you are my life (episode 10)


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here the episode start with thapki help bihaan to walk and they reached at the hotel.
it was night.
bihaan is feeling pain in the leg.
thapki sees bihaan in pain.

thapki:” oh bihaan come lets i do massage in ur leg.”
bihaan:”no mahan aatma don’t i am fine.”
thapki:” what all this why r u calling me mahan aatma. its not gud.”
bihaan:” actually i think that u r so Mahan as u haven’t say anything to that kunal when he is insulting ur family & when u come at my home and that stupid servant scold u U HAvent say anything. So i think u r Mahan aatma.”
thapki;” oh! so i think u r MOTI BUDHI bihaan pandey. bcoz u can’t understand anyone.”
bihaan:” ok now stop teasing i m feeling pain so sleep here.”
thapki:” i m saying na i will massage u.”
thapki take a Ointment cream and began to apply on bihaan’s leg.
bihaan say;”No its hurting.”
thapki said:” CHUP now sit quiet.”
she began to massage on his leg.
bihaan looks on( na na plays.)
thapki said:” so hows ur pain ”

bihaan:” very gud thapki its just vanishes now after taking rest it will be fine.”
thapki:” no first have ur dinner than sleep.”
bihaan;” no CHUK CHUK gadi. i don’t want.”
thapki:” no excuse ok u will not eat na i will feed u.”
bihaan:” no no no ok i m eating.”
thapki smiles.
bihaan also smiles.
(na na na plays.)

after having dinner.
thapki:” bihaan i really don’t want to stay here any more.”
bihaan:” yes thapki i also don’t want to stay here. but what about dadi ma she had told us to stay here two weeks.What to do?.”
he began to think. suddenly he jump and said:” chuk chuk gadi will go to house and told dadi ma that u r ill so we have come here.”

thapki:” ok nice idea.”
bihaan:” now gud nite thapki.”
thapki:”gud nite moti budhi.”
bihaan smiles and also teases her saying that RAIL GADI CHUK CHUK.
thapki:” now sleep.”

thahaan go for a walk as thapki told bihaan that by walking ur leg will be fine.
they r walking at park.Suddenly bihaan saw a boy playing with toy train. he smiles as he got an idea to tease thapki.

Bihaan comes to that boy;”hey kid u know that train means chuk chuk gadi is very nice. it’s very gud to play with it . u know i have also a chuk chuk gadi which also entertain the most.”
thapki hears it and come to that boy :”little boy I Have a talking bear who is very poor in english and a moti budhi.”
bihaan:” U r saying me B 4 bihaan as B 4 bhalu. very bad.”
thapki:” its ur mistake in listening as i say ur name & u r teaching a kid that to made jokes on other.”
bihaan:” i have also don’t utter any one name.”
they began to Quarrell.
manager:” mam sir plz u can talk at ur home na plz.”
thahaan say:”ok” and leaves.
suddenly thapki slips and bihaan holds her.(they have an eyelock.)
thapki:”how’s ur leg bihaan ”
bihaan:”its fine chuk chuk gadi ur massage just work.”
thapki:”oh bihaan is praising me.”
bihaan:”its no like that just telling u.”

thapki smiles.
bihaan talk to manager and said:”that they want to go from here.”
manager:”sir u can go from here tommorow as the weather is not fine so if u don’t mind u can stay here only one day.”
bihaan nods and come to the room and inform thapki about it.
thapki said:”ok.”
thapki calls aditi:” how r u aditi hows ma papa and everyone we r fine here.”
aditi:”di we r gud here and hows ur honeymoon.”
thapki:”what r u saying aditi we both come here for dadi ma.”
aditi:”i know di just teasing u.”
she began to cry as she missing them.
bihaan sees and wipes her tears. thapki looks on (they have an eyelock.)
THAPKI is sitting and bihaan is having the dinner.
bihaan:”what happen chuk chuk gadi.”
thapki:” nothing bihaan just i m missing ma & papa.”

bihaan:” so that is problem ok now come we will have dinner and after that we will sleep and next day we will reach noida and u r with ur family.”
thapki lost in the thought bihaan come and feed her with the hand.
thapki looks on and MAI HOON HERO TERA PLAYS.
bihaan make her eat after that bihaan ordes juice as she want to make change thapki mood.
But unfortunately the waiter brings wine insteas of juice.
thahaan drinks it and r not in senses.
thapki:”bihaan come i want to go outside.”
bihaan:”ok i m coming.”
they have drink much and they can’t walk a single step but the went outside manager try to stop but thahaan runs outside.
they walk on the road at night almost midnight.
thapki:” bihaan i m tired just hold me on ur back.”
thapki sits on road and began to cry like a child.
bihaan:”ok don’t cry i m holding.”
bihaan holds her at his back.
thapki smiles and said:”CHal mere ghode tik tik tik.”
bihaan smiles.
bihaan carrying thapki walks on the road.
whole the world is sleeping but thahaan is walking as mad on road.
bihaan:”oh thapki i m tired now gets down.”

thapki:”no .”
bihaan:”come down.”

thapki comes down and they fall on road. they smiles.
suddenly some goons come and began to tease thapki.
bihaan can’t tolerate and beats them.he was drunk.but he beats them as he can’t tolerate this.
thapki also beats them with her sandal.
they runs and go.
thapki: now bihaan its late come we will return to hotel.”
bihaan nods and they reached the hotel.
thahaan is not in senses:-)
they sleep on the bed holding each other hand.

precap:” thahaan reached pandey nivaas

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Credit to: anu

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  1. Wonderful episode my dear frd Anu.Waiting eagerly 4 d nxt episode???

  2. Thanks for the fast update. ….superb episode. ..

    1. ur welcome santosh

  3. Anu it’s very nice. Today I saw ur comment about silent readers and so I commented but from now in I will comment daily

  4. very cute one.

  5. Fabulous episode. Anu perfect
    nxt soon plzz

    1. i m waiting for ur comment mineey thanks

  6. woooow….it’s amazing…pls update next part as soon as possiable……ur imagination is superb!!!!!

    1. Thanks ((: and I already uploaded the second episode. Third episode is coming out soon too!

    2. Thanks to Anu. And Anu also your stories are amazing just wanted to let you know I uploaded the rest of the episodes. Thank you for supporting me. Also your ff is just amazing. I really love it aha.

  7. Wow really nice episode. .

  8. Amazing Anu ((:

  9. ANU…….really appreciates your effort.i always expect something surprising twist in THAHAANS life.can you pls add more interesting sequences.

    1. just thinking about pooja thanks for comment
      i will surely add twist in upcoming epi

  10. Awesome episode, I like it.
    Last episode some one asked about “Mahan Aatma”, here u explained, great job,
    I am waiting for next episode, plz update it soon

  11. Superb episode anu love you waiting for next epi

  12. Akanksha Gupta

    Good work ,, I am reading your ff from the very first epi and love it.. I really appreciate your work

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