you are my life ( episode 4)


sorry for late actually today my phone has been repaired
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Sonia actually I have already plot the story but I try to include ur suggestion.
and plz do comments we all (mineey,fatarajo,payal, lachu etc.)
are doing a hard work by writing ff
so plz comments in our ff.

here the episode start with AFTER A MONTH
dhruv is really very impressed as thapki is doing her work very nice so he appointed her as his PA.
one day dhruv is not feeling so vasu advice him to take rest.He is tensed as he have very important work in office.
he called thapki and say to come at his residence.
thapki reached pandey nivaas; she looked at the beauty of the house.
she enters. all the family members look at the stranger.
BADKI said;” oh who r you.”
thapki replied and stammers.
vasu stare at her and call dhruv.
dhruv said:” dadi ma;bhabhi and ma she is my PA thapki.i know she has stammering problem but she is much talented and a hardworking lady.”
all welcomes thapki.

thapki do the office work with dhruv and discuss about the interview which dhruv have to take after a week.
Vasu thinks i hate the people who stammers but u r just a employee in dhruv so i have no problem with u.

thapki comes downwards as the work has been finished.
suddenly she again collides with bihaan she was about to fall but bihaan holds her( they have eyelock)
both of them r surprised as they won’t imagine that they meet here.
bihaan:” why u come here.”?
thapki:” actually i have to ask this r u following me.?”
bihaan;” oh madam its my home and i my son of this house.”
thapki:” u lier this is house of dhruv pandey not urs”

bihaan:” oh chuk chuk gadi its my home also i m the younger son of balwinder pandey.”
thapki began to laughs.
bihaan fumes and say:” why r u laughing?”
thapki said:” i think u r servant of dhruv.”
bihaan said put gun on her head thapki fears.
bihaan:” how can u think that i m servant. (changing his tone) oh mahan aatma u r so disgusting i can’t tolerate u go from here if u come again i’ll shoot u.”

thapki goes looking angrily at him

precap: thapki parents talking about thapki marriage.

sorry as it small
hope u liked it

Credit to: anu

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  1. Nice episode.Well done my dear frnd Anu.? Waiting 4 nxt pt.

  2. good job i like the cute fights between thahaan.
    good job anu….. Update fast.

  3. Nice one thanks for appreciating me
    You can add that thapki parents want to do thapki Marriage but the guy is not good bihaan get to know that and saves thapkis life

  4. Wow superb episode continue soon))

  5. nice one ….dear anu, i too have the same suggestion as sonia.

  6. well i was getting so excited after reading the lines and ……..BOOM!!!!……..ff finished …arhh, really it was very short ,but nice…well its okay as good things should be taken on small dosage

  7. Nice effort but try to Write something different from actual story, will enjoy and appreciate it more.

  8. Really interesting Anu……storyline is nice,i have a suggestion for your ff dont make dragging and tried to write in a convincing way.

  9. Really really nice…..keep going….

  10. Niceeeee
    waiting 4 next part…
    keep enthralls dear

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