“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” chappy 5

Hey friends I am back with the fifth chapter of this Fan fiction which you have showered with loads of love and support and made me feel pleased by your sweet, cute and loving comments! Just keep supporting me like that and I have planned to make this FF of about 15 to 20 chapters and not more than that! You guys may be a bit sad that this FF is too short but dear fellows my school has opened this Monday and I am really very busy with the hectic schedule and also I don’t want my passion of writing to effect on my studies, nor I want you guys to keep on waiting for my FF, so I hope you guys will understand my situation  and I am pretty sure you will!
And of course this is Zuha ( 😉 ) with your FF, “When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry _ Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!”
So just keep smiling 
And now without wasting any more time let’s get to the story!

Kahani 8 saal baad! (Story after 8 years!)
Jasmin’s dupatta flies and falls over Siddhant’s face, Siddhant is spell bound and a different attraction he is feeling, Siddhant thinks, “The fragrance…why is it making me remember Jasmin?”
He brushes off his thoughts and removes the dupatta with a jerk, and turns, as Jasmin turns, but as Siddhant’s back is facing her she is unable to see Sid! Jasmin thinks, “Why I felt that someone close to my heart was near me…Siddhant?”
And she also brushes off her thoughts, and stands there with Mahi!
The 2 enjoy the cold breeze hitting them!
Mahi: By the way Twinkle Di! This place is not that bad as I thought it to be!
Jasmin: Look I said, this place takes you to a new world! Away from the world, the pollution, the noise, the sorrows, the b…b…betrayals (and her eyes well up)
Mahi: Oho Di! Stop being philosophical, life means to enjoy, to cheer up, to feel yourself the ruler of the world and you will be love it!
Jasmin: Huh! Many people rule the world, but there are a few of them who rule over hearts, and the one who rule over hearts is the one who is the true ruler!
Mahi: You know what Di?
Jasmin: What?
Mahi: You are just impossible!
Jasmin: Is it so? (With a sweet smile on her face)
Mahi: Hmmmm! Well if you don’t mind may I ask you something!
Jasmin: Yeah, sure my doll! (Pulling her cheeks) Why will I mind if my doll will ask me something? Just speak what you want!
Mahi: Please don’t feel bad but…
Jasmin: But?…
Mahi: I don’t know why but I feel as you are not what you show yourself to be!
Jasmin: Huh?
Mahi: I mean to say is that you feel as you are hiding something, something big!
Jasmin trembles in fear, as her past life flashes in her mind, she is set off in fear and agitation and water starts to flow from her body and her sweat feels as her fear is leaving her body, those memories, are departing, but still the betrayal she has faced was not what she thought even in her worst nightmare!
Mahi: I am sorry Di if you felt bad!
Jasmin (Still trembling in fear) : Mahi let’s go, Ma must be waiting for us! Let’s go!

And she leaves from there, with Mahi!

There Siddhant reaches his hotel where he is staying!
He opens the door of his room, and much to his shock he finds Archana there, on the bed, unpacking her clothes!

Siddhant: What are you doing here?
Archana: I am enjoying a party here! Can’t you see I am unpacking my stuff!
Siddhant: That I can see, but didn’t we booked 2 separate rooms?
Archana: Yes we did, but there was a leakage in my washroom and the water was not there due to it so…
Siddhant: So you must have booked another room! I guess we can afford that much!
Archana: What do you think? I didn’t? Yes I asked for another room, but all were booked so I thought we can share one room but don’t worry we will be living in a room but as strangers!
Siddhant: Okay fine! Do whatever you want!
And he leaves to the washroom!
Archana curling up her hair strand thinks evilly, “Now I will do what I was not able to do since the past 8 years, today’s night will be the most memorable for you Mr.Siddhant Gupta and for me as well!” and she smirks!
Scene shifts back to Jasmin’s room, where she is setting up the bed to sleep, and remembers Mahi’s words she thinks, “Until when I will hide my identity? A day or tomorrow I have to face the truth so why not today! I should tell them my reality that I am Jasmin not Twinkle! Yes I can’t keep them in darkness, they have loved me to the ultimate, they made me live again!” She wipes her tears and continues, “Yes, I can’t lie any more, I have to tell them about the reality!”
Scene shifts back to Siddhant’s hotel, he comes out of the washroom, Archana looks up lustfully from the sofa and closes the magazine which she was reading and stands up and continues glaring him, Siddhant feels uncomfortable with her glare!
Siddhant: What?
Archana: What, What?
Siddhant: Why are you looking at me like that?
Archana: ME?
Siddhant: Yes you!
Archana: Me…no…no…nothing!
Siddhant: Anyways I am leaving; I have a small work I will come soon!
Archana: K!
Siddhant: Bye!
Archana: Bye!

As he leaves, Archana angrily throws the magazine on the bed and starts shouting like a psycho: Oh god! What does he think of himself, here I am waiting for him the whole day and his work is more important for him, whatever it is I am his wife but no, it looks as I am not his wife but servant instead!” She smiles evily and continues, “Run as far as you can but ultimately you have to come back, to me!” and she smirks!
Scene shifts to Jasmin’s place…Jasmin’s come downstairs where RT, Leela, and Mahi are present!
Jasmin: Ma, papa, Mahi!
Leela: Twinkle Puttar!
Twinkle: Woh actually…
Mahi: Oh Shoot!
RT: What happened beta?

Mahi: I totally forgot, my friend Chinki, her brother Naman (Assume Naman Shaw who is currently portraying Kunj/Rocky’s role in the actual TEI) is a director, I send Twinkle Di’s picture to him and he liked her for the upcoming role of the lead girl in his next serial! So you have to go for the audition there, that also today!
Jasmin: WHAT?? Are you out of your mind! Such a big thing and you hid it from me!
Mahi: Sorry…Sorry di but just give it a try!
Jasmin: But…
Leela: Puttar just give it a try!
Jasmin: Okay if you guys insist so…Okay!
Mahi: Good! I will get you ready! Come!

And the 2 leave!
Later…Mahi brings Jasmin, Jasmin is seen wearing a blue and white short shirt, with a long blue skirt, covering her legs, with a light pink lip gloss with a light touch of makeup, looking very beautiful head-to-toe!
Leela: Wow! You are looking gorgeous! Kisi ki nazar na lage!
Mahi: Now go you are getting late!
Jasmin: But the address…
Mahi: Oho! When I am here then no fear! I have already texted you!
Jasmin: K! Bye!

And she leaves…

And as destiny wanted, Siddhant and Jasmin reached the same PH (Production House)
They both walk beside each other but don’t notice one another!
They both reach inside the auditorium!
Siddhant went in a special room while Jasmin was waiting for her turn!
And finally she was called!
Director: Hello Ms.Jasmin Bhasin! We will be judging you on your acting skills and as far as our producer Mr.Naman has told us you are new here so don’t worry and make a scene of your own! And here comes your hero Mr.Siddhant Gupta!!!
Siddhant steps in front of Jasmin much to each other’s shocked! Both are shocked to see each other after 8 years!
Sad Sajna ve plays……………

Precap: Archana spikes Siddhant’s drink, and smirks and thinks, “Now you will be mine forever!” Siddhant is drunken in his room with Archana and tells about his meet with Jasmin, which irks Archana! And as he was under the effect of the alcohol, Archana takes advantage of the situation and tries getting intimate with him BUT….
But what????

Hey friends…again I left you on a very confusing turn and now you have to keep on guessing what this BUT indicates, to get answers of your questions just keep reading this fan fiction, “When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry _ Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to Smile!”
So how was this update, well as I am sleepy (LAUGHS) so I can’t say whether it is good or bad but I feel that SidMIn meet was quite a boring one but I will try making it more spicy for you guys by making Jasmin confron Siddhant and many revelations are there to take place and a lot of realities and mysteries will be unfolding so you just wait and watch and keep reading this love story in my essence of writing  And I hoped you guys enjoyed!

Please ignore typos and errors as this update is not proof read! And also I tried to write a bit longer and I think I am able to do so and if not so pardon me if I was not able to come across your expectations!

And one more important thing, that I know many of you may be angry on me as since past few days I am not commenting, that is not because I have stopped reading it is because I am just a bit busy with school and as I am in secondary level so studies are a bit tough this year as from next year my O Levels will start so these few years are precious and most important for my educational career so I hope you guys understand my situation and keep reading this FF till it is here for you guys 
I love you all a lot………………….lot………………….

Keep smiling  Always  My Cutie pies 😉

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