my life….episode 3


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So here goes the episode

The episode starts with Jasmin’s POV

I received her call….ya after one year i got to know where she is…..i quickly grabbed my mobile and texted my production team for leave but i didn’t got it…  Then i told them that i have to go at any cost and i told them how i got my sister’s call and everything and then they agreed but it wasn’t a leave… was a shoot in Dubai…… But i didn’t cared….

We were leaving in a week as it took time for arrangements….. And i was there…..i was eagerly waiting for this day and as soon as we landed i quickly left after telling everyone and reached the destination….

Sidhant’s POV
I suddenly received info about shoot in Dubai and yup it was true…  I was so happy but i observed change in miss akdu too …..she was so happy….so excited….. Well i didn’t bother to ask her…..after a week we left to our destination…. Dubai…..i was happy coz nearly all my friends were here and i quickly left for yuvi’s house after reaching there……

Pov ends

So jasmin left to meet twinkle and sidhant to meet yuvi…. On other side twinkle was so Happy with bebe and yuvi….twiraj shared good friendly bond..  Twinkle was thankful to yuvi for what he did for her and yuvi wanted to bring smile on twinki face…..bebe started to like her too…..but twinkle didn’t told about her sister to be her twin….neither did jasmin…..

Twinkle was in kitchen preparing for breakfast….. Nd ting tong
….door bell……yuvi opened the door and it was sidhant…..yuvi was so happy and hugged sid….he asked him to sit and sid was talking with yuvi about  where he was and his career…. Yuvi nd sid were so happy ….but sid was shocked……

Sid tum yaha kya kar rai ho miss akdu

Twinkle kn miss akdu???ap kn????

Sid mana k hm srf co actors hain mgr aisi b kya bt  k aik ghntai mai hi bhul jao …..

(Twinkle didn’t knew about Jasmin nd sid to be co actors as twinkle was mentally unstable for a year….nd jasmin nd sid show started only 6 months ago+ yuvi was busy with his patients so he also didn’t watched tv specially serials…..)

Twinki mai seriously ap ko nhi janti

Sid ok ok man lia ab khush ho jao aik bar phr jeet jane pr…..

Before twinkle could say anything ting tong…..door bell rings and this time yuvi opens the door and understands nearly everything…..

Twinki……said jasmin

Jas di…….nd ran and hugged her tightly and both sisters cried a lot ….

Jas handed over her some packets nd twinki smiled and hugged her….

Jas now pouted asking for her gift

Jas di ap ko pta a na k mai srf choco laiti hu daiti nhi hu…..said twinkle

Twinki u ko b pta a k hr cheez 50 50 hti a as we are twins…said jas

Twinkle makes pout and says no…..nd ran here and there nd they were so enjoying forgetting about their surrounding….. Both were stared by sidvi….

After a lot of masti the sister’s calmed down and twinkle introduced her to bebe

Twi bebe ye meri twin a mujh sai do min badi sis….

Twi di ye hai bebe dr yuvi ki dadi or meri b dadi e q k ye mujhai bht par krti hain haina bebe???? Bebe nods yes and
Jas took blessings from bebe

Twi di ye hai dr yuvi jis ki wjah sai mai zinda hu nd….

Yuvi bus bus dolly ktna bolai gi tu

Jas also thanked him and gave him a friendly hug nd says u r my life saviour… Coz twinki is my life ……

Twinkle then starts to introduce her to sid

Twi ye koi mister hai jo mjhai miss akdu bula rai thai

Nd jas then notices sid as she wasn’t in her senses after meeting her sister

Jas mister fattu tm yaha kya kar rai ho…meri sari khushi or pani pher diya babaji koi aisi jagah jaha mujhai isai na jhelna pare…( Mr fattu(coward) what are u doing here… Hey baba g any place where i don’t have to bear him)

Sid oo meri line q copy kr ri o mjhai ye kehna chahiyai miss akdu…..(don’t copy my line i should say this miss akdu)

Both continued when

Twiraj on seeing this burst out laughing

Twiraj u guyz are fighting like Tom and Jerry

Sidmin shut up

But twiraj were laughing only to irritate them and stop their fighting….

Sidmin ran behind twiraj and jas behind twi and sid behind yuvi and bebe was in kitchen…

Suddenly jas slipped and sid held her from her waist and twiraj were seeing them as they share an intense eyelock……bus itni si tamana hai  plays in bg……

Twinkle was standing on stairs and watching them she moved to them and yuvi moved her from there and pins her to wall and cover her mouth…..twiraj also share an eye lock……. Both couples were disturbed by bebe voice calling them on breakfast… All composed themselves and moved to Dining table

Twi and jas were continuously talking and yuvi and twi gets to know about jas and sid…….. 


I saw here like this for the first time laughing…playing….i saw happiness in her eyes after a long time…..she argued with me after 8 months….i m getting my friend back…..

Yuvi POV

Sid was so happy……i knew he told me about a friend he lost 8 years back….her name was also jasmin bhasin….is she the same….twinkle looks so happy….she is so sensitive just like a child and her lookalike sis is so protective about her….i wish they remain like this forever ….

POV end

After breakfast twinkle and jas and yuvi nd sid were in hall jas was telling nearly all about her and noticed twinkle avoiding about her college life

Jas twinkle stop it and tell me what happened….what caused ur mental stress…….tell me sid yuvi me v all wanna know and i promised to protect u and u r nt telling me????

Twinkle di i won’t tell u i can’t it reminds me of him….. but ya i wrote my diary after u read it i will tell u the rest….

Jas was boggled and grabbed the diary twinkle brought from her room and looked at yuvi and sid…..twinkle left the room leaving trio with diary……

Precap twinkles past…..sid and jas connection

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  1. Priya_

    Nice episode…
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  2. Awesome epi.. eagerly waiting to know what happened with twinkle.. do cont soon ?

  3. Awesome epi…

  4. Awesome

  5. Really nice to read. Full of mystery and I love it. Do write. Bye take care.

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous cute epi

  7. loved d loce birds…jas-twi bond…wanna knw abt diary n past…n sidmin connection…loved it…

  8. Baby

    heidi di amazing bt is kunj dere in dis stry?
    luvd d epside very cute
    postt nxt asap n if psbl pls answer d querry?

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