you are my life (episode 13)


sorry for late my friends it was injury on my thumb so i m not in a position to update the next parts
but i will try to update as soon as i can and also my net pack finishes
happy holi to all thanks for ur comments i’ll make 20 epi so plz suggest & comments on my ff.

here the epi start with thahaan is locked in a room which is dark suddenly thapki wakes up and see bihaan is faint.
thapki:” bihaan what happened to u open ur eyes bihaan.”
bihaan didn’t reply anything thapki began to cry and hugs him tightly.She cries a lot.
suddenly she hears a voice :”Oh CHUK CHUK GADI Don’t cry u cry like a CHUDAIL.”
thapki;”u gain conscious now don’t tease me i m not crying just sad .”
bihaan:” why did we come here thapki lets go from here.
SUDDENLY A MAN COMES AND SAY:”OH! dulhe raja not so early first meet r my guests so first i serve u.”
thapki(in mind) i have a heard the voice before.
Thapki;” who r u why u bring us here.What does u want.”
The man:”Oh my dear thapu u forget me.I m ur best friend and ur lover ABHIJEET( u all can assume mohit malik SAMRAT OF DOLI ARMANO KI. AS ABHIJEET.)
thapki:”u here i can’t believe & why u do this u always said that u r my best friend how can u do this.”
abhijeet:”ha thapu u know na how i love u but when i propose u U said that u consider me as ur friend & will marry that guy whom ur parents like.(changing the tone) now i will marry u.”
he called his mens and said;” take this bihaan with u all and locked him in another room.Tomorrow i’ll marry my thapu.”
thahaan is shocked thapki began to cry and bihaan said;” Don’t cry thapki he will not succeed until i m alive nothing will went wrong in ur life.”
the men take bihaan and thapki said:”plz leave bihaan what did he do? don’t do this bihaannnn.”
abhijeet;”oh thapu u never cry for me & u want that i free him but no he will die bcoz he did a mistake by marrying u.”
thapki:” no abhi plz leave him will u not listen to me.”
abhijeet:” thapu one more thing i have also Ask from ur bauji to give me the pathan’s land so after marriage we will live there.i have also told my men to kill the whole family when i call them.If u want their life u have to marry me now gud nite as it is dark.”
thapki thinks and decide that she will marry abhijeet to save bihaan & his family.

ABHIJEET & thapki went to temple thapki is sad and pray to god now her life is in his hand.
Here bihaan try to free himself and suddenly a mouse comes and cuts the rope
bihaan thanks god for the help.
bihaan fights with the goons and run towards the temple as he heards that abhijeet is marrying thapki in the temple.
A goon shoots bihaan on the leg but he didn’t stop and running towards the temple

here in the temple abhijeet & thapki is taking the 1 round thapki is crying and praying to god.
bihaan comes and said:” abhijeet u will not succeed
thapki will not marry u.”
abhi:” u here now u have to die he began to fight with bihaan.
bihaan come to thapki & say:” nothing will happen to u thapki until my last breath he can’t succeed.”
thapki looks at bihaan.
abhijeet points gun at him he shoots thapki cried and shock.

but nothing happen to bihaan at a nick time police had arrived and shoots abhijeet before he shoots bihaan.
thapki is happy as bihaan saves her life.

pandit:” what rubbish no SHADI at all waste my time.”
bihaan:” oh pandit marriage will happen see DULHAN IS READY & i m ever ready so now B 4 bihaan will marry thapki again.Oh mahan aatma will u marry me again.”:-)
thapki:” why not bihaan u have saved my life so i have to marry u.”
thahaan smiles and they take the seven rounds and bihaan fills thapki hairline with sindoor and make her wear the MANGALSUTRA.

suddenly they heard a voice
:”di jiju what this ha again SHADi without me.”
they saw aditi & dhruv who r searching thahaan here & there after they heard from bauji that thahaan had been kidnap.
they saw bihaan running towards the temple and understood that something is wrong so they called police at a nick time and save thahaan from abhijeet.

bihaan:” no SAALI SAIYBA without u we can’t marry so we will marry third time:-) Pandit g again read ur mantras we will marry again.”
dhruv:oh buddhu bhai ho gaya now we have to go home everyone is tensed and waiting for u.”

thahaan & dhriti laughs and return to the house.

hope u liked it
happy holi again

precap: thahaan dance on kiran birthday

next day thahaan locked in bathroom.

so next part full of romance don’t miss it
bye to all

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Credit to: anu

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