MY LIFE… EPISODE 8 (the end..)

Hllo guys.. so this is the last part of this ff… lets go through it…
As calling bell rings… abhi goes to check who is? When abhi opened door he get shocked… pragya also came there at time at get shocked..
Abhi : tum..
Haa. Ham and gives a slap to abhi… it’s none other than purab with aliya and bulbul… purab continue beating him… you you don’t tell me where you are don’t you knew how we get tensed where we searched…
Aliya and bulbul enters and beat pragya.. why do this to us… why you go away from us… why you don’t even talk with us..

Pra: vo… vo… just stop you both.. they hugs her… purab hugs abhi…
Bulbul : di… I miss you lot… miss you so much… days without you.. I can’t imagine…
Aliya: di.. it’s really bad… how can you hurt why you go away from me.. don’t you knew about the pain we go through..
Purab: and you abhi.. you go to he’ll man.. why you don’t tell about us.. you are going to meet di.. why don’t you attend my calls…
Abhi: hllo dramebazz… I just came to knew about some truth.. I am not sure I can meet her.. wait.. one minute let me need to clarity one thing.. how you all came here…
Sid comes…
Sorry abhi.. it’s me brought them here.. I feel that they are needed at the time of your rejoining….
Abhi : thanks man and hugs him.
Pra: thanks Sid.. it’s all because of you…
Sid: no need of thanks buddy…

They smile..
Aliya: let me knew one thing.. what’s all going on here… look at that bed… all the cotton are dancing… and look at these arrangements…
Bulbul: wow.. so you both are sharing someromantic moment right…
Sid get hurt seeing that…
Purab: abhi.. all your anger cools now.. it’s really bad abhi… I think that it’s may be a real fight happened between both of you.. I thought di will be crying… but…
Abhi : haa… I also wish to do so..
Bulbul : but abhi lose his strength when he sees di.. I am I write Bhai…
Abhi : bulbul…

Bulbul : & you… it’s really don’t you thought about his pain..
Abhi : bulbul no need to talk about past..
Aliya; ohoo.. so Bhai don’t like when we scold her…
Purab: so sweet of you.. pragya and abhi smiles…
They all sit around in sofa.. abhi and pragya together.. bulbul and purab… aliya and Sid at different places…. abhi puts hands on pragyas shoulder..
Abhi : fuggi.. don’t you knew… how was your sis behaving to me… she always blame.. I am the reason for everything
Aliya: di… our main problem is handle both of them.. it’s really a heavy task hena purab…
Purab: ya di… we really miss you…
Bulbul : hllo… we are jiju and sis so we will fight… or talk.. you don’t interfere in it hey na jiju…

Abhi: haa bulbul and gives a hifi..
Pra: you all are still the same… no changes..
Purab: arey di we are still the same.. but you..
Abhi : she is still the same fuggi…
Sid : abhi.. I am leaving.. I have some arrangement works..
Abhi : k see you tomorrow.. we are going back tomorrow with fuggi.. Sid get sad..
Sid: k I will come at morning.. and leaves without telling pragya..
Purab; abhi we have taken rooms here… so I felt sleepy see you tomorrow…
They all leaves… pragya is there..
Abhi place his head on pragyas lap.. she is moving her hands through his hairs… they both remain silent…
Abhi : fuggi are you thinking about Sid..

Pra: Haa prem.. I feel something strange..
Abhi : haa I knew that.. he didn’t tell you at time leaving
Pra: haa.. he don’t do like that.. and remain silent..
Abhi : haa.. because he loves you pragya.. I can see that in her eyes.. if I am not there…
Pra: no way.. he is my best friend.. he didn’t do anything like this..
Abhi; I knew he is nice guy.. he even don’t knew that he loves u.. but when he feels that you are going away from him.. he feels sad.. but he is trying to hide that feeling.. he is now struggling a lot fuggi..

Pra; prem.. how you knew.. it how can you read someone like this..
Ab; it’s all because of you fuggi.. they smile.. fuggi.. in this night we must talk a lot.. no sleep.. I want to Hear your voice.. your bak.. bak.. which i missed alot.. fuggi.. I need that old fuggi.. who is so much powerful.. always do something not like girls.. always company with boys.. that cute face..
Pra: ohoo.. so really miss all this na..
Abhi : ya missed a lot.. I really liked the fuggi… who always scold about me..
Pra: what?
Abhi : haa.. when I was so silent.. u always call me na.. silent bhootham..
Pra: how do you knew it?

Abhi : it’s purab told me.. he will always share everything to me.. fuggi.. that’s why on that day.. I came to rescue u..
Pra: which means? If anyone be in trouble you will not save them
Abhi: not like that.. when you tell about friendship.. I accepted it because of that.. I don’t like that name.. silent bhootham.. is I am looking like that?
Pra: laughs.. no prem. You are looking so cute.. puppy faced..

Abhi : what?
Pra: you are my sweet jaan na.. pulls his cheeks… abhi stare at her…
Pra: why are you looking like this?.. abhi : you look so beautiful today…
Pra: are you trying to flirt with me??
Abhi: don’t you knew what is meant by flirt?? How you knew… you are a dumboos na..
Pra: what dumboos.. you have degree it na..
Abhi: ha of course… he take his phone and show her message of girls… it was a long list… abhi I love you.. will you marry me.. you are so hot and s*xy.. you are dashing.. can we have a date… pragya get angered…
Abhi: actually.. after you go away from this message are my life.. you knew that Tina hey na.. what a girl she is.. she really so good…

Pragya is getting jealous… abhi is enjoying it… one day we both go for a date.. what a day hey na… it’s really unforgettable… we both alone in one room… wow.. pragya pushes him.. and gets up and moves abhi stops her by holding her hand and pulls her… towards him…
Pragya get shy… abhi place his both hand on her face and kissed on her forehead… fuggi so you get jealous… ha.. abhi shuts her mouth.. no need of words.. I can see it in your eyes… abhi kissed on her cheeks.. she blushes… ( kamoshiyan plays) abhi make her lies on bed.. she removes her hairs from her face…

Pragya: prem.. abhi: just shut up… abhi touched her lips..
Abhi : fuggi.. this lips are telling something to me…
Pra: no nothing.. I just need to go.. abhi restrict her..
Abhi : no this is expecting something from me..
Pra: prem leave me now..

Abhi: brings his lips towards her..
Prem I knew you will not stop with it.. pragya closes her eyes.. and holds her hands with pillow..
Abhi you get tensed… and thinks that I must do something…
Abhi : hllo madam.. no need of going back to your flat.. you can stay here.. I will be on that couch…
Pragya: k.. she takes bedsheet… and lies on bed.. abhi also at couch.. they both looks at each other and smiles..
Abhi: fuggi if you have any fear in sharing a room with me.. then..
Pragya: never.. I trust.. this trust Wil be break till my death…

Next morning… pragya gets up and raise abhi…
Pra: I am going to my flat.. I need to do some packing..
Abhi : I will also help you… they both leaves…
They reached pragyas flat… already Sid has do all packing..
Pra: sid.
Sid: ha pragya you don’t worry.. I have packed all your things.. and one thing.. with in one week send me the hand copy of your book.. then I will get it published.. I knew you can do it now.. because you got an ending like every story… hero and heroine get united..
Pra: but there is a little twist happened…

Sid: what?
Pra: you and your love..
Sid: what do you mean?
Abh; haa Sid I knew you too loves pragya if I am not there..
Sid: sorry pragya.. it’s not good I knew I misuse your friendship.. I knew it.. I knew everything about you but I don’t knew how I started to love you… don’t bother about it..
Pragya hugs Sid.. he too
Sid: abhi don’t mistake me..

Abhi: not yaar..
Sid: pragya don’t think about myself… I will get better girl than you think about your marriage and calls me.. I will surely come and do arrangement… now you both leaves..
Pra: sid…

Sid: no more dialogue.. he takes out all luggage and placed in car…
Make pragya sit in car..
Sid: so wish you a good luck.. soon I will be with you at your wedding..
Abhi: thanks Sid.. thanks for everything….
After one year…
Abhi: fuggi… where are you… where is my dress.. fuggi my coffee..
Aliya: di… he starts calling you.. go… I will manage kitchen..
Bulbul: good morning ladies..
Pragya : where is purab?
Bulbul: in bed..

Aliya… aliya… where are you…
Bulbul : go… your husband is calling…
Fuggi.. fuggi…
Bulbul: di seriously this jijju is my alarm and my tone is fuggi..
Pra: bulbul.. I will come with in second.. pragya enters room..
She smiles.. he is still on bed.. fuggi… fuggi…
Pra: prem aagayi… he opens his blanket… and looks at pragya and opens his eyes.. good morning fuggi… pragya sits beside him.. he gives a kiss on her cheeks..

Abh: where is my share… she do the same.. that’s my fuggi…
Pra: prem.. why are calling like this… why are you wake up by seeing my face… is I am your luck..
Abhi: no.. your are my love..
Prague gives coffees… fuggi no sugar in it.. no prem I have added it… abhi : just check it.. she sips the coffee.. no it’s sweet na..

Abhi takes that mug.. ha.. now it’s came to be sweet…
Pra: now gets up and ready fast.. breakfast is ready..
Ab: no fuggi.. I have chances of fever today.. so I am on leave..
Pra: no prem.. don’t get lazy.. if you are at home.. it’s really trouble for me..
Ab: which means I am troubling you.
Pra: haa..
Abh: so I am not going.. I need to trouble you..
Pra: prem.. she pushes him and make him to enter washroom.. and closes door..
Abhi open it.. hey fuggi.. are you joining in bath it will be really fun…
Abh: prem…
Pragya takes her diary..

I am really happy now.. I am enjoying every moment of this life.. I am enjoying his every action… within this one year a lot of changes came.. I married to him.. purab and bulbul get settled with their life.. aliya started life with Sid.. all are really happy.. we all are staying at the same house. Enjoying life..
Abhi: hllo writer… is your writing over.. look he will not leave me.. just for second.. always follow me.. always make something… but I love all this…
Abhi: I love you too fuggi…


……. they both led their life happily their after.. hope you all enjoyed this… sorry if I waste your time with this stupid story… thanks for all support and love that you have showered on me…

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