you are my life ( episode 3)


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Here the epi start with paan is thinking that why did bihaan do this?
He asked from bihaan, bihaan said:” its simple paan i saw that she need this job, her eyes told me that how much importance the job in her life so i help her.”
Suddenly he heard a voice coming out from the office room where thapki is giving the interview the man shouts on thapki that u r not eligible for the job.

Bihaan enters he saw thapki is crying and holds the man coller and said:” u fool u idiot u made her cry.see she is girl i will not leave u, now u have to leave this job
What u said she is not eligible actually u r not eligible for this job i will show u.”
Bihaan beats him and said:” its problem in ur hearing not in her saying if u hear patiently than u understand what is she is saying.”
Dhruv comes and said:” bihaan to leave him”
Bihaan said:” dhruv u know that employee in ur office is insulting this girl,he don’t know how to respect girl”
Dhruv scold him and he himself take interview of thapki.
Thapki gives the answer of the question nicely.
She gets the job and she thanks dhruv.
Dhruv said:” if u want to thank someone u had to thank bihaan u have got this job with hid help”
Thahaan look each other.
Music plays.

Thapki said:” thank u”
Bihaan said:” oh hello don’t say this u have got this job by ur effort i just do what i found right.”
Bihaan goes thapki looks at her strangely.
Meanwhile thapki reached at het house and inform everyone that he gets the job.
Everyone is happy and poonam and krishnikant blessed her.
Suddenly they heard a voice and go outside
Bihaan with his men is coming there.
The men enters the house and began to throw the things outside poonam & krishnikant worries and say not to do this
Bihaan say:” oh hello i have to vacat the place as u havent pay the rents”
Krishnikant say no its wrong we have pay it.
Thapki comes and say:” u here. I thought u r gud and a nice person but i was wrong u r a bad guy u make fun of other
U enjoy when people cries”
Bihaan say:” oh CHUK CHUK GADI plz don’t say anything otherwise my mens will throw u out as they r throwing the things.”

Thapki try to slap him but he holds her hand and say:” i haven’t come here to being slapped.”
They began to quarell and poonam stops them and said to bihaan that:” beta plz understand we have pay the rents and we are living here legally.”
Bihaan say:” i m sorry aunty g but i have to do as my bauji told me that the house is haven’t payind the rent.”
Bihaan forcely put all the things outside and said:” u all leave the place u have no right to live here.”
Suddenly he gets bauji call and said:” ok bauji.” He said”; put the things inside it wasn’t the house it was a mistake.”
Thapki said:” so u r regreting.”
Bihaan fumes but he politely said:” uncle g aunty g i m sorry hope u understand me.”
They blessed him and say ok.
Thapki & aditi angry as they want to give him punishment suddenly thapki got an idea and said:’ Mr. Bihaan thank u as u help me to getting my job come and sit i will make tea and snacks for u”
Bihaan is puzzled he tried to say no but krishnikant made him agree
Bihaan enters the house with paan
Thapki told her plan to aditi.
They both smiles.

Thapki mixed chilli powder in pakora of bihaan and said:” u made my parents cry now u will cry.”
Thapki serves the snacks to bihaan
He wonders why did she acting do nicely with me.
But he eats a pakora and he feels so spicy that tears come from his eyes but he want to take revenge from thapki & aditi and said:” u also eat say”
They get tensed thapki try to eat the another but thapki make her eat the spicy pakora.
Thapki also feels so spicy and began to search water but bihaan drinks the water and stare at her.
Thapki looks angrily at him and goes inside . Bihaan say now aditi ur turn but she go hurridly in kitchen
Poonam & krishnikant look puzzled.
Bihaan smiles he touches the feet of them and he goes with paan
Thapki look at him from balcony and bihaan tease her.
They leaves

Precap: thapki become the secretary of dhruv and she began to come pandey nivaas.

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Credit to: anubhuti

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  6. Anu……i think this part is just ok,because…..its also similar to TPK,so pls add something more interesting….its a suggestion and request.Anyway,how is your smartphone….its working properely….or…..not,waiting for nextpart.

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  9. next suggestion for episode
    everyone likes thapki and wants to became her bahu but vasu is not ready and she spoils everything that thapki do so that everyone dislikes her but god is with her and always saves her
    thapki’s goodness change bihaan into a new avatar now he doesn’t fight
    hope you like it

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