My life driver-gift to ariana


Shr was present in the car repairing garage
Shr: make my car fit in an hour i have an important work come on do it quick
Mecanic: sir dnt worry it will b done
Shr: ya it shoulf b done otherwise u would b done with ur life
Shr had left his car in the garage 3 days ago bt still not repaired thats y he was angry on the mechanic
Mechanic starts his work and shr sits on the chair and keeps his googles and coat aside
Suman enters the mechnic
Suman: bhaya bhaya plz repair my car i m getting late for my meeting
She looks at shr who was sitting in full attitude
Suman: hey u mistr r u paid for sitting here comeon utho and repair my car come on get up
Shr: excuse me????
Sumann: excuse not at all comeon get up u akroo kharoos
Shr: hold on i m not a mechanic
Sumann: so u r prime minister haina????
Shr; more than prime.minister president ohk so just shut up
Suman: hw besharam u r
Shr: i m not like u
Sumann: what???
Shr: besharam……

Suman: just repair my car i will complain the owner
Shr: go com on go and ya plzzzzzz tell me what he says
Suman: u just wait and watch batameez
Suman leaves in anger towards the owner
Shr smiles: bechari ye to gae
He again sits down
Suman comes back lil embarrased lil ashamed
Suman: sorry i thought…..
Shr: u tjought i m mechanic ri8????
Suman: yes
Shr: bt i m not
Suman: ya sorry i m really very sorry i m lil tensed about my car and my meeting
Shr: oh so what u r gonna do no one is free
Suman: i dnt knw my boss is gonna kill me for surre
Shr: oho so bad
Mechanic: sir ur car is repaired
Shr: thank u
He pays him

Shr: i m leaving if u want i can give u lift
Suman: seriously????
Shr: hm
Sumann sits on the car
Shr: u said that i m akroo khadroos with which angle u tjought tht????
Suman: ammm ur personality is like that
Shr” so still u r saying me kharoos
Suman: no no u r not ur personality is
Shr eyes him
Sumn: wo wo wo
Shr laughs hahahaaha go see ur face its like that u will die any moment hahahhahh
Suman: u scared me
Shr: hahahah sorry
Suman: its ok
Shr: u r cute
Suman: u r handsome
Shr looks at her
Suan: wo wo wo
Shr: hahaha thanks
Suman also smiles
Shr: so enaged???
Suman: not yet
Shr: bf????
Suman ; no interst
Shr: same here
Sumann: good
Shr: wjere u wanna go???
Sumann tells the way
Shr: whats ur name???
Sumann: suman singhal and ur???
Shr: shr malhotra
Sumann: will u be my friend???
Shr: u dnt knw me yet?
Suman: so what friends???
Shr: ohk friemds
They exchange their adress and phone number
They start talking with eachothèr meet eachother spend time with eachother both develop feeling for eachother
Shr: i should propse her now for sure
Shr calls suman in a restaurant and books the whole restaurant
Suman enters the restaurant
Suman: shr where iare people y restaurant is empty????
Shr: i have booked it
Suman: r u mad shr
Shr: yip
Sumann: han????
Shr: i wanna say u something
Suman: hm listening
Shr kneels down

Shr: i wanna say u that u r the first girl i havve friendshipped with or i say u r the last actually i like u sorry nt like i love u i love u very very much more than i love my self i cant be a mechanic bt can be a driver which can drive ur life car so will u make me ur driver by marryong me plzzzzz
Sumn smiles
Shr”: comeon say yes
Suman: yes yes yes yes yes anything else???
Shr: no
Suman: get up
Shr gets up
Suman hugs hom tightly : i love u very very very very very much se b very much
Shr smiles : i love u too
Aftr some days they marry each othèr
Scene freezes

The end

Sooorrrrryyyyyy i knw its baqwas its boring it is like bewaqofi sorry for that bt as i m going to b busy afterwards so i tjought to write it bt when i wrote i thought not to post it bt for my fingers i wrote it so plzzzz read and comment whatever u wann a say
Aru ya congratz i wrote it for ur new ff and ur scholarship so gift from my side
Will be waiting for all of u

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  1. Dhira

    Superb OS proposing was amazing

  2. Ariana

    OMG!!! Thanks soooooooo much. U wrote it just for me!!! Feeling so blessed. Honestly I was really sad today after hearing abt Pari’s departure nd that EDKV is ending. I nearly felt like crying but ur OS made me feel better. Thanks so much!!!! I guess I might not go with the ff if the show ends coz I just can’t think anything after the show…..but yah I’ll b here nd also thanks again for ur support nd love. U r such a sweetheart. Love u aloooooooooooootttttttttttt honey. Stay blessed. Btw the OS was wonderful. The proposal was so cute nd the ShraMan 1st encounter was kinda hilarious. Enjoyed it alllloooootttt. Don’t call my gift bakwas! I’ll start crying. I loved it from the core of my heart. Thanks again
    Love u soooooooooooooo much
    take care

    1. Nikita

      Di, the show is not ending..
      It’s just that Suman, that is Nikita Dutta is ill.. And she’s hospitalized..even the creative director and Namik has fever..
      So many people are ill on the sets..
      Now that Namik is fine, but without Suman, they can’t shoot na.. So that’s why they are not airing the episodes of EkDujeKeVaaste.. Have you not noticed, Suman ki entry utni nahi aa rahi, and plus whenever Suman thinks, it ain’t her voice? That’s why.. So chill, EDKV is not going off air !

      1. Ariana

        no yaar Niki not tht part. It was till yesterday when the team members nd other sources started saying the show’ll end as Nikita’s health is very bad nd they don’t wish to change the lead. Visit twitter. It’s a huge controversy nd other things going on in there

      2. Neeti

        No Nikki di, I dont know abt twitter bt I saw in Indid Forums dat edkv is going off air frm 7th Oct, bt wen de asked ND she said she dont know anything abt it. Bt it can b wrong also cs Behad is nt replacing Edkv bt B.b.k.d. So I am confused. Nw lets wait till 7th Oct, den we will get to know if it is true or just a rumour. Bt even I am sad bcs of Pari di nd dis news. I hope u saw d cmnt of Pari di in hr epi 11 or may b d lst epi;-(.

      3. Ariana

        I’m not on twitter but I’m following all up from my frnd’s ac. K so some fans went to the studio today nd Namik personally said they’ll wrap up shooting by this week and the show will go till 7th Oct. Earlier SonyTv director board Sahil said edkv to end by mid oct as Niki decided not to shoot. Then Anjali mam also confirmed on instagram that it’s going off air. So idk wht to say any more

    2. Nikita

      Just checked….
      Shit man! This should not happen..
      You on twitter btw?
      Arree yaar..
      But people are trending it..
      Same scenario like reporters…
      Let’s hope that they give us an extension..

    3. Neeti

      Did every 1 confirmed? I am crying. Every1 is making dis lil girl cry. Bt dere is a lot of things to happen. Even Niki mam joined today. Hw can they just end it? I know no 1 will like it if Nikita man get replaced, so they could have focused on smething else na. They r been so unfair. See I wrote na every1 is been unfair. Nw even I am starting to hate Sony.E.TV, Sab is better than Sony nw. Bt Behad is going to replace B.B.K.D. na then wat is replacing Edkv. Oh it is so confusing bt if every1 confirmed it den may b its true. There r 99% chances of Edkv going off air bt we still have 1% hope. If it is really going off air then Sony channel have no brain. They want to continue Bbkd nd nt Edkv!
      Sry wrote too much, bt I am burning with anger nd drowning with sadness.
      Tc dis- Neeti

      1. Ariana

        ur anger on Sony is well justified Neeti. every1 tweeted 52k+ using #DontEndEDKV on twitter tagging Sony but those brainless munchkins don’t care. And yah they could have focused on other issues while Niki was away but Sony wants no filler epi. Read this:
        I have no words after reading it. I’m gonna miss the show soooooooooooo much

    4. Neeti

      Lets hope if Sony listens to our requests or nt. I think they just want to start Behad. I am nt liking this anymore. Even Nikita mam came back to shoot na! Now they can continue shooting bt may b Sony is nt liking it:[email protected] Just because of this Sony lost so many viewers

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Awww such a sweet way of proposing really diff and unique idea keep it up ufaq

  4. U know..wt..
    Crazy things will always b special…
    Like ur crazy OS???????
    Nothing..can b more gud than shraman union???

  5. wow this was fabulous…
    loved it
    plz post more

  6. Neeti

    Di it was amazing, u r a grt writer so stop calling it bakwas, warna I am too dengerous, ok. It ws an epic 1.
    Hahahahaha Shr d macanic, so funny! Luved d whole thing.
    Sumo befkuf hahahaha. D confession ws too good.
    Luv u di, tata, tc- Neeti/Leeti

  7. Affaa

    My chul bulli… Do u remember this poor appi… I can’t explain how much I missed my doll… Ur cute talks each and everything… But I also do dua for u bcoz I love you soo much… Os was mind blowing… From where u gets such a outstanding ideas to write ff… Superb… I loved it… How are you? How is your studies.. Take care… Appi love chul bulli a lot…. Mmmmmh

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