Hllo everyone. rosy your confusion will cleared in this 2 episode.. so read it…

Pra: prem why did you come back to me… what answer I will give to you.. there is no answer with me for you…
Sid comes… pragya what happened to you yaar.. make her to sit in bench.. pragya.. kabhi bi.. kissi wakth mein… aapko he bath nahim poocha.. but seeing both of your pain and love.. I need to knew what happened between you both… why there is a need of yeh dooriyan..

Sid… you need an answer.. you need to knew.. ya I will tell you.. prem ne muje sikahayaki… hamari dard kissi ko share karane vakth thoda kam hotha hai….. fb shows ( pragya and abhi is coming coming in bike in college… wow di …. you with him.. abhi how this happened… purab… I told you knew.. nobody can leave my friendship.. aliya: which means.. you both become friends… wow that’s great di … abhi.. I am too happy for you man.. purab said. Bulbul : pragya… how this happened… tell me.. abhi : it’s really a big story… days passed now.. abhi and pragya become thick friends…. they share everything… they enjoyed each and every moment… nowadays Prague have ajeeb feelings… abhi and pragya are in bike.. they are now at lake side…

Fuggi… don’t you knew this is my favourite place… pragya is remain silent… fuggi… where are you lost… prem.. I don’t knew.. nowadays.. I have some different feelings… I feel so happy… I am really excited… I felt I am most luckiest person to be… fuggi what do you mean… prem… look… is that prem which I have seemed is here… no na… you even don’t talk with me… but now.. look what we have changed.. ya fuggi that’s true… I really changed a lot.. this is all because of you… because of your friendship… prem.. I want to tell u one thing… I wish to go to another stage of your friendship… fuggi what do you mean.. tell me clearly… don’t you can’t understand what I mean.. prem.. fuggi… k I will tell you… she turned and look at him.. prem.. I am in love with you… prem.. I just love you.. I love be with you… spend my whole life.. ( tu meri jaan plays) actually.. I don’t knew when I started to love you… I am in a dilemma… I can’t recognize it… but when I feel that.. u don’t knew what I feel… I felt that world is change for me… ( in loud voice) fuggi… just stop it….. pragya really shocked… I don’t knew why you think so… you also like everyone… I really felt ashame of my self… I don’t think that you consider our friendship like that.. I heard Somany of our friends talking like that… but it didn’t make me anything.. but you… you lost our value of friendship… fuggi… why you think so.. did behave with you that way.. no na.. then why… pragya is crying… prem… I don’t… please please listen to me.. I felt it… but don’t… please forgive me… forget what I told you… please… because of this reason don’t spoil our friendship… I just need to tell you… I always share everything with you na… so I told… I don’t want you too feel so… abhi goes… making pragya alone… ( hamari aduri plays) pragya cried a lot… she came to house… pragya… why are look so upset.. nothing bulbul… pragya goes and closed the door.. he calls abhi… abhi cuts call… she messages him.. she didn’t get any reply… it’s night… till then she is looking at the mobile…. morning… pragya goes to college.. she waited for abhi… but purab and aliya comes there… purab.. where is abhi..? Di… I don’t knew.. he comes and takes some dress and goes.. he told that he will come back.. after a some days… pragya get shattered… it’s all because of me… di what happened… purab it’s because of me… all this happened… I confess my love towards him.. what?? di… you love.. Haa purab… aliya.. so that’s the reason… Bhai…pragya : purab.. I told him that… I just express my feeling… purab : pragya… what you have did? Bulbul : kya purab.. she didn’t kill anyone to blame her..

Purab : bulbul you all don’t knew.. you don’t knew about His past.. don’t you knew.. he has a lover.. the one he loved most.. for him.. she is his life… they both love a lot.. but.. the friend of her also loves him.. she is so selfish one.. she need abhi.. for that she make an accident and killed the one which abhi loves.. her friend misunderstand his friendship with her as love.. after that… he don’t like girls and don’t like love… after that incident.. it’s very difficult for him.. to forget all memories.. after that incident.. he didn’t make a friendship with a girl or even talk with anyone expect you.. but when he starts friendship with you.. he started to change.. he forget his love.. but now.. I don’t what is going through his minds.. what is his pain.. I don’t knew even after that if he make a friendship with you.. pragya cries.. di.. I don’t tell this to you to hurt you but… aliya: di.. don’t cry everything will be alright.. aliya.. I don’t knew all this.. I don’t see his pain.. it’s my fault.. pragya goes… scene shifted towards hospital.. aliya purab bulbul are in front of ICU… abhi is rushing towards them.. purab what happened.. how is.. suddenly doctor comes.. who is prem… doctor it’s me.. patient is calling u.. doctor how is she.. she is absolutely fine.. as you bring her on time.. we can just save her otherwise.. doctor may I see her.. k.. abhi enters ICU. he is teary eyed… he comes to pragya.. who is lying in bed with oxygen mask.. ( teri dil mein chunariya aage plays).. abhi sits besides her… fuggi… what you have did? If anything happened to u? Then what is my condition… he holds her hands and cries… his tears touched at her hand.. pragya opens her eyes.. prem.. abhi looks at her.. she removed her oxygen mask.. fuggi are u alright.. na.. what you have done fuggi…

Episode ends..


  1. Lakshmi

    really a nice epic wat happen to pragya…. how abhi suddenly realized is feelings…. how abhi love someone like this…. but y they separated so many questions…

  2. Rosy

    Awesome yr.thanks dr now my doubt is being cleared, I think the flash back is still dint over?so pragya committed suicide?? I think now Abhi will realize his love for pragya? Hoping for the best.waiting for the nxt episode.take care dr.

  3. Saranya

    Lovely to tge core missed u a lot darlu love u loads 😍😘😘😘sry i dnt cmnt in prev due to netwrk prblm

  4. Maahi


    |Registered Member

    omg sooooo sad past but last part was soo lovely to imagine well u askd abt my os right dr venevr i get time dfntly i vil write tht but hnxx a ltt fr remembering my writings lv uuu awsome

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