you are my life (episode 8)


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the episode start with thahaan is shocked hearing dadi ma words.
they looked at each other.
dadi ma:” thapki bitiya bihaan u both r going today for ur honeymoon the place is MANALI. i know u surely like that place.”
thahaan nods they didn’t say a single word.
thapki comes angrily in the room she shouts on bihaan;” what all this drama? bihaan i don’t want to go anywhere with u.”
bihaan:” i m also saying this i too don’t want to go.”
thapki angrily throws the pillow at bihaan and say;” its only bcoz of u its my bad luck that i marry u.”

bihaan catches the pillow and said:” oh mahan aatma why r u throwing pillow at me.”
thapki:” yes not pillow i have to throw some hard thing on u.” she saw the flower vase and try to throw on bihaan.bihaan comes and holds her hand ( na na na plays) .He said;” leave all this come we have to say no to dadi ma. u have to say to her that u r unwell so we r not going there.”
thapki:” say ok gud come.
thahaan comes to dadi ma and thapki said:” dadi ma i m unwell so i don’t want to go.”
dadi ma:”no excuses at all. u both r going & thats final.”
thahaan become sad but they can’t say anything.
dadi ma inform kiran to pack all the luggage of thapki & bihaan.

thahaan is ready to go.
dadi ma:”its about two weeks plan so u have to enjoy.”
thahaan nods looking at each other.
dadi ma calls a servant and said:” u will drop thapki & bihaan to the airport.”
he say ok .
thahaan take everyone blessing and sits on car.
thapki:” its all bcoz of u. really so disgusting.”
bihaan:” so what u think that i m happy to go with u. i thought to go with their with my katrina but i m going with u. really so disgusting.”
thapki:” ok sit quietly.”
bihaan:” so u think i m argueing.”
thapki said;”yes.”

suddenly the car about to hit by another car driver moves it in another direction the car hit by the tree.
bihaan faints.
thapki & the driver worries.
thapki said;” bihaan what happen open ur eyes na plz. bhaiya what happen to him plz bring some water.”
driver began to search water.
thapki began to cry bihaan wakes up laughingly and said;” oh mahan aatma don’t cry see i m fine nothing happen to me its just a joke.”
thapki began to beat him with hand.
bihaan :” acha fine lets go. its late.”
driver laughs seeing the scene.
they reached the airport.
thahaan sits on the plane
they waves bye to driver.

they reached Manali what a lovely place thahaan look at the beauty.
thapki:”bihaan the place is so beautiful see very nice.”
bihaan:” yes chuk chuk gadi very lovely place.”
bihaan stops the taxi and say:”bhaiya we have to go the hotel raj plz may u drop us.”
the taxi driver nods and after some time thahaan reached the hotel.
the manager welcomes them and show them the room.
its was night so thahaan is very tired and manager say:” sir mam if u want anything u cab place order.”
the manager leaves thahaan have their dinner and their nok.jhok starts its raining outside the weather are so cold.
bihaan:” chuk chuk gadi u sleep on bed i will sleep on the sofa.”
thapki:” no bihaan u sleep here.”

she saw cockroach there and fears and cried oh cockroach.
she fell on bihaan arms ( they have an eyelock) na na na plays
thapki said;”ok we will sleep here on bed i will sleep this side u sleep there.”
bihaan nods.
they sleeps.
suddenly their was a thunder and thapki fears and she comes near bihaan and hold his hand.
bihaan is shocked and say;” what is this chuk chuk gadi.”
thapki said;” bihaan actually i m afraid plz don’t mind may i sleep here i know its awkward but plz”
bihaan say;”ok”.
suddenly he got an idea and clicks her photo.
thapki shout what is this.
she try to snatch the mobile with bihaan.
bihaan runs. thapki falls on him.
they both fall on bed they have an eyelock.( na na na plays.)

After that thapki & bihaan sleeps on opposite side and they r smiling recalling the moments.

thapki is in bathroom and bihaan is in the room.
bihaan say loudly;” oh how beautiful u r”
thapki who is wearing the clothes said:” what all this.”
bihaan:” so awesome dress.”
thapki :” stop all this what r u saying.”
bihaan:” oh mahan aatma i m not saying anything to u i m talking about my katrina as i m watching her pics on thr mob.”
thapki said;”ok” and try to open the door but it didn’t she said;bihaan the door is not opening ”
bihaan:” u r joking again.”
thapki;” no bihaan seriously its not opening.”
bihaan worries and said;” thapki keep trying i m doing something.”
bihaan calls the manager.
he comes he also try to open from outside but it didn’t thapki worries bihaan said;” thapki don’t worry i will broke the door.”
bihaan breaks the door thapki comes outside and hugs bihaan.
bihaan said;” u idiot can’t u see the doors she is my wife see how she fears go from here.”
manager shames and go.

bihaan:” thapki u r fine now stops crying.”
thapki:” bihaan i afraid from this as i have fobia to lock alone.”
bihaan consoles her and said:”until i m with u nothing will happen to u ok stop crying.”
but thapki still is in his arms as she feel protected their.

hope u guys enjoy today epi.
only for thahaan lovers.

precap;” thahaan skating on the ice.

Credit to: anu

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    great anu. Plzz update the nxt part soon.

    1. no mineey i m just a thahaan fan like u
      not a writer yar

  5. so ……so nice.continue in this manner.

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  7. It was awesome thahaan rockss

  8. nice episode , but wait a minute , the car hits the tree then how they get able to reach airpot and what about the car you just skip that as nothing happened
    no problem , after all we came to here to read thahaan moments

    1. i know the question arise in ur mind
      car hit the tree & its no car so they r able to reach the airport

  9. Anu….first of all thanks for this fast storyline,really like it dear.

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    kya story yaarrr …….its awesome. ….
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  15. thanks to all for lovely comments

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