Hii..Bharathi is back again…???I know that last episode was very boring..thats y I’m posting my next episode soon..☺☺☺..pls pls its my humble request pls do comments..???..nd one more thing the main pic of the ff is uploaded by the tu only..soo don’t confuse abt the pairs..pairs is swasan nd raglak…soo here we go for the 4 episode..☺☺☺

Ragini was staring that person continuosly..its none other than our Laksh????..he is looking very handsome…(ayoo kadavaley evalo naal ah evan en kan la terilayae cha?evalo alaga irudhu iruka evana poi evalo naal ah miss panitomey?evalo nal anna nu vera kuptu irukom cha?kevalam..frm now he is my dream boy❤no??calling him as bro..haha)
From time onwards whenever she see him she fell for him more…she gathered more images nd information abt him..

When gathering information abt him only she got to know a shocking news abt him..which made her heart break into pieces?…
Her thoughts were disturbed when her room’s door got was swara…
Swara:-rago..ur okay na…y ur looking so confused..what happened to uu..what is disturbing uu rago..
Ragini:-noo di..nothing like that..leave it im okay..
Swara:-noo..rago tell me..what happen..who made u think abt laksh..what laksh did..or did u see laksh with other girl anywhere ah..
Ragini:-????di how do u know that im thinking abt laksh…how do u know that even i like him..
Swara:-not like him rago..u have crush on him..i know everthing nd every moment of u ur di..cant i understand uu..
Ragini:-what r u saying di??im having crush on him..??noo not at all..
Swara:-rago..its a spark..i also got it when i saw sanskar first time…dont u got that spark when u saw laksh on new year night..
Ragini was in double shock that how her sister got to know abt her..
Swara:-its fact rago..see i too know that u like him to the core..its true that u have crush on him..he is very gud guy..that too he is our brother’s friend..u just try to talk to him..behave with him close with him..then u will overcome all ur confusions..saying this she went making ragini more confuse…

Next day morning…
It was priya bday so swara nd omi were ready in omi’s home..
Swara called siddharth nd told him that they are ready nd they are going to priya home..siddhath said he is on the way to priya home..sanskar nd prem are coming to priya home after buying cake..sp everyone will be ther at sharp 10 okay…

Priya was watching tv..door bell ringed she went to open the door…to her surprise siddharth prem nd sanskar were standing there..she was in cloud nine..all went inside..
Priya:-hey what a surprise…
Sanskar:-priya..i forgot my helmet in bike itself wait i will take nd come…saying this he went..
Outside the home swara nd omi were standing..sanskar came nd said i made some excuse to come out..come now its ur turn to surprise priya..
Saying this he hold swara hand to take her inside..
Swara was shocked by his sudden action..his touch made her go crazy..????butterflies were flying in her stomach???…she was very happy…
They went inside..

Sanskar:-priya u have one more surprise..
Sanskar:-u itself see
Saying this he draged swara(actually swara nd omi were standing behind a pillar)by his force swara fell on him both fell on floor❤❤❤swara landed on his strong chest…
Sanskar was on floor nd swara was on sanskar..she was lost in his browny eyes..
Ahem ahem siddharth prem coughed to make swara come to her sense..
Swara got up nd composed herself..
Priya:-woww…swara nd omi u both here??..samma surprise..u swara what u said mom is out of station so ur gonna take care???u gonna take care ahh..u itself want two members to take care u ur gonna tske care home..(naayae una pathukavey rendu per venum nee vita pathuka poriya..nanum nambuna paar ne sona poi lam ena solanum naayae..apovey lita doubt vandhudhu seri nu vita cha naayae..nala plan potu pani irukiga..)anyways happy..u all are here at my bday…thank you soo much..
All at one time:-noo thanks nd sorry between friends priya???…
Priya:-okay chill..

Everyone sang happie bday song for priya…priya cutted cake nd feeded everyone…they took some selfies to remember their fav moments..?
All were tried they were lying on hall..
Prem sitting on floor lying his head on sofa..priya wa lying on his lap..siddharth was lying on priya lap…omi was sitting on sofa..swara was lying on omi lap..sanskar was sitting beside siddharth near to sofa…
They were talking randomly..all were teasing sanskar..soo swara was supporting sanskar..soo they started to tease both..they were teasing by making both one…(rendu peryum sethu vachi kalaichitu irudhaga..inum sola pona rendu peryum vachi senjitu irudhaga??)
Bt our innocent didnt understand anything??..
Swara was just admiring her kiddo innocent sanskar..
Prem said he was feeling priya went to prepare launch for them…she was doing alu parota..siddharth was helping priya…prem was cutting vegies for sabji..swara wa seeing this
Swara:-prem even i cant cut onion like this..ur cutting very quick nd shapely..super la..
(Actually prem is multi talented person..he is interesed in photography,catering,painting,story writing,direction)

Swara:-prem pls come to my home in future i dont even know how to peel onion also..??
Prem:-ohh sure…if ur husband allow me..haa??

Swara just saw sanskar at that time..?(no need prem sanskar will take care of me…my kiddo will take care of me..wait wait he is kiddo i only want to take care of him..)her thought were disturbed when priya asked for vegies to prem…
Swara said if prem feed me only i will eat..soo prem was feeding swara priya nd siddharth…
Sanskar nd omi said that they will eat afterwards…paratas were over..prem didny ate..he said that he was feeling he went to make parathas..priya nd sidd swara also went inside..prem said to swara that omu nd sanskar didnt ate anything so u go nd feed them i will make she went..
Prem priya nd sidd planned something nd laughed…

Swara was feeding them…suddenly priya called omi…omi omi come here fast….swara understood what priya is planning so she was not leaving omi…priya was calling her continuosly…sanskar said leave omi priys is calling her..u go omi..after sanskar saying swara cant do anthing so she left her..everyone were in kitchen except swasan..
Swasan were alone in hall…❤❤❤❤
Swara’s heartbeat was beating very fastly as she is alone with sanskar for the first time that too this much close..she was confused what to talk to him..she was avoiding eye contact with him..she was just feeding him..suddenly he started to cough..she became worried nd gave him water immediately..she was pating him…that there eyes met with each other..swara’s left hand was in sanskar’s right hand❤❤❤….
It was very cute eyelock..

In kitchen omi was pleading them to leave her as swara will feel unconfortable(actually they made this purposefully to make swasan alone) one was letting her…finally she came to hall..
By hearing omi coming sound they came to sense…bt they forget to leave there hands…priya prem nd sidd came laughed by seeing their hands together…
Swara:-now what happened…y ur what matter came to tease sanskar..
Priya:-yes a matter not only sanskar u also???
Swara:-me??y what happened..

Prem:-see ur hands baby..???
After that only they realised that there hanse were together..immediately they left their hands..
Pri,prem,sidd laughed seeing them…like this they were passing there time..somewhat they felt bore soo prem said swara to sing(as they know swara is a good singer)…first swara didnt accept bt afterwards she accepted…
Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye
(U have become my laughter u have become the wetness of my eyes u have become my sky nd my earth..❤❤)
Swara was seeing sanskar while singing the song
Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hau jaana tumhein
teri ore chalne lage
(I began to change,began to fall,and be steady..
Since i have know u,i have started started to move toward u..??)
Swara closed her eyes..she was recalling her memories with sanskar which all hapoened he held her hands,how she fell on him morning,how she was feeding him,how she was feeling when they were alone,there eyelock,how sanskar nd she was joing her hands together everything she was thinking nd laughing then started to sing again remembering him by closing her eyes…
Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gay
Maante the khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye..
(Every journey,every place,everywhere u became…i thought of u as god,nd u have become god only?)
Swara started to blush thinking about him…sanskar was mesmerized by her voice..her voice was really very soft nd melodious..he was enjoying her voice..he was thinking that every line she is singing indicates him…he was involved in her voice…(yes thats true sanskar..she is singing thinking abt u only..ur really a kiddo)
Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
meru zameen ban gaye
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mrin bhi hain dhoondhte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoonshte jise wo kami ban gaye
tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

(Now people dont recognize me when i am alone,they look for u even in my eyes..the one i used to search,u have become the territory of my love..❤❤❤)
Sanskar was hearing her voice first time..he know that swara loves songs nd loves to sing bt one time also he didnt hear het voice while singing..he was lost in her voice…
after finishing the song swara saw towards sanskar nd sanskar to saw her..again their eyes met….
The episode ends with their eyelock…

Done by 4episode…guyz it will take time for raglak scenes as now only ragini is knowing abt het feeling…so till that i will swasan moments…pls do comments guyzz…u know im very sensitive so pls dont hurt me..last episode was very less comments it hurted me very much..pls do comment..if i get less comments surely i will stop writing this ff…decision is urs..i know last episode was quite boring atleast u can comment as boring la…y r y doing like thus really disappoited by ur response..pls do comments orelse this will be my last episode…negative nd positive comments are welcome..bye bye…untill then im signing out its bharathi?

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