This story is about abhigya.
Screen is divided into two half and there shown a boy and a girl who are dressed up in a marriage attire and slowly the face is revealed their face shows that they are in mixed emotions of love, hate, happiness, sadness, confused , excited everything. Slowly their pro is revealed

Why god this is happening to me. I know that everyone should face this in their life but not this much soon. I was not prepared mentally to accept it but my fate made me to face this all of a sudden and that to without any expectation. Till now I have only my family and friends in my life now suddenly a third person entering and I have to be with him till my last breath off my life I don’t think it will work easily now I have only one option left that I want to speak with that person and explain about my dreams and also want to tell that I am not ready to start this relation as I need some time to accept it, understand it, and prepare myself to go ahead with it. Oh no how I didn’t think in that way more over I don’t know whether that person will accept for it or not. Please god help me in it and give courage to start the conversation.

With the screen is shown has one and from one side a boy comes and from another side a girl is sitting on a bed it seems that both are in same room but in different direction and there is a huge silent and finally the is broken by the boy.
BOY: Hi, I am abhi (hearing the voice the girl lifted her head and said)
GIRL: I am pra…..gya…..pragya (in tension her tongue gets rolling). Abhi sensed her tension and said

ABHI: Don’t get tensed I want to speak to you before going ahead in our life.
PRAGYA: Same I also want to speak to you but before that I want to change this dress if you don’t mind can I change my dress.
ABHI: listen one thing first you be free and comfortable here and think this as your house here is the closet and your dress are placed inside already go and change yourself. Pragya went in and come out after 15 minutes she removed all her accessories expect her mangalsutra and she was wearing a top which is above her knee and lose pants. Abhi sees her smile and went inside that closet and he changed himself into a t-shirt and a normal night pants and come out. He didn’t find pragya on bed and see all over the room and finds the room is locked and headed towards balcony and there he find her she was looking the sky and admiring it he went near her.

ABHI: I think I need some time to go ahead with this relation and also you are a complete strange for me and ………. (Before he completes pragya interrupted)
PRAGYA: Thank god you made my job easy actual I was also thinking about that only and I also want to tell the same. And I want to know about you fully before going ahead and I have a habit to listen the thinks which is said by my heart I listen it tells me to accept for this marriage for see happiness in my family so I did and also I have a guilt that I am going to spoil one life for sake of my selfishness
ABHI: that’s great to listen this from you and I also face the same kind of situation here I to accept It for my dadi and I to have the same feeling of spoiling one’s life for my selfishness and to tell you frank you are the first women in my life after my dadi so I don’t know how to behave with girls and I need help from you
PRAGYA: Help! From me what help?

ABHI: Nothing big please bare me for some days till I get to know
PRAGYA: Fine that’s great FRIENDS forwarded her hand
From tomorrow our life will have some changes right asked pragya. Right said abhi come let’s sleep and you sleep in bed I will sleep in couch saying this he took pillow and a spread and turned suddenly pragya came there and grabbed the pillow and spread from his hand and said no need of that you also sleep in bed itself as this bed is this much big I don’t need more space and I don’t know from when you are here in this house and from when you are using this but I am sure you will be sleeping in this bed for years and u get used to it now don’t change yourself for me be yourself and I also like the person who are being themselves in their life at any circumstances and also it is good in friendship to share so now good night saying this she went and laid on bed abhi smiles and he to laid on bed and soon the slept.

Screen freeze here
Guys now I need your permission to go ahead with this story I know that I didn’t update my ff you made me….you made me complete but the reason is my exams have been started from last week and in that I need to tell you a lot I don’t have that much time to convey that if I took it now so I shift myself into this new one so after my exams over I will be back with that one now I need your support in this also take care see you all soon.

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