you are my life ( episode 6)


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here the episode start with
everyone is happy and thapki blushes and run inside the room.

thapki has resigned from the job and busy in her marriage preparation.
bihaan comes to dhruv office he didn’t see thapki anywhere and say to dhruv:” dhruv did ur PA miss thapki is ill why she didn’t come today?”
dhruv tell him that she resigned as she is going to marry.
bihaan thinks its gud now she never interferes in my life and never come to my home.
krishnikant thanks him and bihaan say:’ uncle g come i’ll drop u home.”
they reached thapki’s home. krishnikant said bihaan to come.
he nods as he can’t say no to him.
as he enters the house thapki fumes and told aditi:” he become so CHIPKU oh! no he reached here,now surely he do something wrong.”
aditi say u r right di.

a girl comes who apply the most beautiful mehendi.
aditi had called her.
bihaan is busy in all the arrangements as krishnikant say to help him.
he is saying to a man:” hey don’t like this, the flowers should decorate this way.”
he began to decorate by standing on a chair.
suddenly thapki come and he come down and said:” oh madam what do u want ha any problem. ”
thapki said:” no just want that plz don’t do any kind of drama in marriage.”
bihaan:” u think i have come here to create problem no madam i m only here bcoz of uncle g.”
they r busy in quarrelling suddenly the whole flowers fall on them.( they have an eyelock na na na plays).
bihaan look angrily at the man who is holding the flowers he scold him thapki said;” leave him its just a mistake. do ur work”.
the mehendi work starts the ladies are singing song and the girl is applying mehendi suddenly aditi saw that The girl writes letter B in thapki’s hand. she said:” oh what r u writing my jiju name is kunal what is this u write letter B.”
the girl say sorry and said:” i think the boy’s name is bhusan i really sorry i will make the design so that it doesn’t look.”
aditi say its ok.
everyone is shocked but get relief as it was just a mistake ( it is god decision he signs that whoever will be thapki’s bridegroom his name will start with B so may our handsome boy bihaan).
next day
aditi dances on Mehendi hai rachne wali.
everyone claps.

Next day
all the ladies is ready to apply haldi on thapki.haldi has been applied on thapki by her mother first then aditi applies haldi and teases her.
a girl comes excited and suddenly the haldi slips from her hand and it fall some of the drops fall on bihaan who is standing there and helping a man in arrangements.
thapki is shocked and the ladies began to talk that there r many hurdles r coming in marriage function but aditi convince them and said:! its just a mistake nothing else i prepare another one.

seeing this we all can imagine that unknowingly bihaan & thapki is doing all rituals the function & the problem coming in it signs that Only bihaan is a right choice for thapki.

the marriage day comes
all the guest had been invited and krishnikant call bihaan to come and attend thapki marriage but he don’t want ad he think hurdles come in another function is bcoz of him. he said:” ok uncle g i’ll try to come.”
dhruv say:”bihaan did u don’t want to go on thapki’s marriage.”?
bihaan said:” we don’t get invitation card how can we go.”
dhruv say yes and goes in his room.
bihaan thinks and decided to go in the marriage ceremony.
he reached there.
BARAT COME kunal is wearing the Bridegroom costune and looking very hansome bihaan sees him and thinks thapki is very lucky to get him.
poonam welcomes kunal and he enters.
poonam pulls kunal nose and everyone laughs
thapki comes in MANDAP
she is looking very beautiful and bihaan looks at her. a kind of unhappiness in her heart but he can’t understand the reason.
thapki also feels it.
The fb shows that thapki is standing in front of mirror and said:” why i m feeling so unhappy why i can’t accept kunal as my husband i m going to marry but still i m not happy what has happened to me.”
thahaan thinks music plays.
fb ends.

The pandit began to chants the mantra and said:” both of u stand for the PHERAS but suddenly kunal gets up and said:” i don’t want to get marry with this stammering girl.
she is so stupid can’t speak a single sentence without stammering. i m such a handsome boy i really don’t want to get marry with her. i do it money which my father already got from her father now i don’t marry her.”
everyone is shocked including thahaan.
thapki thinks why he is behaving like this he had already told me that he never had a problem with my stammering.
krishnikant say please marry with my daughter bete after marriage u will see that she has gud qualities also.
but kunal said:” no i challenge that no one will marry thapki after knowing the stammering problem don’t begged in front of me or anyone No a single man will marry thapki.”
krishnikant & poonam cries kunal mother slaps him and try to convince kunal to get marry but he refuse.
thapki is shatters and get emotional our cute & handsome bihaan can’t tolerate the insult of thapki & her family and speaks :” i will marry thapki and proof u wrong Mr. kunal u see how thapki & me will get married.”
everyone is shocked again thapki look at bihaan
krishnikant say:” oh beta what have u said:”
bihaan :” i have said right i will marry thapki and show this guy that i will become her bridegroom.”
bihaan take poonam & krishnikant blessing they blessed them.
aditi say no to his father but he don’t pay any attention.
bihaan come near thapki She is still shocked and look at him.
bihaan:” pandit g start the Pheras.”
thahaan do the pheras.
bihaan put garland in thapki neck and poonam made thapki to put garland in bihaan neck.
bihaan fills thapki’s MANG.
marriage finishes.
thahaan took blessing of elders.
everyone said;” today this guy save thapki life may god bless the jodi.
thapki hears it and look at bihaan.

kunal is standing at a corner seeing the marriage he smiles and said;” now finally they get married.”
the fb shows
that bihaan is doing the arrangements and he got cut. thapki sees it and run and apply bandage in his hand and said:” be careful.”thahaan have an eyelock.
kunal is seeing this from a far away he began to think.

again a fb shown in which kunal & thapki is talking suddenly hiccups start and kunal go to get water when he returned he saw that bihaan is giving samosa to thapki and she eats it.kunal went on thinking.
fb ends.
kunal;” i saw true love in both of eyes so i have do this drama
thapki bihaan is right choice for u. may got bless ur jodi.
the careful nature & true love in ur eyes both signifies that only bihaan is a right choice for u.
bihaan take carw of her.

episode ends.
how do u like the ep
hope u enjoyed thahaan marriage.

precap: bihaan told everyone that he loves thapki and she also so they get marry.
whole pandey family is shocked.

Credit to: anu

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  1. supeb episode anu.i like it very much.precap was awsome.pls continue this.i’m egarly waiting for thahaan romance.pls take this as a request.

  2. well it was so fast , i mean thapki and bihaan falls on each other so soon !!! really, i want the nok jhoks….well the episode was nice and awesome

  3. excellent dear……..i loved the twist.

  4. Superb ya, I like soooooooooo much.
    Plz update next part soon

  5. Omg superb episode no words….waiting for next ?

  6. It’s fabulous anu……loved it.
    just follow the story which u have in ur mind. I love ur storyline……..waiting eagerly for nxt part.

    1. ok mineey i will surely write same story line what is in my mind

  7. Wow …yar zabardast …..its really really nice ff….kunal is so much of a gentleman. …

  8. thanks for comments
    ur comments always encourage me
    again thanks to all

  9. Superb episode Anu my frd n the precap was awesome. I’m eagerly waiting for it.Please post d nxt pt soon?

  10. EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL…..really you have the ability to read the mind of your ff,day by day your effort will reached the peak of success.keep going.

  11. Very nice yaar..continue with ur ff da..

  12. Hey anu awesome yaar what a twist didn’t even thought of it well done m happy thahaan got married as they are made for each other 🙂

  13. Thahaan made for each other. ..
    Awesome waala ff

  14. again thanks to all.
    try to post it soon

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