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As pragya entered in train.. she continued her thinking… what I have got by leading such a life… my life is zero without him… sometimes I feel to end this.. but I can’t… because… I hope that may be he is still waiting for me… I want to go in front of him.. but when I realized that he have moved on with his life… it may hurt me a lot… it’s my fault… I must clear that doubt which he had for me… but when I saw that he had broke his trust with me… when he shouted at me… and his life will be good without me.. I feel that I must go away for him… so I decided to have this life… I don’t wish to separate my family for this reason… even maa and bulbul also misbelive me… there Is a flash back is shown…
It’s her college life… pragya is like a free bird.. she will talk with everyone and make friendship with everyone… but there is someone in her class in which she can’t make such a friendship… it’s with a kadoos… she calls him like that… he was a person who won’t talk a lot… not too much friends… his friends were purab and aliya… actually they are his cousin… bulbul is studying with them.. so I knew them.. and I like their company.. when I get sometime I will spend time with them… he may be there… but will not talk… I am his classmate I tried a lot to make a friendship with him. But I don’t knew every time he will neglect… I think may be he has some love story…..
Pragya : purab why this abhi behaving like this? Is he has some failed love story…
Purab: not yet… are u interested?
Pra: me.. with him.. that silent bhootham.. oh no. How can you think that
Aliya; pragya di… don’t make a laugh with him.. you don’t knew anything about him.. u dont real abhishek mehra…
Pra: oh no… I am not in a mood with have a flash back
Purab : di… I have a doubt.. you are really talkative.. you have so many boy friends.. did u have some one special in it…
Pra : I knew you will ask this.. purab.. how you like this… always talk think about love.. but somehow your love didn’t work.. and look at bulbul… and smiles…
Purab : look at bulbul.. she had no reaction in her face…. di don’t change topic..
Pra: ya I have someone special but one problem.. he is younger than Me.. and he has a lover.. but that’s a one way
Aliya : I knew him.. it’s purab… they laughs..
Pur: oh what a joke.. di just tell me na…

Pra: purab… I don’t met anyone whom I see my love that’s why… when I get surely I will love him.. I will make him my own… suddenly scene shifts to abhis face…
Pra: I will never miss him.. scene is shown that abhi is taking his bag.. and walking towards them..
Abhi : purab aliya are you coming I am going.. or continue your loose talks…
Abhi goes..
Aliya and purab follows him… purab turns and give bye
Pragya; aaya vo bhootham and make them go with him.. I don’t knew what he think about him..
Bulbul : Di… hogaya tumari daat…? I knew you can’t bye a day without scolding him.. but I don’t understand… why his silence make you so irritating… there so many persons like him.. then why…
Pragya : not like that bulbul… he is my classmates and he is a member of our gang PAPAB na…
Bulbul : ohoo.. I have no problem.. then why.. about u..
Pragya : because you are a bhudhus.. that’s why…
Bulbul : di…
Pragya laughs.. lets leave now… maa will be waiting… there..
K dear… they leaves..
Suddenly her thoughts break by a sound..
Pragya : hllo sid… why are you here?
Sid: hllo madam where are you.. kabse I am calling you…
Pragya : ooh really…
Sid: it’s as usual hey na… when you entered train… you start your thinking chain… I don’t knew… is this train have something magic with you..
Pragya laughs.. stop it bhudhus..
Sid: then miss. Pragya.. did you complete that…
Pragya : not yet..
Sid: why pragya…
Pragya : actually I have no mood to complete that..
Sid: pragya.. only one week is left.. I want to give that book to publish.. but I have one wish.. did u give your real name in th

At book as author.. I knew you never do that..
Pragya : I knew… sid.. only one week…. but I am not sure that this will happen in this time.. because this story is my life… my life story.. I have written so many books.. but.. this will be the best one.. with best story with happiness.. with sorrows.. like my life.. I haven’t get an end to my story… like in every story.. there will be happy ending.. but I can’t reached at that point..
Sid:pragya… and wipe her tears.. don’t cry in front of Me.. I am with you na.. smile..
Pragya smiles…
Sid : aagayi hamara place..
They both get down from train… and go a flat… they both entered into it..
Pragya : k Sid.. see you at evening I am going to sleep now.. don’t disturb me by pressing this bell
Sid : k madam.. I will obey…
Pragya enters her flat… her flat is full of photos.. she looked and smiles.. she and bulbul… with purab… with aliya… with maa.. with the gang PAPAB… she get stucked… ya.. because there she abhi.. she just touched him with her fingers… and close her eyes.. she take a pic and hugs.. it its her and abhis pic..

Episode ends.. actually what happened between them.. how they become friends.. how they get separated..

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