you are my life (episode 12)

thanks to all of u to reading the ff and encouraging me. I m only writing it bcoz i love thahaan and big fan of manyasa. a humble request from silent readers that plz do comments so that i can know that u r also liking the ff.
here the epi start with everyone is smiling by thahaan act.

everyone is sitting on the hall and Thahaan’s come .
vasu” bihaan actually dhruv haven’t do breakfast today and go to office.So plz can u take the lunch for him.”
bihaan:”Don’t say plz ma i’ll surely go to office and feed him with my hand.”
vasu:” ok bihaan.”
thapki:” bihaan i’ll also come with u.”

thahaan on the way to office.
thapki:” Actually bihaan i have to talk so i say that i’ll also come with u.Actually bihaan yesterday when i met aditi i observed that she began to love dhruv so i want that will u help me to unite dhriti.”
bihaan said:” u said dhriti? what it means ”
thapki:”oh moti budhi dhruv + aditi= dhriti samjhe ullu.”
bihaan:”its means that we call thahaan together.”He said so innocently that thapki has no words to say
thapki;”ok tell me will u help me or not.
bihaan:”i surely help u in mission Dhriti.”
thapki:”yes mission dhriti.”
Thahaan reached on office while talking
thapki looks at the cabin and recalls how she work there. bihaan understood and say:”oh mahan aatma i have an idea; U come back on the job and often call aditi than surely the love birds will unite.”:
thapki:”awesome idea bihaan. u have brain.”
bihaan:” so what u think that B 4 bihaan has No B 4 brain.”
thapki:”ok lets go na we have to give lunch to dhruv sir.”
After giving lunch to dhruv thahaan comes at home.
Bihaan:” dadi ma; bauji ; Ma today when thapki went to office i found that she missed her job so will she can continue her job.”
Dadi ma gives her permission.

thahaan r happy.
BIHAAN drops thapki at the office.
thapki;” thanks bihaan bcoz of u i m back in my job.”
bihaan:” i haven’t help just do it for my brother ok go and do ur job. AND u know na that u have to bring aditi here.”
thapki nods and wave bye to bihaan.
A girl:” welcome thapki ur husband is so caring that u r back here.”
hearing this thapki recalls all the moments in which bihaan help her.

On afternun
thapki calls her Ma.
Thapki:” Ma i m back in my job ma i m missing ur hand made food Oh! may i can eat them.”
Ma:”very nice beta that u r back in ur job.ok beta do ur job i will call u later ”
Poonam cuts the phone and said:”Thapki wants to eat my hand made food i’ll surely fulfil her wish.”
she calls aditi and said:” aditi u have to take lunch for thapki on the office ok.”
aditi say ok.
may aditi come here if she not our plan will fail

bihaan:” no chuk chuk gadi she will come surely as i saw her.”:
thapki:u here but why?”
bihaan:” i come here to say that will our plan will succeed or not.”
An old man holding a glass of water is going towards dhruv cabin suddenly the water falls down due to shaking.
aditi didn’t look and slips thapki cried aditi.
but dhruv come at time and holds aditi they have an eyelock.
thahaan smiles as dhriti their plan is working.
thapki give bihaan a Hi Fi.
bihaan also gives her.
they both look at each other.
(na na na plays.)

THAPKI:” bihaan we have to do a strong plan to unite them.”
bihaan:” yes thapki u r right. He gots an idea and said;” After two day it is kiran bday by organising a dance competition u can call aditi on her bday and ….”
thapki:” and then they will dance together and surely began to love each other.”
bihaan:”yes chuk chuk gadi.”

thahaan went outside as they have to buy gifts for kiran.
suddenly some goons come and kidnap them
A man call bakwinder :” ur beloved son bihaan has been kidnap by me.Now u will not be able to get him back and ur bahu is also with him.If u give the PATHAN’s land to me than u can see there face.”
balwinder is shocked listening this.
thahaan is faint in the room.

precap:” thapki try to wake bihaan she cries as he didn’t respond.

hope u liked it

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  1. fantastic twist dear.both couples scene so lovely.

  2. Amazing, I love it :>

  3. Great anu!!!
    what a twist!!!

    waiting for the nxt part.

  4. Very nice and cute thahaan..

  5. awesome!!! i wanted to tell that i am one of the silent readers………..actually i dont like commenting…i know it is a bad habit..people should know how nicely they write….anyways wanted to say ur FF is really going great…i may not comment again but i will read ur FF till the very end.

  6. What next. ..?
    Interesting. …

  7. Semaiya irukku……..


  9. My dear frd Anu ur ff is superb nd this episode was osum!!Waiting eagerly fr nxt ep.???

  10. Anu I saw ur request for silent readers so I came here for commenting. I liked it very much. It’s very nice and awesome

  11. Wow anu..again superb n sorry i didn’t comment till now coz i had missed some of episodes but finally i got ur full story..n super excited for next episode…

  12. Any so sorry for not commenting in your ffv
    I am commenting so late because my board exams are going on
    By the way nice ff

    1. concentrate on ur studies sonia
      thanks for ur comment

  13. thanks everyone for ur comment

  14. Very lovely keep going
    and plz try to update regularly it really upset me that you have not updated since almost more than three days .I hope you will update the nxt part today??

  15. Hey all anu informed me that due to some issues she isn’t able to update the next part, hopefully her issues gets resolved and she can publish the next episodes as soon as possible

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