Hllo… everyone….. so this is my 7th episode.. which is the second last one… the most important episode which I am waiting for… mukund… I read your comment… it’s really trouble for me to write long one.. that’s why I couldn’t do so… but this is a long episode.. so let’s move on to story
Sid is in his car… looking for pragya… pragya came with a red saree… and gets in.. she is still tended and crying
Sid: pragya… so we can go naa..
Pragya: Sid…

Sid: there is nothing to think off obey what I said….
They reached at hotel….
Sid: pragya… don’t hide your feelings towards him.. tell everything in your heart..
Pra: sid…
Sid: pragya… please talk to him..
Pragya get down from car… she moves towards the hotel..
Sid: I hope everything will get fine now… he is crying…. why I am getting sad? She is going to get her love na.. I must be happy now.. but…nothing to get sad… u must be happy… ur friend is getting her love..

Scene shifted to pragya… pragya is walking through loby… she is near his room 808.. she press the bell.. and opens door… she gets in… there was full of darkness…… she switched on light… the room is fully decorated… with candles and rose flowers…. pragya remember the old moment at which abhi did the same arrangement for her… fb shows.. abhi calls pragya…. fuggi… come fast to my room… I want to talk with you… pragya : now.. I little busy..
Ab: fuggi… please for me..
Pra: k… as she enters the room… it was fully arranged… on the bed… with roseflowres he had written.. I love you fuggi… abhi comes from the back and hugs her…
Prem.. u are too romantic today..
Abhi: hey bhudhus don’t you knew the specialty of this day..
Pra: no..

Abhi: with a bouquet.. happy birthday fuggi…
Pra: oh my birthday… it’s 27 July hey naa…
Abhi brings cake.fuggi… cut this..
Pra: we can cut together…
Abhi : k.. pragya takes knife.. abhi holds her hand.. they both have an eyelock… ( chotteyana chotte mujhe plays)
They both feed each other…
Abhi : there is one more surprise for you…. abhi take his guitar… and sing song..
They say that for everyone in this world, God has
made someone or the other, for each one
You meeting me is a sign believe me

I am made for someone like you
Some contact is there with you
Some relation is there with you
How should I know, what do I know
Some contact is there with you
You are my partner so why should I worry
This is the reason to live and will die for this
It obliged me while going
A passing moment fulfilled my wishes

I got a view of yours, got sparkling starts
Destiny’s boats got a shore..
A life for which I’ve craved for centuries,
In your company all the prayers are for that (life)
You meeting me is a sign
as if I am made for someone like you….
Pragya hugs him… I am not made for you but you are made for me prem… I love you… prem…
Abhi : this is a small gift for you my lovely fuggi.. it was the same Saree which pragya have worn now.. fb ends.. pragya is smiling remembering all that… she looks around… and see abhi who is looking at her…

Abhi : I knew you will come.. I have tell you one important thing… I have taken a decision… I want to tell you… I didn’t anything by staying my life like this other than pain.. so I decided to move on from this..
Pra: prem.. but I want to talk with you..
Abhi : it’s all over pragya… I have waited this much time for you… now I take my own decision
Pra: prem.. please give me one chance… please.. I want to tell you everything… I want to tell you and started to cry..
Abhi : pragya… I don’t have time to hear that now.. if I have time with me.. then also I am not interested in it.. so let me tell my decision… pragya looks at him in teary eyed.. she wipes her tears… pra: haa that’s right.. I have no right to get a chance.. tell prem.. still she is crying..

Abhi: looking into her.. I decided to get married… I will not get anything.. by staying like than other than pain.. it hurts pragya… but she tried to act Normal.. that’s a good decision… who is that girl? How do you meet her? Is your family choose her..
Abhi : ya… it’s me choose her..
Pragya get more sad… abhi continue watching pragya.. pragya turns back and move to window side..
Pragya: what’s her name?
Abhi : fuggi…. pragya turns and look At him.. she runs and hugs him.. ( beegi beegi plays).. prem… I made you in vain.. it’s all my fault.. it’s all mine.. abhi wipes her tears… and said.. no pragya.. sorry no fuggi it’s all my fault.. I don’t knew the reason behind this distance between us.. I must tell you that truth.. I am just acting… but when I started to love you I felt that if I told you about I felt that I will lose you.. that’s fear make me to hide it.. it’s my fault… pragya shuts his mouth..
And hugs him… they spend some time together..

Abhi : fuggi.. how fool we are na… why we bear all this pain…
Pra: ya.. abhi gets a call.. ha Sid every thing gets fine thank you so much… ends call..
Pra: Sid??
Abhi: it’s all because of him I got you back…
Pra: what do you mean??
Abhi: haa fuggi… me and Sid together came to your flat.. I hides there.. I hear all the things which you talk with him.. the reason of your disappearance… the reason of your silence..
Pra: but..
Abhi: haa it’s our plan.. that’s why I call you here..
Pra: if I have not tell the reason then..
Abhi : then.. nothing.. then also I will react like this.. because I can’t lose you.. you are my life… I need you..
Pra: prem..
Abhi : it’s you fuggi.. make my life colourful again.. by you I started to forget my past and teach to live in present.. it’s from you I taught to how deep we can love someone.. when you getaway from me.. still I knew that you still loves me.. there must be some misunderstanding or any other reason.. I want to find that reason…

Pra: sorry prem.. because of me.. we lose our happiness…
Ab: but fuggi because of me na.. you go away… not only from me your family… your lifestyle..
Pra: no prem… not exactly but I feel very much anger on you… I tried to forget you.. but I can’t
Ab: because you love me that much fuggi… but you are too jealous…
Pra: not at all
Ab: no fuggi… you are jealous when I talked about my marriage I seen
Pra: haa I am jealous… is that any problem…
Ab: no and start laugh loud…
Pra: prem don’t laugh.. abhi continues laughing… pragya starts to beat him… he rans.. they starts to fight with pillow… cotton inside starts to get out…. they continue their fight… suddenly they both fall on each other.. they both have an eye lock…pragya is fell on abhi ..pragyas heart is beating abhi tried to kiss pragya ( aaj pei tum we pyar plays)..pragya closes her eyes.. abhi kisses her in lips…. abhi place his hands on her face.. he wrape around her…
Pra: prem…

Abhi : fuggi and make her so close…
Suddenly… bell rings.. they came into sense.. they both gets up… abhi came to opened the door and shocked..

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