My life (epi 3) (rewind)


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I am so sorry ! I was not able to update my ff. Actually I went for a trekking for four days and even I updated my last epi from a hill station only. Sorry guys ,I hate giving excuses but in those last two days there wasn’t any signal even for phone call . So I was unable to update . Now only I returned to my home the time here is 11:20 . I don’t know when they are gonna publish it

Ok let’s leave to today’s epi
This epi starts as soon as the song gets over
Neil: I didn’t expect u guys. It was really a surprise!
Ragini: So How many days r u gonna stay here?
Aman: Permanently!
Neil: What?
Abhi: Dad, Let me explain. Aman uncle has shifted to your hospital as suggested by the management and Nivi aunty also moved on with him. She would now be working with Purab (as they both are lawyers)
Bulbul: Rk (All of the people in home used to simply call him as RK) has shifted his main branch (As he is a business man) and bua (Pam) has got offers to design in Bollywood and would also design for bhai’s concerts
Ragini: then what about Neel and Peehu
RK: They are there is US. They both became rebels when we told this. Peehu told she wanted to study there until she completed her PG and Neel he said he wanted to learn to manage the business on his own. So we left them there. No worries there are so many people to look after them there
Ragini: ok
(Guys Neel refers to Cooperator Neel Thakur and Neil refers to Nicheket Khanna the doctor)
Aman: By the way I am so sad for u Neil. After these many years u are gonna marry the same girl ……..isn’t it boring?
Neil: No! Why are u asking this
Aman : No yaar . If I had one such opportunity then I would go for some other choices .By the way I am so bored of Nivi
Nivi : Do u definitely want that Aman
Aman : No ! No ! ….Why would I want . By the way u are so caring and good
RK : It seems that someone is afraid of their own wife
Pam : Aren’t u RK
RK : Off course , I am . No Married man in India could live without being afraid of their own wife.
Abhi : If all of that is over can I take my Parents for their wedding
Abhi takes Neil to the mandap and Pragya brings Ragini . All the rituals take place and the wedding takes place with all rituals ..
After sometime
The wedding got over and all the guests left the place . Now the entire family of Mehras , Arora’s and Thakurs were having some masti and during all of this Aradhya was in her cradle MOTIONLESS. This was noticed by Pragya . She immediately went near the cradle ad tried to wake up Aradhya but all of her efforts became useless . She screamed and all the members of the family rushed to see what happened
Neil examined her and told that taking her to NICU was better as she was not breathing .Abhi broke down on hearing this and to add more chaos Pragya fainted and med the mm and Mad house
Aradhya and Pragya both were taken to hospital and were given treatment . Pragya regained her Consciousness soon and Neil came out of the NICU along with Aman
Neil : Adhu regained consciousness and is out of her critical state
Aman : But this is not permanent . Bottle milk has spoiled her health and has leaded to this situation . She is just two months old so for a perfect sound health she needs to be feeded
Neil : What can we do now …………..Anu will anyway not accept this ………..Now who will feed her !
Pragya : I will
Bulbul : Di ! What and …how will u ?
Pragya : (with tears ) Even I had a baby !……..If she was alive she would also have been like Adhu …………of same age …so if ……Anu could feed Aradhya why not me ? I will do anything for Aradhya
Pam : Then will u marry Abhi ?
Pragya : If it’s for Aradhya ……then I will.
Abhi : But I don’t agree to that
Pam : What is Ur problem with it ……..First of all everyone is ok with it nah u Neil ….Sarlaji
Sarala : of couse I am ok with it …..I Know Abhi for a long time and anyway my Pragya will be happy with him and Aradhya
Pam : Rest of u
Bulbul : I am ok with it . I have wanted my di to move on and finally she gave in so I am happy
Nikhil : I know my sister will be happy so I am supporting her decision
Aliya : I would love to have Pragya di as my Bhabhi
Ragini : It would be very nice if she becomes my bahu
Neil : The same here
Dada : Pragya is such a nice person , so polite , caring and loving so why should we think
Pam : Rk , Nivi and u all
Rk : What ‘s the question darling . Ofcose Abhi should marry Pragya
Aman : I agree
Nivi : Me too
Tanu : So what are u waiting for abhi?
Abhi : I have to talk with Pragya in person
Abhi and Pragya go to a lonely place in the hospital
Abhi : U really don’t have any problem in marrying me ………Why should u have to do this for my daughter ?
Pragya : Pls don’t say like this Abhishek . Even if I did not marry u Aradhya will be my daughter
Abhi : So do u trust me . See Pragya I was already married and that person left me .
Pragya : That happened in my case too nah
Abhi : No Pragya ur case is entirely different . U left Virat as he had a mistake in him . But in my case Anu left me . This means that I have a mistake in myself , So do u wanna waste ur life by marrying a person like me
Pragya : If Anu left u this does not mean that u have a mistake In u . She had lots of greed . She loved money and not u . When she didn’t get that money She left u so it’s her mistake .
Abhi : And fuggy I have the fear of losing u . If something happens between us due to our past . I could not lose u as a friend at least .
Pragya : We can be friend even after marriage too na and I will not leave u in any situation . OK !
Abhi : Then promise me (Forwards his hand)
Pragya : Promise ! (Abhi hugs her tightly and Allah waariyan plays)
Abhi : (Breaking the hug )Thank u fuggy . Thank u so much . U have done a lot for me and my daughter
Pragya : Don’t ever dare to say that again . She is Our Daughter (And hugs again )

By this time the whole family come there and they have happy tears in their eyes on seeing this young love

Sorry guys I think I have bored u enough . Please do comment more and here after I will Update regularly . Until then bye ! take care

Credit to: Manitha

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