Hii Bharathi is back again to disturb u all..?..thank u soo much for ur comments guyz it means a lot for me..
Here I’m replying to ur comments..
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Abdul hafiz(uma):-omg Omgggg..someone pinch me ?is it eyes seeing is true ahhh?uma di commented in my ff..oooohhhhh I’m jumping over my bed its going to break today..hahaha??…really it’s a surprise for me..thank u soo much commenting..I’m r u..ohoo it’s Not my badpan it’s my pleasure to say ur skills..Noo swasan moments ah??I think u didn’t read 3nd4 episode its full of swasan..anyway hereafter I’ll give swasan moments for uu..I have one doubt I have to call u as di or choti?Bcoz manytimes I have called my chotis as di so lita confusion..I’m doing my first year clg..then ahhh what u said u r remembering Bharat Mahan after hearing my name..haha It’s funny..don’t run for this small funny things..hehe..I’m going to faint Bcoz u commented in my ff..heyyy I’m very happy…bt I’m fainting after posting this ff?okay…take care…
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Soo I replied to everyone..thanks for ur support..keep supporting guyz…everything made me I expected one person to comment……..its my sissy kakali..??..I was expecting her comment…Bala Anna thanks for ur support..Bt my phone is not supporting to comment..that’s y I’m not commenting nd replying to anyone…
I’m reading everyone’s ff in this maha’s ff..astra’s ready to break up..ragini nd her cute me or not..everything..Bt I can’t comment I guyz I’m really Sry for that…
Okay I’m starting my episode..

Previous episode: click here for all episodes

Ragini was seeing her phne..the text frm laksh made her more happy…after few minutes she replied to him
Ragini:-it’s okay..thats my pleasure…
Laksh(happy as msg came frm her):-thank u..☺☺what r u dng??
Ragini:-I’m hearing sngs?..wat abt r u feeling now???
Laksh(took a long breath)yaa..somewhat I’m feeling good now..thanks for that..
Ragini:-Ayooo how much time u will say thanks?..u don’t know the basic rules of friendship..Noo thanks nd Sry Btwn frnds..hahaha?..
Laksh(smiled seeing her casualness)okay okay..

Like this they were talking in nd night…laksh was feeling good with ragini’s company..he started to forget abt kavya slowly…
The old laksh is returning slowly..

Day by day ragini’s feeling was growing…she started to feel for him more..her feeling was increasing day by day..she was not able to control it…
They were talking in phne they didn’t met personally after that day…

One month passed like this……

swara also tried to spend some Time with sanskar..sanskar somehow started to feel for her…
There relationship was growing day by day…
First nd all swara was only seeing sanskar in class Time…Bt now sanskar started to see swara without her knowledge…

One day swara priya nd omi went to inter college competition..there they saw a boy..his antics was so cute..they three were enjoying his antics..he was looking soo cute..more than others swara liked his nature..
Priya talked to him..he was doing his second they started to call him as chotu chotu..
Swara asked his name..he said soo cutely..
Joyson di..son of happiness..☺☺☺..

This incident she said to sanskar…Bt he was burning inside..Bcoz swara always calls him only kiddo nd now she is calling him as cute..this made him lose his control…he shouted at swara..
Sanskar:-swara..listen don’t talk abt anyone with me…if u like someone keep that in ur heart..y r u torturing us that u like that u like this…?with irritated face…pls stop ur nonsense talk..nd don’t waste my time…
Saying this he went frm there…
Swara was in shock..Bcoz sanskar is not like this..he will be very patience..his nature is not like this..he never behaved like this before..that too with swara…a long tear escaped frm swara’s eyes…she left that place nd went to home..(everything happened with their frnds only..they were not alone..the way sanskar behaved made priya,prem,Siddharth nd omi also shock..)

Sanskar was sitting in his class..he was keeping his hand on his head nd was thinking abt Mrng incident…
Sid nd prem came to meet sanky..

Sid:-y sanky..y u did like this..ur not like this sanky..wat happen to uu..y u behaved like this.??
Prem:-ya sanky..we have not seen u like this before..Bt today wat happen to u..this is not ur nature..this is not our innocent sanky..this is not our sanky who deals everything with patience..wat happen to u..tell us..
Sid nd prem were asking bt no response in sanskar..they shaked him…
He shouted to them also..
Sanskar:-pls leave me alone.
Prem nd Sid was hell shocked to see sanky in this avatar…Bcoz he never behaved like this..
Sanskar:-ya..I’m not that sanskar..I’m not that innocent I’m a rude person..leave me..
Saying this he sat on his knees nd started to cry bitterly..??..

Sid nd prem was not understanding what happening…then they went near sanky nd sat beside him..

Sanky immediately hugged Sid nd cried his heart out..

Sanskar:-Sid..u itself saying I’m not like before..yaa I can see it in me..what I’ll do…I’m not understanding what I’m doing..I’m not in my concious..
Sid:-what r u saying sanky??..
Sanskar:-yaa Sid..nowadays I’m changing..I don’t know whats happening inside me..I cant able to eat properly,sleep properly…I’m losing myself..nd if swara talks with some other boy means I’m getting angry..y I don’t know..if she is looking sad means my heart is also she was talking abt chotu only bt y I was getting angry..everything is confusing me Sid…today when I saw a tear escaped in swara’s eyes my heart was paining..
Y y y….y Sid…

Enna ney terila macha en manasu en kaila Illa??..
Sid:-dai Macha ne swara va love panriya???
Sanskar:-what…me loving swara..wat r u talking Sid..this is love ahhh..

(Oh my cute kiddo this is only love my sanskar…maramanda idhu daan da kadhal idhu kuda puriyalae unaku..Ayooo kadavaley??)

It’s nothing like that Sid..
Saying this he left that place…

Next day swara didn’t came to clg..her phne was also switch off..the whole was very difficult for sanskar to pass..he was missing swara very much..he felt very bad for hurting her..
A long tear escaped frm sanky eyes feeling abt swara..

Pal, do pal, ki hi kyun hai zindagi Iss, pyar, ko hai sadiyaan kaafi nahi Toh khuda se maang lun Mohalat main ik nayi Rehna hai bas yahaan Ab door tujhse jaana nahi Jo tu mera humdard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai Suhaana har dard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai..

Swara was crying in her room remembering abt sanskar???…

Teri muskurahatein hain taaqat meri Mujhko inhi se ummeed mili Chaahe kare koi sitam ye jahaan Inme hi hai sadaa hifaazat meri Zindagani badi khoobsurat hui Jannat ab aur kya hogi kahin Jo tu mera Humdard hai Jo tu mera Humdard hai Suhaana har dard hai Jo tu mera Humdard hai..

Sanskar was remembering every moments with she fell on him on priya’s they were sitting alonely,how she feed him,how there hands were together,how there eyes met with each other. How she sang the song remembering him…

Jo tu mera humdard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai Suhaana har dard hai Jo tu mera humdard hai

hmmm.. humdard hai hmmm.. humdard hai hmmm.. humdard hai hmmm.. humdard ha…???..

The episode ends with swasan said face remembering each other…

Okay..done with my 7episode..pls do comments guyz..
I have some questions for uu..
1.wil sanskar realize his feeling for swara..
2.will ragini fall in love with laksh.. laksh treating ragini as only sister…

Will swasan nd raglak confess their feeling…

Answer these questions…to know abt further episodes..stay tuned..until then its Bharathi signing off..bye bye

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    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..

  1. Awesome bharu dear friend

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear friend..

  2. Oosssmmmm…… All questions have one answer YES…… bt fr last… No.. Nvr…. Laksh nvr treats her as a sister……… Fabulous

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..yaa I toooo know laksh never treats ragini as sister..Bt ragini is his frnds sister soo may be his thought can be like that…hahaha..making u confuse ahhh dear..

  3. Asra

    awesome bharu dear……

    1. Bharu

      thanks asra dear..

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..

  4. IQRA222

    Awesome episode
    1st yes
    2nd yes
    3rd no never i cant even imagine it

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..yes I too can’t imagine it..let’s see what is happening..

  5. Mahavir

    awesome akka sanskar omgggg he is soooo cute…n about questions ennaku andha alavuku arivila so neenga dhan answer pannanum…bye tc love u akka

    1. Bharu

      Ohhh my dear cute sissy..sanskar cute daan Bt Unoda cute Illa bby..hahaha..Aprm yaar sona ne arivali Illa nu..ur always my genius cute sissy…thanks dear

  6. Hi dear. Yes thanks for the links of previous episodes. I loved it. Awesome episode. And please never ever make option 3 come true dear. Enakku heart attack vanthurum. Lol. Waiting for next

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..unaku heart attack la vara Vida matten dear..Kandipa edhachum pannuva..Neeyum Tamil daana ma..u r frm??

  7. Dharani

    awesome 1 and 2 yes but third no i dont want like that

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..if u don’t want then I too don’t want..hahaha..LOL


    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..

  9. Awesome episode and loved it

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear…I’m happy that u loved it..keep supporting dear

  10. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Barathiiiii.. Plz sweetheart,don’t jump too much…Otherwise,ghir jawgi..Or if you fall then your bones will break.. If your bone will break then you will not able to walk,if you will not walk then you will not get boyfriend.. If you will not get boyfriend,then you will be not able to marry.. Overall,your mummy gonna scold me for that…Or mein tehri a innocent kid*hiding under chair.. So,you are a good girl,so don’t do this*puppy face.. Splashing on you water bcz faint na hojao… Ahhhhh,really,tum college ki first year main ho,same pinch*on your nose…I am also.. My age is 18..So,you can call me whatever you wish…

    About chappy,yes sweetheart meine 3 or 4 chappy padah hain.. But I am a swasan fan na.. So,ek bhi scene na dekke bura lagah*crazy me..Anyway,now coming to chappy no. 7… It’s mind blowing,fabulous… Loved it… Raglak scenes are good..Haha,sanky is jealous,lol??..But he made my doll cry??.. So,sanky jaldi swara ko manao.. Otherwise I am ready with belan to beat you??(No. 1 weapon for every woman.. Kisi ko pitne keliye??)..Now coming to question..
    3)Yes…(Only if you allow,mujhe nehi patah na ki tumari ittu si dimag main kon si khichdi pakriye*innocent face..)
    Keep going dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling that to teeth nikal ke??

    1. Bharu cute much u wil think yaar..till my marriage ahhh..ur innocent kid ahhh ..don’t lie toooo much its not good for health..LOL..yes I’m also swasan fan dear..Bt I have toooo give importance to both the pair na..thats y I’m giving one episode for swasan nd another one for raglak..yaa sanskar wil realize his feeling dear..he is very innocent kiddo*like uuu*soo it wil take time for him..what yaar ur telling laksh to accept ragini as sister..omgggg now again I’m going to faint for ur answer..*note:don’t splash more water yaar then my makeup will get spoil then how will I get a boyfriend..haha(thinking toooo much la)*love uuuu dear..take care

  11. Awesome dear….. please try to write in English only.

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..yaa I will try to write in English only..Bt I have one doubt u want song also in english ahhh*scratching my head*nd u r that febi only na who is frnd of maha016??..keep supporting dear..

  12. A.xx

    fab xx

    1. Bharu

      thanks dear..

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