my life….episode 2


M so sorry guyz was so bzi these days i couldn’t upload my ff….

So as i said jasmin and sidhant intro and yuvi plan…..

Jasmin bhasin….twin sister of twinkle…..mother and father died…. Famous actress and continuing her studies…. Sent her sister abroad for studies and keep her safe as her sister is sensitive….. Keep her away from jobs

Sidhant Gupta… He is famous actor and dont hve any one in family…..his friends are in dubai as he studied there….

Here goes today’s episode that is fully on twiraj….

As lastly shown yuvi thinks of a plan so here goes his plan

In hospital…

Twinkle is lying on bed she is sleeping but she is awaken as the door opens up with a bang sound….twinkle was scared but she didn’t moved…..
A guy enters the room he is wearing a long black gown that’s hiding his face……

Twinkle gets scared as the guy moves forward….she covers herself with hospital blanket… the guy moves forward the guy takes blanket off her face and he grabs her and tries to molest her….no don’t no plz don’t cried twinkle but the guy isn’t listening….. But suddenly twinkle remembers the same incident…where someone’s trying to molest her and she in order to save herself beats the man…..she looks here and there trying to save herself and grabs a stick and beats the guy black and blue he is covered with blanket and twinkle continues crying and hitting pouring her anger out on the guy and when she gets tired she sits on ground and continuously cries nd due to her crying noises her room is filled with nurses but none is trying to calm her down as it is good for her to cry….Β  And after a long time she is so calm and then the person stands up and uncovered his face and it is none other then yuvi…..

Twinkle is shocked as she remembers him to be the guy who hut her by his car when she was running away and also remembers she was saved by this guy only…..

Nurse to yuvi…doc are u okay…

Twinkle is shocked as she hears doc….

Yup m fine and congratz nurse she is finally recovered…….

But how didn’t u get hurt…. Asked nurse.

Becoz the stick was fake….said yuvi and then he noticed twinkle

Yuvi goes to her but she isn’t afraid he says what’s your name girly…m yuvraj luthra…your doctor….. M treating u from last oneΒ  year after u got hit by my car and then u got only this idea to recover u….m very very sorry…..

Twinkle with a little shock coz she didn’t remembered one year says m twinkle….twinkle bhasin……

Okay then after your checkup u r free to go said yuvi

Twinkle looks on

Ur eyes are beautiful nd u know what smile coz smile is precious gift and only thing that helps us to gain what we lost … brave and tell the world that girls are very smart….nd powerfull

While he was gonna go he again turned and said and miss twinkle bhasin keep the pepper spray type of things with u for your safety….it was nice to meet you…

Twinkle smiled and suddenly remembered something and called yuvi and said can i get a mobile…..nd the address of this Hosp….. He quickly said xyz hosp dubai…..

Twinkle said Dubai….. Omg… What m i gonna do now….m dead…..she’s gonna kill me…..jasmin di pick up the call….said twinkle calling jasmin….

Jasmin di ….said twinkle in the call ….

She didn’t speak anything after and closed her hears with one hand and kept phone away from her ear and made weird faces…..

Yuvi saw her amused….. Di di di….said twinkle and then explained that she will call her after finding a good house in dubai and then i will call u okay

Yuvi was amused all the while and then he said no need for that miss twinkle u can stay at my place as m also searching for a PG…. And quickly left after grabbing his phone as he didn’t want twinkle to cancel his offer….

Precap twimin(twinkle and jasmin) bond and sidvi (sidhand and yuvi) bond……

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  1. Sameera

    Amzing hira loved it
    Do cont soon

  2. Superb.. uv’s plan was good to cure twinkle.. do cont soon ?

  3. Romaisha

    Damn !! Gr8 episode yaar !! ??
    Its getting interesting now … Precap seems promising πŸ™‚ ..
    Post ASAP please πŸ™‚

  4. Amazing! Its an awesome ff 4 both twiraj and twinj fans! Great

  5. Superb loved it

  6. SidMin

    Loved it πŸ™‚

  7. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …

  8. Superbb yaar. Do write . Next one gonna be awesome. Love twiraj

  9. Woww nice ……..

  10. Baby

    heidi di if u dont mind i wuld lyk to be fairly true so as i read dat itss gonna b twinkle n uvraj frankly speaking i culd nt read it bt di i luv ur ff n ll w8ing fr ur nxt post i read d strting bt ssry cnt read it i cnnot nevr c dem 2gtr so sry if u r disaapointed wid me di really sry

    1. baby its a twinj and twiraj ff coz i really like yuvi acting and thats why m writing a twinj and twiraj ff otherwise m only sidmin fan

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