we will make love and the entire world will witness us making love!” and she smirks!
There at Jasmin’s residence Mahi is banging at the door and asking Jasmin to open the door!
Mahi: Di please open the door! Di please!
Jasmin: Mahi just go please!
Mahi: No di I won’t leave you! Please open the door! Please! For me! For your Mahi! I don’t care whether you are Twinkle or Jasmin but for me you will always be my DI my elder sister! Please open the door! For your Jhalli (Mad) sister!

Jasmin was touched by her words and opened the door, wiping her tears!
Mahi without having a second thought hugged Jasmin tightly! Jasmin too hugged her and cried out her heart for the first time in the past 8 years because she didn’t have any shoulder to rest her head and cry her heart out but today it was different the strong Jasmin Bhasin was broken, yes she broke 8 years back but from inside, she used to cry but her heart was crying but today she had a sister to share her grief and she did………………..After a while………………..Jasmin and Mahi are in the room, Jasmin isn’t crying any more but yes the sadness and the dark circles which were developed from the continuous tears made her show gloomy and very dull, her hair were tied in a bun where few strands were falling on her cute cheeks! Mahi was facing her! Mahi held Jasmin’s hand tightly as a sign of comfort and support!

Jasmin starts narrating her story!
Jasmin: Uss andheri barasti raat sab badal gaya (That dark, thundering night changed everything!) [The flashes of that night are shown!) Yes that night brought a storm in my life (Unstoppable tears were flowing down her cheeks!) And as it is said WHEN A STORM COMES IT CHANGES EVERYTHING and yes it changed my life!

*****Flashback 8 years back*****

Jasmin was seen leaving Siddhnat’s house crying terribly, while Siddhant comes running behind her to stop her but his attempt went in vain as Jasmin left! Jasmin was driving car badly and the car screeched down the forests of Mumbai and the flashes of the incidents were passing her mind! She stops the car with a jerk near a cliff! She starts walking near the peak! ………………………………Saying: why? why did you do this to me! you didn’t love me that was okay but…you used me! you bl**dy womaniser! i hate you! i hate you! you made a joke out of me! you made me fall in my eyes only! why on earth you played with my feelings! what was my fault? my fault was to love you and i have paid a big cost of it! i lost everything! i was so happy today to talk to you about our marriage because i was fed up of taunts of the society we were in a live-in-relationship despite the rules of the society…i gave chance to people to point on me…my character just because of you because i had faith in our love but you finished evrything! i have no reason to live because i have no one for me! no family…no one to care…no one to look after…no one to support i have to end my life!
She was about to fall when a hand grasps her…yes the hand was of a 15 years old Mahi!
Mahi: Didi! What are you doing? You were about to fall! Say thanks to me I saved you! (With full attitude like a bubbly kid)

Jasmin: Waise toh iss zindagi ka koi mol nahi magar phir bhi meri be maqsad aur be maani zindagi ko bachanay ke liye shukria! (Well there is no cost of this life but still thanks for saving my meaningless life!)
Mahi: By the way what is your name? (She says cutely as a kid speaks)
Jasmin: (She remembers Siddhant naming her HIS STAR) Star!
Mahi: Star? Strange! Well I will call you Twinkle! Twinkle Di!
Jasmin remembers Siddhant singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” song for her! She faints due to stress!

*****Flashback ends*****

Jasmin: That day I found a new family! A cute little sister like you! Loving and supporting parents like Ma and Bade papa! I lost myself as Jasmin but I found myself as Twinkle! You guys gave me a new identity, a new spirit to walk ahead or that day I would have died…
Mahi: Shhhh! Never ever think of saying like that Di! After all this Mahi will never leave you, at least for the next 7 lives! I hope in the next birth you would be my sister!
Jasmin: Hmmmm…what do you mean! I am not your sister?

Jasmin: For you I will always be your Twinkle di! (And gives a peck at her cheeks)
Mahi: But that idiot…kuta (dog) Kamina (cheap) Siddhant I will not spare him! He played with my sister’s emotion for that bl**dy bi**h Archana! Pagal (Mad)
Jasmin: Leave it na Mahi!

Mahi: No di! Actually you should prove him that you are much better than him and he is not even equal to you! You have to prove him that you are not a toy that when he likes he will play and then throw! You have to show him what you are! YOU HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF DI! YOU HAVE TO!

Chappy ends on Jasmin’s tensed face!
Precap: Sidmin come face to face again….Jasmin confronts Sid and they end up into a heated argument, and…………..


So my fellows how was the chappy? Well I wanted it to be dhamakedaar but I found it boring! My stupid brain is actually not working and also sorry to all those writers on who’s FFs I am not able to comment! Actually I am too busy that I am not getting time as studies are a bit tougher this year  but don’t you worry I will catch up with your stories! 
Well the story of Twinkle Taneja was a bit weirdo kind of a thing and quite boring as well so please pardon me if I bored you all! And yes the precap is again confusing 😉 Now I have started to love to read the chappy on a confusing mode 😉 Well please forgive me for doing so 
Anyway, stay tuned for more updates and do give your suggestions about the upcoming story and your opinions regarding how you want the story to proceed! Looking forward to your comments 
Love you all!
Keep smiling  Always 

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  1. Angita

    Really really great!
    Keep smiling

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks so much Angita dear!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  2. Rashiverma2199

    It was awesome…..

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Rashi di!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  3. Sonali05

    Amazing epi… Loved it…
    Hope twinj will reunite soon
    Waiting for next..

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks Sonali di! Yeah twinj will be reuniting soon 🙂 And I will be posting soon like in a day or 2 🙂

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  4. Amazing epi di…

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks dear!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  5. Kritika14

    it was so amazing! Don’t say it was boring alright? and regarding the change in ff, i would prefer for more of sidmin which means another 15-20 chappy’s of yours. Although i know you are finding it difficult to study cuz of writing ff’s so i completely leave this decision upon you. Just write as per your convenience. Anyway, continue soon and i am eager to read the next chappy of yours. Love you ? and you too keep smiling always 🙂

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Well Mona di thanks a ton for the lovely comment…It seriously means a lot to me! And about the FF let’s see I am not sure yet 🙁 Well I will try to make a bit long so……Still I am not sure that what have I actually planned but let’s see 🙂 Love u 2! ♡♡

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  6. Kruti

    Superb epi zuha….loved it
    And pls continue for 15 to 20 epi
    I know it would b difficult for u but pls
    This is d first SidMin ff so pls pls hum sab ke liye

    Love u loads❤❤

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks soooooo much Kruti di! Your comment means a lot to me 🙂 Well let’s see how the story shapes up! As I said not sure about the story! Well it is my pleasure to entertain you guys and I feel honored 🙂

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

      Love u 2 ♡♡


  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional epi….& 2nd optin is better….

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Thanks so much Purnima! And let’s see how the story proceed…….nothing planned!!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  8. Aamu

    loved it
    n u r right here with me also same m not able to study n at ny house only my aapiknows about ff she suggest me to leave tu for some days as m also a topper..if my marks gets low den …………….problem
    oh sorry for my bakbak……well it is ur decision if u will get time out of studies den only u write 15-20 epi

    love u
    study welll

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Yeah to manage writing with studies is so difficult 🙁 But it is how u manage ?? well I guess I will be writing more episodes 🙂 Well my sis also knows about me writing the FF and Best friend as well as 😉 love u 2!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  9. Sameera

    Amazing epi zuha
    Loved it yaar
    Do cont 15 to 20 epi as u know dil maange more

  10. Sayeeda

    Zuhoo darling… Kya kahun main tumse kuch bhi bacha nai hai kehne ko… Ur episode made me speechless.. All the words in my vocabulary are emptied to compliment u….
    Each nd every scenes were expressed so beautifully… Twinkle nd Mahi scene made me so emotional yrr….
    Loved it…. Entire episode was superb… Super duper Jhakkas…

    Nd about ur question so I would prefer second option… Rest is upto u only…
    Love u ??????????

  11. Priya_

    amazing amazing amazing!!!!
    waiting for the next post
    i go for both the options..
    1. sometimes i won’t be available the 2-3 weeks… and its easy for u too
    2. we could get more sidmin scenes and i will read it somehow and its for sure

  12. Awesome epi.. loved it.. I would prefer 2nd option but you should write according to ur convenience 🙂

  13. Say hello to Miss Suspense Fatima! So Miss Suspense, what dyu have to say regarding urself? Nothing….awwww….hum batate hai

    Yaar tu kya ladki hai….humesha Suspense mei chhod deti hai…uffo….aur haa…aise hi continue krna jisse teri padhai na hamper ho…mere liye tere 10 chap jitne…20 chap bhi utne hi….tu likh rhi hai air kya chahiye? Bass kuch dino baad aa jana ek aur ff leke….aur baki…haan…yaad aaya…apne ff ko phir se kabhi bhi boring bola na….toh I swear not to spare u…
    Chal bye…mko bhi padhna hai…hum bhi topper hai ji…theek h? Bye bye….
    Arey kaise bhool skti hu? Love u?

  14. SidMin

    Loved it and the choice is yours choose how you want to end the ff Loved it 🙂

  15. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Amazing chappy di
    Eagerly waiting for sidmin confrontation
    Loved it

  16. Baby

    haye meri topper
    luv u yr osm
    amazing luvd it 2 d core
    vaise toh mein kheti ki in d way u r cmfrtable u ryt lyk dat
    bt i ll hoose


    2nd option hehhehe
    dont end i choose till september string or august end wala choice basically 20 chappy tak
    post nxt asap dear n hpe ki meri topper bhn iss baar bhi top kre
    all d best

  17. dreamer..arundhati

    Zuha darlo ur every epi is a treat to read,…osum

  18. Shatakshi

    Hey Zuha
    U know I read ur 3 episodes all together
    It was a king of treat…but sorry for not commenting on previous episodes…. As I read it just now
    Anyways the episode was painful at first n intense at the end…
    N I m comfortable with any of ur choices unless n until I get to read ur lovely ff I won’t mind??
    Love u dear❤❤

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