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“After 26 years I am going to see this world I am going to see my love I am going see my mom,my sister and my friends everybody. these 26 years I was dying to see them finally I am going to see them in few hours…

I slowly opened my eyes and the doctor asked me whether I could see and I nodded my head in yes then I asked about my family to him but he told me take rest.yes I was blind from my two year and today I got my eye slight back


My mom took me to our house and I had tears in my eyes because this was the first time i am seeing all this my sister and my house but my eyes want see my him my eyes was dying to see my abhishek but he didn’t come to meet me even once I wished I would see him first but I couldn’t.I was happily chating with my close buddy purab for hours.

“I never thought you will this handsome purab” I said with a teasing smile

“Is it I don’t have any problem you can break up with abhi” he said and I started beating him with the cushion in my sofa.

“Oye…Fuggy” I heard the familiar voice which I was eagerly waiting to see and i turned to see my abhi.He was tall dark and handsome and I know his arms are well developed as I used to hug him daily uncountable times but this time it was different this was the first time i am seeing him I couldn’t control my tears I ran and hugged him tightly standing in my toes while he was caressing my back.I slightly broke our hug to face him and his eyes were wet I kissed throughout his face expressing my eagerness to see him and he too kissed my forehead.

“I love u so much love u so much Abhi I love u” I said and again hugged him.I couldn’t control my tears I ran and hugged him tightly standing in my toes while he was caressing my back.I slightly broke our hug to face him and his eyes were wet I kissed throughout his face expressing my eagerness to see him and he too kissed my forehead.

“I love u so much love u so much Abhi I love u” I said and again hugged him.

“Tell me once more” he asked me again

“I love you…l am truly deeply madly in love with u” i repeated
“You made to wait one year for this three words na i hate u” he said while we both had both tears and smile in our face

“is this the time you come to meet me you are supposed to come 2 days back to meet me na?” I scolded him like a child and he said that he had a meeting so he was out of town then we spent some quality time with eachother

“Fuggy so now we can get married right because you got your eye-sight and you can’t make a excuse telling you can’t see and tell me to marry someone ” abhi scolded me

“i am sorry abhi I thought i don’t deserve you so only I told I don’t love u and asked u to marry someone just leave that but abhi whenever you want we can marry” I said him while playing with his shirts button

“Tomorrow” he said and I got from his chest and sat in the sofa

“Tomorrow don’t play abhishek” I said him

“Hey I am serious you know I am 30 so we are marrying tomorrow so be ready I will make all the arrangement and I will tell aunty ji so be ready tomorrow we will have our marriage” abhi said and left.

I was thinking about abhi and what he said and I couldn’t sleep properly thinking about it.

“Are u ready”

“What u mean by ready are you seriously going to marry me”

“Fuggy I am serious come soon we are waiting for you in the register office ”

“Lekin mom…”

“Aunty ji Is with me only you come soon” I came out of my room and searched mom and she was no where.

“Abhi give the phone to mom”

“You can meet her if you come soon so please come fast” he ended the call. It is seriously like a dream I don’t know what is happening.l saw a box in the hall and ran and opened it like a small kid opening her Christmas gift and I saw a red Saree with few accessories and chooda (bangles for shagun) and a letter in it.

“I can’t wait anymore my love I want you to mine so come soon” these words were written in it after reading it I cluchted it to my chest and blushed a little.

I had tears in my eyes when abhi brought the mangalsutra near to my neck and I closed my eyes he tied it round my neck and took the kumkum and placed it in my maang.later my mom,Bulbul and purab congratulated us.we went to our house and we spent our day whole day enjoying there as it turned night abhi promised Mom that he will take care of me very well and as every girl I too had a tearful farewell

matured content

We entered our new house this was the first time i am seeing it.the house was very compact and beautiful it had a hall,kichen and 2 bedrooms with balcony attached and 1 guest room.we entered our bedroom.

“So” abhi pinned me to the wall and I know what he is up to do

“So what…I want to sleep” I said and started to but his firm hands stopped me.

“You don’t have any romantic sense fuggy” he said and nuzzled my neck while I closed my eyes and held is jacket in my fist.

He kissed my crook of neck and I just remained the same completely surrendered to him.I felt his lips trailing ways to scoop inside my lips and I opened my eyes when I felt him carrying me.

abhi placed me in the bed and came top of me, he nuzzled my neck and held my exposed part of waist and I moaned it pleasure “ab…abhi”.

He removed his jacket and removed my Pallu he scooped down to stomach and kissed my naval and kissed my waist I lost completely myself and held his hair in my hand.
He made me turn towards the bed and removed the dori of my blouse and unhooked the blouse and kissed my back and I breathing heavily.I turned towards him and he kissed my cleavage and removed my blouse.I kissed his stumble and the his warmth made it as a heaven I hugged him and kissed his shoulder and nuzzled in is neck. he completely undressed us and I felt his manhood entering into my femininity he entered me and he understood my pain and kissed my face continuous a lonely tear came from my eyes and he wiped my tear and kissed my eyes..

“I love u ” he said

“I love u too” I kissed his cheek

Soon we drifted to sleep.

next day I woke up and saw abhi peacefully sleeping hugging me so without disturbing him I got up and went.

6 Months later

author’s POV

“Abhi where are u” pragya asked him in the phone

“I am going to a meeting fuggy I will call u later na”

“abhi abhi one min don’t cut the call”

“kya fuggy”

“woh come soon na”

“nahi fuggy I have a lot of work today I have to complete it so you eat your dinner and sleep ..haan don’t wait for me”

“abhi please na come home soon na”

“fuggy why don’t you understand as soon as I complete my work i will come home”

“abhi try to understand”

“pragya what’s your problem baba”

“woh woh i want to go to hospital”

“is anything serious”

“nahi abhi”

“then okay I will call auntiji and she will come with okay bye bye love you” he hanged the call

Late Night

Abhi reached home and went to his bedroom but pragya was not there then he searched her in the whole house but she was not there.then he saw a report in the dinning table and took it and opened it as soon a read it he had tears he shouted “fuggy fuggy where are you” he said and went to balcony she was sleeping in couch hugging a photo he picked her up in his arms and went to their bed room and placed her in the bed.

“I am sorry fuggy I am really sorry I must have been with you” he said and caressed her hair and pragya felt his presence and woke up she had tears in her eyes she got up and started moving but abhi held her wrist but she struggled to move her hand

“fuggy I am sorry” abhi said

“Abhishek it’s okay you need not apologize to me all its my mistake I shouldn’t have expected anything from you” she struggled to move her hand and abhi came infront of her and wiped her tears

“I am sorry fuggy I am really sorry I really couldn’t come soon I know you must had been waiting for me and i am really sorry” he said
“I want you to be with me but you” she started crying vigorously

“fuggy now you should not cry I promise i won’t you and our baby ” he said and pragya tightly hugged him.

“you know how many hours I was waiting to tell I am pregnant but you spoiled it” she cried hugging him and he caressed her back.Abhi slightly broke the hug and kissed all over her face inch by inch he had happy tears.He touched her tummy and kneel down and kissed her tummy and pragya had tears in her eyes


8 Months later

“it’s a girl and boy” the nurse said and handed him the babies abhi had tears seeing his babies they both looked so cute one exactly like pragya and another like him they both were perfect fitting in his arms.he kissed the baby’s face and went inside the ward pragya seemed tired.He placed the babies in the craddle and say near her.

“thank u fuggy” he said and kissed her forehead meanwhile pragya slowly opened her eyes.abhi made her sit properly in the bed and pragya hugged him and cried.Abhi kissed her head and he took the babies and gave to pragya she was very happy seeing them she kissed them with love.


7 Months later

“ale ale mera Bacha daddy bolo” abhi was playing with adhya and kush and pragya entered to their room.

“arrey see mumma is coming” abhi said and pragya sat near him with the bowl full of cerlac

“abhi give them to me I will feed them” pragya

“fuggy I will them today na” abhi asked eagerly

“Abhi Its not easy to feed them I will do you give them” pragya asked

“Its okay fuggy today I will feed them” abhi got the bowl from pragya after 3 hours he completed feeding them.

“Hey fuggy you are great” abhi said falling in the bed

“I knew it my sweet heart” she kissed his forehead.

“Okay abhi do you want to put them in sleep” she asked with smirk

“Arrey no no you its do that” abhi said and pragya took the babies and laid them in craddle after they slept abhi came near the craddle and kissed there forehead and hugged his fuggy

“Love u fuggy”

“Love u too” both kissed each other

Life was beautiful

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