you are my life (episode 11)


hey dear thanks for ur comments and thanks to all the silent readers.
here the epi start with IT IS MORNING.
thahaan are shocked as they had slept very close to each other.
thapki:”what’s all this bihaan. why r u sleeping near me?”
bihaan:”oh be quiet chuk chuk gadi i have to ask the question with u. r u again frightened by the thunder as slept near me.”
thapki:” no bihaan AH! i have an headache.”
bihaan:”oh same here,what had happened yesterday .”
thapki:” i m sitting on ur back.You r walking on road.”
bihaan:” i m fighting with goons.”
thapki:”ok leave it now i m going to take bath after that we have to leave from here na as we r going to noida.”
bihaan:”yes chuk chuk gadi so be ready i m going.”
thapki:”where did bihaan go he knows that we r already late ”
thapki looks on here & there but she didn’t find bihaan.

bihaan comes and said;”wooo chuk chuk gadi.”
thapki:”where have u gone bihaan. i was tensed.”
BIHAAN;” nothing just went to buy a special thing for u.”
thapki:” what’s it.”
bihaan:” open the packet and see yourself.”
thapki opens it and it’s taj mahal thapki smiles looking it.
bihaan:” aditi tell me that ur best friend is the taj so i thought u r missing ur taj., so i bought it and now on the way u can talk to taj so that i will got relief from UR BAK BAK.”:-thapki:” thanks bihaan i m missing it so much.”
bihaan:”ok now one more thing:”
bihaan gives her the pics in which they r enjoying in snow
thapki:”oh very nice.again thank u ”
bihaan;’ now come we have to go.

thahaan reached the noida bihaan calls paan and he comes and thahaan sits on car
after some time they reached pandey nivaas.
THAPKI TOLD THEM THAT DUE TO ILLNESS I & bihaan decide to come here.
dadi ma;”its ok beta now go to ur room. u would be tired.”
thahaan go to the room.
bihaan is very happy as he comes home.
suddenly thapki is a

Credit to: anu

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  1. Yaarr it’s amazing.. Love it sweetheart…

  2. where’s the rest of story… missing parts…

  3. i really don’t know why its incomplete
    yar why half part is updated

  4. Nice…but too short, continue plz

  5. Just type the rest up in the comment ((: and next time email them to make right, by the way this was really good ((: I’ve uploaded mine, I hope you will like episode 3 and also your story was amazing ((:

  6. so sweet.update the rest soon.

  7. Superb episode???

  8. Nice story…,, amazing

  9. Amazing anu………great job.
    i am waiting for the rest of the part Honey. Update fast.

  10. oh…….its nice.Bihaans gives a special gift for his lady love that part is really super.

  11. What next. …? I am waiting …….!

    1. hey santosh i have posted u can read it

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