you are my life (episode 7)


thanks for ur comments and liking my ff.

the episode start with thahaan taking blessing from thapki’s parents.
marriage finishes.
everyone goes to their room.
bihaan told paan:” whoever called u and ask about me told that i m with u ok.”
bihaan wants to talk with thapki but he didn’t get a chance.
aditi is angry and say to her parents:” why u both let bihaan marry thapki di. he is not a right choice for di.”
krishnikant:” u don’t know aditi to know someone we have to look through the people heart and i know bihaan is the person who will take care of thapki.He is most right bridegroom for thapki.” krishnikant told aditi the accident incident.
aditi say:” u r right papa bihaan g is right choice for di.”
bihaan comes to aditi and ask for thapki aditi told him that di is in her room.
bihaan goes to meet thapki.
thapki is crying bihaan looks on.
he said;” thapki i know u r angry and upset as today that kunal has spoil ur life ; u r angry with me also.”
thapki :” oh u think that u had done a good job by marrying. i know u had done it to spoil my life what kunal had do i m angry but who have ask u to marry me. i never do anything in which u got hurt but u had done so cheap…( thapki is angry and is scolding bihaan)
bihaan:” don’t say anything i didn’t do anything wrong. i only marry u bcoz i saw tears in ur parents eyes and ur eyes i can’t bear insult of ur family.
now if u think i had done wrong than i give u 30 days if between 30 days i can’t prove myself right than i drop u here and never interfere in ur life.”
Saying this bihaan leaves thapki looks on.
Its morning.
bihaan is thinking what to told his family.
Poonam & krishnikant comes and said:” bihaan its time for THAPKI BIDAAYI so beta take her to ur home.”
thapki cries and recall on the moments spend with the family members she hugs her parents , aditi & shubh.
after the bidaayi.
thahaan come outside and paan make them sit in car.
bihaan is surprised as he come in bike than how this car is here.
paan say:” don’t think bhai come and sit. u also come bhabhi”
thahaan sits on car.
bihaan say:” Chuk chuk gadi i want to say something what u have to told in front of my family.”
bihaan mutters something in thapki ears thapki get shocked and refuse but bihaan convince her and she agrees.
thahaan reached pandey nivaas All r worry as bihaan is not at home.
suddenly they saw thahaan coming wearing garlands.seeing
mangalsutra in thapki’s neck.they r shocked dadi ma ask:” what is this.?”
thahaan gets nervous.bauji said:” bihaan tell me whats all this i will shoot u of u not tell me.”
bihaan fears and said :” bauji…i. want.”
dadi ma:” what bihaan told me.”
bihaan said quickly:” actually i love thapki and thapki also loves me so we get marry as we can’t live without each other.”
thapki looks at him and said:” yes dadi ma bihaan is right”.
thahaan closes their eyes in fear.
Dadi ma hugs thapki and said:” i m very happy from u bihaan i want that thapki would become my BAHU and u bring her. i say yes to this marriage.”
bauji also say :”yes i have no problem with ur marriage. now thapki is my Daughter in law.”
vasu welcome thapki.
thapki make the pot( filled with rice) drop from her leg.
thahaan enters in pandey nivaas.
dadi ma :” thapki bitiya today u have to cook food for us.”
thapki said:” ok dadi ma.”
thapki began to cook food.
all r sitting to have lunch.
thapki serves the food.
preeti :” awesome thapki so nice KhEER,PARATHA, Cholas. etc. ”
dadi ma taste the food she praises thapki.
everyone is eating the food except our handsome bihaan.
bauji said;” bihaan any problem why r u not eating. all r ur favr8 dishes “.
bihaan said:”bauji i m afraid i really don’t know whats mix in it.”
thapki recalls when she mix chillies in bihaan pakora and he eats it and cries.
thapki smiles recalling it.
bihaan say:” see she is smiling something is wrong.”
bihaan gets up and goes to the room.
everyone is puzzled and dadi ma say:” may be he is not hungry.”
bihaan comes in his room and holds his stomach :” oh i m so hungry. what to eat.”
thapki comes smiling and say:” bihaan i have brought food for u.”
bihaan say like a child:”no i will not eat.”
thapki say ok and puts the food there and goes.
she hides outside the room and watching bihaan.
bihaan began to eat the food and say:” now i got relief she haven’t mix anything.” thapki said:” so u like it.”
bihaan sees her and try to caught her thapki runs suddenly she slips bihaan holds her. they have an eyelock ( na na na plays.)
they heard dadi ma voice
they come down
dadi ma :” take this bihaan”
bihaan sees the ticket.
;”what is this dadi ma’?”
its ur honeymoon ticket.
thahaan is shocked and look at each other.
precap:thahaan is quarreling and thapki is throwing pillows at bihaan

hope u liked it


Credit to: anu

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