you are my life ( episode 2)


Sorry for late i inform u all that my phone is not working properly that’s why i m updating so late.
Here the episode start with years passed and now Vani chaturvedi & bihaan pandey is of 22 years old.
Thapki is living with her parents in agra.
They are shifting from agra to noida as thapki’s father lost his job and now he is shiffting to noida to find a job for himself but thapki also want to do job to help his father.
All are busy in packaging thapki a beautiful,innocent, brave & courageous girl is talking to Taj mahal whom she considered her best friend she said:”U know we r going from here as i told u earlier that papa lost his job i miss u so much.hope that in noida i will found a job and than i can help papa ;all my friends ask me about my dream boy but today i will tell u that i really don’t know who will he but i know one thing whoever will he, he surely be too smart,a boy with superb personality and the one who respects everyone and also he will be much educated.”
Suddenly she heard her mother voice and she goes waving bye to taj.

( A boy is shown who is argueing with a man who doesn’t listen to him.
He is looking very smart and say:” u don’t have right to tell anything about bauji.” He beats him a lot.)
Thapki & his photo is shown
Thapki comes at noida with his family.
Soon she apply for a job in a news channel.
A man called her and inform her that she have to come next day for giving interview.

Next day thapki is ready to go.

She is already late and poonam make her eat Dahi & sugar and give her blessing aditi her sister say all the best to her.
She touches the feet of her parents and leaves.
On the way she is thinking that it was much late what will happen
She reached the place.she huridly enters and walking by not paying any attention and suddenly she collides with a handsome man He is non other than the same boy who is fighting with the man( he is our handsome dashing and king of many hearts the cute adorable boy BIHAAN)
Music plays.they have an eyelock
He said:” Gajab( turning toward paan he said) paan u know that the stupid girls whenever saw a handsome dashing good looking B 4 bihaan they want to make me her B 4 bf.this not gud see this madam collides with me and looking at me like this that he never saw a boy.”
Paan laughs bihaan said;” i hate girls so much i know i m dashing awesome and so gud it doesn’t mean that each & every girl come and collides with me. “He stares at her.
Thapki become angry and slap him.
Everyone began to look and shocked thapki want to say something but suddenly Dhruv come and said:” what is happening here? Turning towards thapki he said u go there ur interview will start soon.” Thapki looks angrily at bihaan and said:”ok sir”
She goes. Bihaan say:” dhruv why u send her i want to teach her a lesson for slaping
Every girls in noida loves me a lot and that stupid girl slap me, wait i have to do something”dhruv stop him and said:” no bhai u won’t she comes for interview here and if she got selected than she become a part of my office and u have me promised me earlier that u never harmed me.u loved me a lot and if she is part of this office & if u harmed her its not gud than i will angry as i considered each employee of my office as my part.”
Bihaan say ok and said:” only for u i won’t harm her but if she is rejected i will surely teach her a lesson idiot girl.”
( i haven’t intro dhruv in my ff he is charming and much attached to his bro and a good looking personality and he always support bihaan,loved his family and a gud journalist)
Much different from original dhruv.

Here thapki is thinking about bihaan and the incident she say( in mind) that bad boy if he meets me again i surely change his thinking about girls i can’t imagine that he is being liked by girls ufff.

A man took her interview but as due to the stammering problem she has been rejected and the man scolds her and say to leave that place
Thapki comes out and she get teary eyed.
Again she collides with bihaan.
Bihaan said:” madam r u mad,foolish girl”
He saw tears in her eyes and ask did she rejected.
Thapki said:” why r u asking from me? Who r u,and Mr. U haven’t right to interfere in my life she stammers.”
Bihaan said:” oh! CHUK CHUK gadi gajab.
See she is chuk chuk gadi children love u a lot madam rail gadi chuk chuk chuk.” He laughs and paans also laugh at her.
Thapki become more angry and said:” the people of ur kind can never understand me.its very easy to laugh at me; hate the people like u cheap minded people.”
Bihaan said:”Oh! Madam see u won’t stammers being angry so make it ur strength not weakness understand now go and give interview and i m sure u will get the job.”
Thapki looks strange at him. She goes
Bihaan looks at her
Paan is suprised at bihaan as the girl who slapped him bihaan helps her
Really can’t understand his behaviour.

Precap: Bihaan come to thapki house to vacat the place.
Again he quarelled with her.

I really don’t know when i will update the next part
Hope u liked the NOK JHOK

Credit to: anu

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  1. Good job! Keeps your writing continue & update soon?? Eagerly waitting for next episode? u r a gd writer?

  2. really a grate ff pliz write the next part quickly cant wait all da best

  3. Amazing episode. Your ff is superb….waiting eagerly 4 nxt ep.All d best.???

  4. Superb story………! Nice

  5. views for your next episodes anu please read
    when bihaan goes thapki house start their nok jhok and then bauji inform hm that this is not the house then he will feel sorry and again nik jhok
    next day thapki get job as bihaan suggested her then she thanks bihaan she became a secratery of dhruv and start coming in pandey nivas everyone likes her except vasu
    introduce aditi and dhruv love story
    on other side dhruv is marrying with aditi
    there were competition b/w girls side and boys side
    thahaan have to dance together as they have to show the love story of aditi and dhruv
    in mean time theystart loving each other and start their love story

    I don’t know how to update fan fiction so iam giving my views
    hope you like it anu

    1. Thanks u dear sonia i m also thinking the same
      I will write the upcoming epi as u say
      Again thanks

    2. Thanks for ur suggestion i m also thinking the same and i will try to update as u say
      Again thank u

  6. Awesome one Anu u write so well

  7. nice one……………

    1. Hai payal. ….where is your ff 11 THAHAAAN(journey to hatred to love)
      I am waiting yarrrrr ……..
      update fastly. …..

  8. Nice ff


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