My life (epi 1 ) (rewind)


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this epi starts in pragya’s home :
a girl is shown sleeping in the bed and a man comes to wake her up
the girl is none other than bulbul and the man is Nikhil
Nikhil : choti ! get up ! wake up my pincess! it is a very special day nah
Bulbul : Come on Bhai its not my marriage ….even the bide would not hav got up by this time
Nikhil : So what u now get up soon so that u can make the bride glow nah ….come on princess ….utto …se ur coffee is also here… u’ll not get up like this … wait a minute ……(Nikhil shouts) PRAGYA ! PRAGYA !
hearing this voice bulbul gets up and runs into the room murmuring …oh god ! why does this happen … the marriage is gonna take place in evening but I hav to get up by 4 itself even if the marriage is a not for me
Pragya comes there
Pagya : What happened Bhai … did choti trouble u ?
Nikhil : no ! no ! she is taking bath . I called u as abhi sad he would send a car for u to come there earlier as he said that u had to get the bride ready as she is not leaving aaradya
Pragya : ok Bhai ! I would get ready soon… and leaves to her room
After an hour a car comes and pragya hurriedly gets into the car .She was wearing a geen anarkali with simple stone works and a red shawl accompanoied by a emerals green with red earrings. She left her hair loose
within an 20min she reached mm and she was greeted by Aliya
Aliya : what is this di ! did u come her to attend my parents marriage funtion or not
Pragya : alu for ur kin information I am not the dulhan so I donna need any make up kinds ..ok
Aliya ; no di iam not gonna accept this …come wth me …Its good that u hav come like this a s forgot to inform that I hav bought dresses for u bulbul , Bhai and sarla ma without any further argument wear this and come soon
after a while pragya comes out

Now she was wearing a red lehenga with modest yellow border. She had again left her hairloose and she wore a A fullset of simple jewellery
Abhi was passing that place at that time and he was mesmerized …he stood there and they had and eye contact (allah wariyan)
Abhi : hey u came …pls come and get adhu (here aradhya everyone used to call her adhu )from mom as she is not givng her to anybody and the beautician is waiting for her for mre time.(pragya starts to leave ) Fuggy (he used to call her like that since she became his friend)by the way u look beautiful (she blushes)(allah wariyaan)

Pragya leaves to raginis room and ragini was playing with adhu.

Prgya : hello ma ! how are u and see u didn’t get ready …ok now adhu would come to me and we would play ma .. U go and get ready
Ragini : but beta …
Prgya : ma it is an order so go now …she closes the door and comes out with adhu and starts playing with her and by that time the whole family comes
after sometime neil comes there as the groom along with baarat and RSD dadi does the rituals
RSD : thoda patience puttar ..She would come (every one laughs as he looks for ragini )
there the screen freezes with ragini She was so beautiful wearing a red with green lehenga with bright border and heavy jewellery
Ragini and neil exchange their garlands and they sit on the stage while others are busy
Ragini : every one is so happy nah ! finally two months of sadness were over and to my surprise adhu also adapted to live witout her mother . All this is due to pragya. She showers a lot of love to us and our family
Neil : u are right . She also has lost her child nah . So she has that quality to take care of adhu
Ragini : ya but one thing..
Neil : What ?
Ragini : pls don’t speak like this this dosent suit u
At that time bulbul enters
Bulbul : What romnce is going on …pls wait until the night guys!
Abhi : ya u re right ! these two nah they were doing a lot of mischief yesterday! They both tried to meet each other and dad wnt pulling me to the ground as I had tied a rope around my leg to his
Bulbul ; didn’t u feel it
Abhi : no ! y know nah I used to sleep like a buffalo and I only got into my senses when my face was exposed to rain . It was actually raing outside and my romantic father decided to meet my shy mother in balcony
Bulbul : Then what happened ?
Abhi : then I woke up and I pulled back my father to the room tied him to bed and locked the keys hid it and I informed to Aliya and slept!

Recap : a surprise to all the members of the family

Credit to: Manitha

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