you are my life ( episode 5)


the episode start with thapki is leaving from pandey nivaas.
bihaan thinks why whenever she comes near me i felt so strange i really don’t know.

here thapki parents is talking about thapki marriage and krishnikant say:” poonam g i think we have to find a good bridegroom for thapki
who cares for her who loves her.”
poonam says:” yes u r right u know about Mr. tripathi who is very nice person and a rich person u have to talk to him and his son KUNAL is right guy for thapki.”.Aditi hears it and say:” yes papa u have to talk to Tripathi uncle and i know about di the guy she is searching for kunal is that one.”
krishnikant nods and he goes to talk that man .
here aditi try to tell thapki what their parents r thinking about.
aditi say;” di what kind of guy do u want?”

thapki said:” oh aditi why r u asking again i have told u na about my dream boy ok leave it. lets go for dinner.”
all of us having dinner and krishnikant signs aditi & poonam that man accepts the proposal and coming on sunday.
poonam & aditi says ok
dhruv again call thapki for the work but thapki don’t want to go as she don’t want to face bihaan but she agrees as she don’t want to hurt Dhruv sir and don’t want to lose the job.
thapki comes at pandey nivaas and bihaan sees her and fumes and want to kick her out from the house.
dadi ma say:” oh thapki beta u come beta.”
thapki enters seeing bihaan she become angry.
dadi ma & bauji likes her and began to call her bitiya.
bihaan fumes and thinks this stupid & clever girl wining my family heart but i m most clever i never let her become hero in front of my family. hope dhruv get well soon and she stops coming here.

(He is so innocent that he don’t know that he will bring thapki at pandey nivaas as his wife).
thahaan look at each other angrily.
thapki come to know that her parent want to get her married.
thapki become angry as she don’t want to get marry.
aditi try to convince her and said:”di kunal is ur dream boy he have all the character to become ur life partner. he is educated , respect everyone and very handsome.”
but thapki don’t want to get marry she really until dont think about marriage.
poonam comes and convince her and say:” first u meet kunal and if u think u don’t want to get marry i will promise i wont forced u”
thapki agrees.

sunday comes
and the boy with his parents come at thapki’s home.
after some general talk they send thapki & kunal for talk.
kunal:” thapki i know u have stammering problem but i promise to u never become a topic of ridicule after the marriage i m educated and i m not the cheap man who make fun of other.”
thapki looks at her it was the same man about whom thapki dreams.
thapki said:” thanks kunal for understanding me; i love my family and u r very gud & nice person and whoever be ur wife will have proud on u.”

after some talk they come at hall.

and kunal tell his father that yes.

thapki also say yes.

precap: bihaan feels sindoor in thapki MANG
and everyone blessed them

hope u like it

Credit to: anu

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  1. PRECAP IS AWESOME……..iam soooooo excited dear Anu update soon.i would feel its like a telly drama…such a nice ff.

  2. omg , it was very fast update….nice episode , plz add more thahaan dailouges .. well i just hope ki thapki ki shaadi bihaan se ho par vahi same na ho ki use pta hi ni tha ki bihaan hi bride h…dont bring that dhoke ki shaadi back ,just a hoping

    1. bridegroom*…sory lol

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  9. Wow precap awesome

  10. Wow very nice….

  11. Too short ff but fast update ok precap superb

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