My life….fun, regret, bestie, possessiveness…Two shot

Its a one shot…No blabbering…

Her pov
He was in my same class from 2nd grade.From 6th onwards we start talking ,taunting eachother.He,Me n my best friend Lina were good friends.I was very talkative.At some situations i felt quite jealous when he gave little more attention towards her.But it doesn’t last for more than a year.After sixth,our class got shuffled.He n me were in same class but Lina’s class got changed to section B.

At seventh grade .
I changed a lot due to some reason.Now my talkative nature changed to a silent one.He was quite shocked to see my silent behaviour.He tried a lot to make me laugh by his boring jokes.I start talking a little but still not much.Then slowly slowly..i became a talkative but not as much as sixth.Ohh,i forgot to say,When our class got shuffled,Lina went,but a devil stepped into our class with her gang..Its Atiya n her best friends..Geetu n meena..I hated them a lot especially Atiya.The reason is that they are taking away my bestiee Swayam from me.

In 8th grade…starting n all were perfect.As usual we taunt eachother.He irritates me like anything.But later,i stopped talking to him because of Athiya n group…He was always with them.N i hated it.For one whole week,i didn’t talk to him.Then one day Athiya said me that swayam loves me.I didn’t believe it.But later swayam asked me for a reply.I said no.Actually i love him but as a bestie..I want him to be my bestie.

Later,everything got fine as the next day after proposal was his birthday n he offered jalebis to me..I suddenly took it which made both of us to laugh.So everything got cleared ,he said sorry to me.

On a Christmas day,All the students exchange Christmas cards to eachother.He came towards me and gave cards to my every friends except me.I felt sad but i didn’t express it.But before going one of his friend gave me a card..N he said its from swayam.I got happy seeing it.While travelling in my school van,i opened the card.It was a big card..In front its written”pls dont avoid me”..
Its like a book..We can open each page.I read all the pages.N turned for looking the last page.I got shocked reading it.It was written “i love you”..I returned the card to him next day saying”i didn’t expect this from are like my friend bla bla…Actually i was laughing while saying it..I turned back towards my bag n said all this to swayam,so that he cant see my laugh.
Balance i will post on Sunday.Thanks for bearing me.

Sorry its not one shot,its two shot.

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  1. Awesome

  2. ishita gupta


  3. awwwww so cute yaar……..
    your swayam is vry darng…….. proposed u twice…..wooooooowwwwwwww : )
    post nxt part today of tmmrw not on sunday… plzzzzzzzzzz

    1. I will try my best to post soon..Thanks for your lovely comment…Yes,he is very daring..
      My BESTIE?

      1. ha tumhara bestie ( so called) 😉

    1. Thankyou so much yaar?

  4. heyyyyy

    omg twice he purpose

    but you say no????

    Chu chu poor guy

    nyc yar post soon

    1. Yes..he is so poor but sometimes very irritating n taunting…?

  5. So Sweet .. He proposed u twice… lovelly .. waiting for next shot .. post asap .. Really Very Cute story..

    1. Hehe…Thaks di…i will post soon.?

  6. Nice story Abhi.
    l loved the way he proposed 2nd time through that card..
    Twice rejection..
    poor Swayam….
    Post next shot soon.
    Waiting to read….

    1. I cannot accept him because of some reason…but i can make him my bestie..?
      Thanks yaar…?i will post soon.?

  7. Ohhhooo dear abhi so this is ur story…. That’s really good and I must say swayam is really very brave I know some guys who have feelings but are unable to express but he proposed u and too twice but poor him u said no….???
    Really it’s very nice story and the best part is I also relate with ur story ??
    Post the next part soon dear

  8. wow its ur real life story
    it’s really cute story apart from that the boy got reject twice bechara n i like the jalebis part too

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