Hllo friends.. I am back with new episode.. hope you all are fine.. thanks for all your comments… thanks to all silent readers too… so let’s move on to story….

Pragya is hugging abhis pic and crying… I hope you will be happy now… I need this happiness.. suddenly a bell rings..
Pragya : it will be Sid.. she wipes her tears and opened the door…
Pragya : Sid have told you na… suddenly she lifts his head to look at his face.. she get stuck.. her eyes get moist…
Hllo pragya… sorry I am not comfortable with this name.. I like fuggi.. but I knew you wish this.. may I enter into your flat.. he enters.. he looks around and sees the pic..
Pragya closed the door and follow him.. she don’t knew what to speak..
So you still remember all this.. right.. howz the life is fuggi.. sorry pragya…
Why are you standing.. sit there… there is no such formalities in US.. oh you May be in shock.. right.. but this is not much shock which you give to me.. pragya wiping her tears..
Why are you crying… is I hurt you.. I have no problem with this tears.. I have cried more than this.. when you go from me… leaving alone.. howz your writing going on? I read all your books.. I don’t knew that it’s yours but while reading I came to knew it.. really I am waiting for the new book “my life”.. because I knew it my story… I will get answers for all my questions by reading it… but I can’t wait for that… don’t you knew how much I searched you.. just to clarify some doubts.. abhi gets up and go and check around..
There he came to her room.. he sees his photos… and laugh aloud.. oh my photos here.. what’s the meaning of this pragya… it’s you make me alone.. then why you think about me.. pragya hugs him from his back.. he loosens her.. this is not time for this… I think that once you will come to me.. and hugs me.. and loves me.. but it’s too late.. I don’t want this love now.. I just hate it because it gaves me pain only.. abhi wipes his tears… now I knew how to live alone.. even I love this life.. because it will not give us hope and even pain…
Pragya : prem don’t say like this.. in loud don’t dare to call me prem… I don’t like that name I just hate it. It’s a time a loved it… call me abhi…
I knew what you will feel…
You don’t knew it damn it… he breaks the mirror.. and sits in the bed.. pragya get shocked… she cries… his hand is bleeding.. pragya take first aid box and goes near to abhi.. she takes his hand.. abhi don’t allow her to touch..
Please abhishek…

Abhi look at her eyes.. she do first aid and slowly put bandage.. don’t you feel pain.. this is not pain.. pain is what you have given to me.. she cries.. abhi too.. abhi just forward his hand to wipe her tears.. but he take it back.. pragya looks at him( hamari aduri kahani plays)
I need an answer pragya… I need it.. this is the question what I asked to myself…
Pragya look at him.. I knew what is your question.. but… I don’t want to talk about it.. suddenly bell rings… it’s Sid..
Sid: pragya what happened to you… are you crying.. he wipes her tears.. abhi comes there seeing this.. he get angered and goes out.. pragya goes to stop him.. but she thinks it’s right..
Sid: pragya is that abhi?
Ya Sid.. it’s him.. and cries.. pragya… what he have told you… Sid he need answer to his questions.. but I can’t answer him..
Why pragya? When I gave answer to his question he will get hurt… pragya… actually what you are doing is more than that.. pragya.. Sid please leave me alone for sometime.. he goes.. pragya cries a lot.. what will tell to him.. it’s me go get away from him… I knew what I did is not correct… what will he feel while sitting at mandap and waiting for his bride .. and hearing that bride has go away.. but I did it so… because.. no need to say it.. I decided this life for punishing myself.. I must make him go away from me…
Next morning… pragya is walking through road.. suddenly some goons came in front of her and tries to misbehave with her… one of them starts to take his chawl.. suddenlyA hand restrict him doing so.. she turned to look whom.. ya it’s abhi.. he started to fight with them.. ya now also he came to save me.. like before… fb shows… as pragya is coming to college some boys follow her and started to misbehave with them.. one of the person tried to forcibly kiss him.. suddenly he falls down.. it’s abhi who did so.. he just come to pragya… pragya are you okay.. by putting his two hands on his face… suddenly one person tried to beat him from back by lifting pragya he beat him.. one tired to beat pragya… he get in front of her. By making her to wait on his back.. pragya did so… pragya puts his hand in his shoulder… in fear.. he beat all goons and they all run..abhi also run with them they goes… abhi return to pragya… pragya runs towards him and hugs him ( Allah warriyan plays) abhi is in confusion what to do.. he hugs her back to console her.. suddenly pragya came to sense..
Abhi : hey fuggi… is this much you are..

What fuggi? Ya look at your face… you are looking like fuggi.. hey Mr. Abhishek don’t call me fuggi.. ohoo you have this much courage then why don’t you show to them.. that’s… anyway thanks.. for what… to saving me.. I will do the same with anyone… oh this silent bhootham naa… what? Nothing… he smiles… pragya wonders.. so you knew to smile right.. haa I knew… don’t you knew its good to see you like that.. looking so cute.. otherwise kadoos… silent bhootham.. who make others fear.. abhi laughs aloud.. pragya stares at him.. how nice to see him like this.. don’t you tell anything miss. Pragya.. nothing.. call me fuggi it’s self.. I am going now.. see you at college.. fuggi I will drop you there.. sorry I don’t want.. I will not go with strangers.. ohoo.. I have seen you with purab fuggi… ha.. is that any problem.. he is not stranger my friend.. ohoo what you mean is you need my friendship right.. haa so… abhi forward his hand.. so friends… pragya smiling give hand and friends.. so let’s leave fuggi… ok prem.. prem..???? Haa is that any problem.. If you have any problem.. keep it with u… fuggi are you always like this..??? It’s really nice hey na prem… they goes…. fb ends…
Abhi : pragya where are you lost? She came to conscious… thanks.. keep it with you.. I don’t need it… he goes…
I am not thinking to make it morethan 10 episode may be it will end in 8th episode… hope you enjoying it.. if any suggestions..negative too… is almost welcome..

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  1. really different one n 2 nice yaaaaaaaaaa

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      Thanks di; ?????

  2. really nice

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  4. Silent reader 33 Kristy

    Like the different idea. I am just one if the silent readers but you have many. Even my sister is a silent reader.
    Be encouraged to write ur ff

    1. HARITHA

      Thanks u both lovely sisters… thanks for your comment and support..

  5. Nice episode.but lil confused yr. Plz reveal the reason of Abhigya’s separation dr so that v can enjoy the rest of the story with clear view.dont take me’s ok If u think that the revelation of that truth now will affect the flow of ur story line.keep writing…!!

    1. HARITHA

      Nothing like that rosy.. you can tell me your feelings.. as u said.. I am clearing your doubt within 2 episode… actually I am also in doubt about the reason.. when I start to write this story.. I have no idea about the reason.. my stories not pre planned.. one what I thought while writing.. I write.. after that. I will cooked up the reason.. I have already uploaded the next part..

  6. Nice too…..

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  7. Superb….

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      Thanks abhigya

  8. Maahi

    awesome but wat was the past dr eagerly waiting fr tht

    1. HARITHA

      Just wait for 2 episode.. the reason behind it will be comes up.. I don’t write the reason because I don’t knew that.. but now I came to a conclusion… thanks maahi… hope we will meet next with your new story.. I am waiting for that

  9. Nice n interesting episode yaar

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      Thanks durga

  10. nice it really interesting haritha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Asmithaa

    Very very nice…. But upto 8th epi I can’t wait dii…

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