“When Life Gives U 100 Reasons to Cry_Show Life that U have 1000 Reasons to smile!” Chappy 1!

Hey friends, it is me Zuha! With the first chapter of this Fan Fiction! Thanks for your love and support! Your comments mean a lot to me 🙂
And before starting, just to let you know, this chapter is kind of a prologue or introductory chapter so it will be a short one and may leave you with confusions and shocks but don’t you worry, WHEN I AM HERE .. THEN NO FEAR 😉
Well without wasting any more time let’s get to the story!…

An apartment is shown…A girl is seen sitting on a couch, looking dull and gloomy, hugging a pillow tightly! Her hair are tied loosely, letting out a few strands, falling on her face. Her face is yet to be revealed! Her rosey lips look gloomy! The pinkishness of her cute cheeks is lost.
A boy comes with a glass of juice..He pats the girl at her back!

Boy: Hey, Niki! (and removes her hair, the innocent soul is none other than out Nikita!)
Nikita: Nammy, you here?
(The handsome hunk is none other than Namik)

Namik: Nikita! Look I brought juice for you. You will feel better and energetic as well as!
Nikita: Namik! Will you promise me to stay by my side always!

Namik holds her hand and says, “I promise you dear, I will always be by your side, always there in your grief and sorrows! Always there for you to look after you! I love you!”

Nikita is touched by his words and says, “I love you 2!”

Suddenly, Nikita coughs badly!
Namik gets concerned…

Namik: You okay? Should we go to the doctor?
Nikita: No, no I am okay! You go it is quite late!
Namik: U sure? If you want I can stay back with you?
Nikita: No, no! You know na society .. What they think if a boy and girl … you go! I will be okay! And I don’t want your career to get affected before it starts! You go!
Namik: Just call me whenever you need me! (Cupping her face)
Nikita: Okay!
Namik: Love you sweetie!
Nikita: Love you too!

Namik kisses Nikita on her cheek!

Namik: Take care!
Namik: Okay now go!

Namik leaves…

Namik reaches outside..He gets a call by an unknown number…He attends it and is left shocked! He rushes to some place!

After a few hours…
Nikita is on her mobile when she notices the date…

Nikita (to herself) : Oh my God! It is 7th October! How can I forget…Today is Namik’s birthday! I should wish him!

She calls him … No response!

Nikita: He must be annoyed with me! And he should be. How come I…Leave it! I will go to his place and wish him! Yeah it is a better idea, I will get a gift for him on the way!

She rushes out…

After a while…
Nikita reaches at a big mansion in-carved on it “Paul’s” she holds a bag and moves in…She knocks at the door but no response! She comes to know that the door is already opened..she peeps inside making a squealing nose…she enters inside, to find Namik nowhere!

Nikita (to herself): Strange!

She was about to call out for “Namik!” when she notices a room’s door open…She walks towards it! She opens the door and is taken aback at the sight! The bag from her hand drops! She finds Namik kissing a girl!!!!! (U can assume any negative character here and please suggest any actresses of your choice who fits perfect for a negative role and I will be choosing 1 out of it! The character name is ARCHANA and she is an important role out here!!!)

Nikita is almost in tears: NAMIK!!!!!

Namik and Archana compose themselves…Namik is shocked to see Nikita!

Namik: Nikita!!
Nikita: Wow Mr.Namik! Well played! I seriously enjoyed playing this game a lot! Chalo let’s give this game a name..The name of “Cheat!” the name of “Betrayal!!”
Namik: Niki…
Nikita: Just shut up! You bl**dy liar! What do you think of yourself? I gave you love and this is the result you have given to me! Thanks a ot!
Namik: You are mistaken…Just listen to me once!
Nikita: Yes you are right! I was mistaken! I was mistaken to love you .. I was mistaken to trust you! I was mistaken to believe on you! And what is left to listen I have seen everything already! (She turned to leave, but turns back!) And happy birthday! I thought to surprise you but…u gave me a wonderful surprise! Millions of thanks for it!!!!

She leaves wiping her tears! Namik goes behind her and tries to stop her but in vain!

Archana thinks, “Nammy… Niki! Huh! Just wait and watch how will I destroy you!” And she smirks, burning Nimik picture!

Chappy ends on the burning pic of Nimik!

Precap: 8 years leap!

Sorry, sorry for such a boring episode! And take note that at the moment Namik was aged 20 whereas Nikita was 18 years old.
Please leave your comments! Want to throw Tmatars and Aloos on me..you are most welcome and if sandals so then also you are welcomed but please throw them softly 😉

Love u all!

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  1. WeirdSister

    Hey zuha…..!!
    I am hell excited for ur ff…
    Plz plz keep posting….!!!
    D plot seems very interesting….!
    Love u

  2. Zuha…
    It was amazing..dear…
    And don’t accept tomatoes and chappals…
    U deserve much better..
    I mean to say …a lots of praises..u will get here..after me???
    And one more in starting that it will b a short one..truly its not that short for me..
    But as u mentioned..so..I will expect a bit long episodes..from next after this?????
    Lovely episode..very interesting..
    Keep it on..
    Bichara namik kya ..pichley 8 saal sey..drunken bans bhaita hai kya?..
    Its too dangerous for hm??
    OK dear..lost the next part asap..asap..
    Well archana ki role k liye..mere pass koi option nahi hai..kyo ki aaj tak namik ko…Niki k alaava..aur kisi k saath dekha hi nahi hai na..?????

  3. Ariana

    Wow Zuhu dear its brilliant. Not at all boring. That stupid girl…I really wanna knw wht happened actually between them but for sure it won’t get revealed till the end so I must b patience. I’m really really really excited for the nxt part. A leap!!! Can’t wait. Post soon!

  4. Wowwww di plzzz post soon

  5. Anushika

    I loved the episode…Post the next part son

  6. Good as well as sad episode .very scary precap. Anyways I wanted to ask you all are the ffs of edkv stop as the serial ended as I am new to this website wanted to ask u all

  7. Good as well as sad episode .very scary precap. Anyways I wanted to ask you all are the ffs of edkv stop as the serial ended as I am new to this website wanted to ask

  8. Super duper ff no words for it

  9. wow wonderful one
    loved the starting
    and waiting for more

  10. Awsm epi yr. The storyline is amazinggggg. Love it n sry yr because i didn’t comment on ur intro. u know na studies

  11. Archana ke character ke liye i thinkkkkk surbhi jyoti from qubool h

  12. Angel20

    It was awesome! Really appreciate it! Actually I loved it!! So much!! Please post the next part soon! Eagerly waiting!!

  13. Ufaaq

    It was tooooo gud zoha
    And for archanna I think it should be Natasha from khuch rang pyar ke ese bhi
    Well take care

  14. Priya15

    Omg…. It’s soo shocking dear.. But yet it’s too good…. Namik bechara…

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