you are my life (episode 1) TPK


Hey my dear friends I m back with a new ff hope u all like it.
In this ff the characters are same but story line is different.
No evilness of vasu & shraddha as I think u all r fed of this in serial.
I m starting it where thapki & bihaan both r child and of 6 or 8 years old.
Their is fair in Agra and bihaan a cute little child holding his father Mr. Balwinder pandey hand come here from noida to see fair. dadi ma vasu & a small child dhruv is also with them.
Vasu holds dhruv hand and say:”what will my son buys.”
Bihaan get teary eyed but he didn’t show to his father.
All of them is enjoying the fair.Suddenly bihaan saw a cute beautiful little girl holding his parents hand is coming towards him she is our beautiful princess vani chaturvedi ( thapki).
Bihaan is still looking at her bauji said:” what happen bihaan come let’s go.”
Bihaan say OK bauji.

He hears thapki stammering and say:” CHUK CHUK gadi.”
Thapki hears this. She stares at him and say to his father that :” this boy is teasing me .”
Krishnikant say:” no beta see he is asking a toy train from his father u r misguiding him. This is not fair.”
He went towards balwinder and began to talk to him and the little children is staring at each other.
Bihaan pulls thapki hair she cried:”oh papa.come I have to buy clothes.”
She stammers again.
Bihaan makes faces and teases her.
Thapki pull her father hand and they went from there.
Balwinder also buys some toys for their children and after a long time they began to returned as it was dark and they have to reached pandey nivaas.
Bihaan began to cry and said:” no I want CHUK CHUK gadi.I will not go home.”
Balwinder say:”bihaan no extra money is left and by the way that only belong to my son and I promised I will buy it and take it to home for my son. So come.”
Bihaan smiles

( balwinder said the truth that CHUK CHUK.GADI only belong to bihaan
How will destiny unite them he don’t know but he said truth which change the life of thahaan.

Hope u like their meeting

Precap: thapki is now young and she is walking towards a cabin suddenly she collides with a handsome man.

Who is he?
Give it views

Credit to: anubhuti

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  1. Amazing episode my frnd anubhuti? . Waiting for nxt pt.?

  2. Wow!! Anu so good to see u.
    about the story its fabulous. Cute little bihaan and thapki. So good!!

  3. Awesome n finally u back…so good to c u n it’s really superb..keep it up..i think that handsome man would b bihaan but if u r putting something twist so that maybe dhruv also but all upto u ..update soon dear….

  4. very very ……………………………cute .waiting………………………………..for next episode.

  5. welcome back dear…………its awesome because this newff start from their childhood .precap is good.waiting for to read…….

  6. Good….waiting for next FF

  7. Wow nice ff…

  8. wow, well a new concept….i was smiling the whole timing while reading this cute ff

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