Life-Family,Friends,Love and Career (Intro)


Hi guys,

This is my first fan fiction.Actually its based on true characters but story is imaginary.

Friends are equal to family to everyone.We see the affection of mom,strictness of dad,bonding of siblings and love of a lover too.Good friends help us to identify our flaws though accepts us as we are.They motivates us and makes us to reach great heights in life.You will find all these features in my characters of this fan fiction story.

In simple words,its a story of 5 friends.Now lets see the characters:

Varsha: Ambitious girl who have high dreams n focuses on only career.Doesn’t care much about friends. (see the change in her from career orientedness to a person who values human relations).Very short tempered and reserved.

Tara: Friend who values human relations n finds happiness in the happiness of friends.Very friendly.

Rekha: Lovable,inspirational friend who had a sense of practicality.Very jovial too.

Monika: Sweetness blended with short temper,but cares n loves friends a lot and lot.

Rita: Loves friends and will do anything for friends.So kind and loving even to strangers but acts as cold and mean.Acts as if nothing bothers her and never cares for anyone.

These characters belongs to different places,different cultures,different life styles and career.The common thing among all of them is they all are friends of Varsha.

There are few more characters,who changes the lives of these friends.Story is a mixture of family relations, friendship, love, career, challenges,silly and serious fights among friends.My story simply shows how these girls face the challenges and makes their lives inspirations to others.It highlights human relationships and what actually youngsters expect from their parents and why do some succeed while others lose in the race of life.If u like the story line,I will post the first part..Thank u

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  1. Very nice… Continue.

  2. Very nice intro, interesting, plzzzz continue dear and update the first episode soon…love you loads

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