Hllo everyone… thanks for all comments… thanks my silent readers too… so this is my 6 th episode… this story will ends with next two episodes… so let’s move to story…. ‘
Abhi is shown in the scene… he is sitting and remembering about what happened at that day… the day of his wedding… fb showed…
Abhi in his wedding attire..
The person is one girl… in his room to whom he is talking…
Girl: abhi.. then why are doing this all?

Abhi: doctor… i knew i have played a role to make role as you said… to make pragya… back to her life… as I started to act in front of her… I started to enjoy that role… I don’t at which stage I really start to love her.. doctor…. do you knew when I look to her eyes… I feel her love for me.. I feel I am getting back my love which I lost once… you don’t knew… how my life has changed… it’s all because of my fuggi… and her love… now I love her a lot… I love you fuggi….

Doctor girl: I am really happy abhi… my decision To make you act in front her is good.. now you both are going to get married… i have fear that still you are doing the acting what I had told you… congrats abhi… wish you a happy married life…
Abhi : it’s all because of you doctors.. as god will send us some savior to save us… your are my savior.. it’s all because of you… purab comes and make abhi get down for wedding… there was a huge decoration… drums sound.. all are really happy… abhi sits in mandap… and starts the pooja… pooja ends… pandit calls bride… abhi sits happily… and looks for pragya…
In mind ( fuggi… come fast.. I want to see you in bride attire… you will look too good… fuggi… I love this moment.. we are going to be get married.. now anyone can separate my love from me… ) abhis thought get finished as aliya and bulbul gets down in tension
Aliya : Bhai… di…
Abhi : what happened to her..

Aliya: she goes away from you…
Abhi get shattered…. no no… how she can get away from me.. no one can separate my love… and goes upstairs calling fuggi… he came to her room and sees letter and sits and started to cry by hugging it…

I’ll change myself for you,
I’ll do anything for you
It’s my promise to you,
for ever now.

I am breathing for you,
I am living everyday for you,
you are mine and I am yours
for always now.

I now have no right on myself,
I have lived for you..
now this love won’t happen again,
I have lived for you.
Fuggi… where are you come back.. how can I happy without you.. come back fb ends..
Abhi is crying… fuggi… today I will make you tell all the truth.. you cannot hide from me… because I need you damn it…
Scene shifted towards pragya… she is still sitting at that corner looking at that clock.. Sid comes and switched on light.. he sees pragya..
Sid: pragya why are you sitting here.. what happened to you.. is abhi came in front of you is he make any issue..
Pragya: no Sid.. he called to me.. to talk with me.. I don’t knew what to talk to him…
.Sid: why pragya…? Is he did wrong with you.. n.a…. he lied you… he loves you
Pra: no Sid.. he lies… but he loves me..
Sid: what do you mean?

Pra: ya Sid.. he loves me…I don’t knew that if I knew it I will not go away from him.. I thought because me he is get troubled… but..
Sid: pragya please tell me clearly..
Pra: Sid.. when I shifted to here…on my wedding day.. I came here because I don’t want to be stay a problem for him.. I have a wish to not be see him in my life again.. because I can’t bear that pain… and I really hate him at that time… he plays with my feeling… but after one year.. I met someone… the one who Is that doctor… who gives him instructions to act before me and make me fool… I hate her.. but she needs to talk with me… as she compelled.. I give her 5 minutes…
Then I came to knew… he loves me

..he fall in love with me…
Sid: he loves you and you too knew it.. then why are you pragya… don’t return to him.. why are bearing this pain..
Pra: because I have no rights to return to his Life… I don’t trust him.. I break his trust… I don’t See his love for me… I have no worth for his love..
Sid: pragya are you mad?
Pra: Haa I am mad… I am mad.. and cries.. Sid consoles her..
Sid: pragya.. I knew your pain.. and I knew his pain also.. you always think about his life and his happiness… that’s why you did so… but pragya look at me.. his happiness is with you… you snatched it from him.. pragya please return it to him.. you just go and talk with him..
Pra: but Sid..

Sid: pragya.. don’t think anything now.. go and talk to him.. he will accept you.. I knew you feel coward… you don’t go back because if he questioned about your love then.. you can’t bear it… I knew you think that suppose when he moved out of his life.. then going back to him.. will create problems.. but pragya… look don’t you see his love for you.. he is still waiting for you.. pragya… just go and meet him once.. for me.. please…
Pragya: k… I will go… I too need it… but..
Sid: no but… you just dressed up.. I will drop you there.. I will be there in car.. come fast…
Episode ends…

So friend… wait for the next part… what will happen to their life now…what abhi want to talk with her… what answer pragya will give to him.. if this meeting is going to be a starting for their rejoining.. let’s hope for the you with the next part..

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