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There was a time when I hated her. I hated whatever she did. I just couldn’t stand her. I wanted her out of my life.

But then, we got married! I married the girl whom I hated the most. I married her for revenge, tortured her, yet she saved me from every problem, difficulty. Be it Daadi’s scolding, or her family’s “khaane ka aatyachaar”. Oh sorry. Not “aatyachaar, it’s “pyaar”. Or from the drinking and driving accident police case or from dying. She has saved me from every problem.

I tried so hard. So hard, to understand her but always failed. And then there were misunderstandings. Our marriage too was because of a mere misunderstanding. Once this was cleared, other misunderstandings were created. Either by Tanu and Aliya or just by chance. But the point was, she never ever misunderstood me. It was always me. It was always me who misunderstood her.

The only thing we did ever did was fight! Fight over silly things. And I guess that’s what led to love? But whatever it was, it was really cute. The feeling I got, whenever she was around, I can’t even tell you how it was. Sigh!

And then one night, she did the most unexpected. She said what I hadn’t even thought of it in my dreams. She shared her feelings with me. She proposed me. She told me how much she loved me and what love was for her. For her love is not something you would want to live with, for her love is something without which you cannot live. And since her proposal I had started to feel awkward in her presence. So awkward that in front of her I get tongue-tied. I plan to tell something to her but then due to my nervousness I mess up everything and I blabber something else making both of us even more awkward.

Then on Bulbul’s engagement day, she got kidnapped and I went to save her. All alone. Without police force. Ah! I was this rockstar who went to save his wife! I told myself that I went to save her because I had promised Daadi, but I guess it wasn’t true. I myself hoped nothing happened to her and I brought her back safe and sound. And in the end, I got shot. And I don’t regret it. She had done so much for me, and I hadn’t done anything in return. In some corner of my heart, I had a guilty feeling. Not that I haven’t done anything for her, but that I have wronged her in so many ways. The corporator had aimed at her, and she was all ready to die. But how could I have let her? How could I let her to leave my hand in the whole wide world?

After I was shot, there was a time when I wasn’t breathing. And she had to do what doctors usually recommend, mouth to mouth resuscitation. She did, and I had started breathing. It was like she had given me a second life. But after we returned back home, there was yet another misunderstanding. But it hadn’t lasted long. I hadn’t known about the CPR but then Tanu told me about it and she had “misunderstood” a CPR to be a kiss. I had been told that she had kissed me. And as expected I lost my temper and blasted off at her, without giving her a proper chance of explanation. But thankfully, Purab immediately had cleared the misunderstanding and I had apologized to her.

On Bulbul’s mehandi, we got the news that Bulbul met with an accident and when we reached the hospital the doctor had informed us that she was critical. That day I saw the other side of her. She had broken down. She was sitting all alone and questioning God. I had always told her that God didn’t exist and if he did then why did he leave our side when we needed him the most. But she always had her own answers.

A few days later, Bulbul was discharged and everything was going fine. A few incidents had made me realize something different about her. I was going to have a serious discussion with her about our future. About our marriage. But then again life became all complicated. Do damn complicated that it couldn’t go back to normal ever again.

Tanu! She told me that she was pregnant. She was faking it. I knew it. But it was such a sensitive matter, I couldn’t do anything at that specific moment! Here I was going to break up with her and there she comes up yet with another plan.

“Abhi, What do you mean by am I sure? Of course I’m sure. I am pregnant. And you have to talk to your Daadi about your divorce with her and our marriage.”

That’s when we heard something break outside the room, when I went and checked, I saw a vase broken lying on the floor beside the door. And when I checked to see if anyone was there, I couldn’t see anyone but had a thought, What if she had heard it all? And to my shock she had.

When I entered our room, I saw her sleeping on the couch, so I decided to talk about it tomorrow and went and slept on the bed. After a while I heard soft footsteps and turned to see, that Pragya wasn’t there. I got up and checked the whole house, she wasn’t anywhere.

I tried dialing her number but it was not reachable. I had started to worry.

Right now, I didn’t know what was happening. Everything had happened so fast. The only thing I knew was, I was scared. Scared to lose someone so close to me. Someone whom I wouldn’t be able to live without. And if something happened to her, I would never forgive myself. Never ever in my life. That’s when a thought came to my mind, I hadn’t told anyone about this. How would I tell them? But that was something that least mattered to me now. What mattered to me the most at the moment was what the doctor had to say about her.

Here, I was pacing back and forth infront of the O.T.

She had met with an accident. The police had informed me just a couple of hours ago that according to the people passing by, she was walking on the road and she hadn’t seen a truck coming from behind her and…

The doctor before going inside for the operation told me, “Mr.Mehra, Her situation is very critical. I fear we wouldn’t be able to save her but we will try our best.”

The last time I saw her was before she was taken inside the O.T. She was constantly mumbling “Abhishekh”. She looked so pale, so dull. I didn’t want to leave her hand and wanted to go inside and I had requested the doctors but then, they had explained it to me that they couldn’t allow me to enter due to hygienic and other reasons.

Finally after 4 long hours, I saw the doctor come out of the O.T, I hoped that what his face expressed wasn’t what he had to say. At that, a shiver ran down my spine. What if it was true? Then what would I do? Facing my family, that was the least I cared. How even will I survive without her? Every morning becomes a good, only if the first face I see is her’s. Every night I get a peaceful sleep only if she is the last person I see before going to bed. By bed-coffee. The coffee with the magic of her fingers. The head massage she gives me whenever I I have a headache. But.. But simply how will I live without her? How I hoped that it wasn’t true.

At that minute I prayed, prayed that she should be fine. Perfectly fine. But to my shock it wasn’t. My worst fear of losing someone so special, so very close to me came true.
I had lost her. Lost her forever.

Guyz this story is really very great and its written by Apple123flower…… So don’t credit me for this! i was busy with my studies but then i took a short break and went through this amazing story .Its so well written! I loved it

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Somiya that was a great idea indeed.
    Missing you and your fff….

  2. Its was so sweet of u sharing tis ff… I really loved it although it has a tragic ending?… Its ok sometimes tragedy is also nice to read….life is not always with happy endings!

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  4. Indeed this was welk written amazing 🙂 🙂 🙂 hats off to her who written this

  5. Its Outstanding……. How Beautifully written it is !!!!Hats off to her who written this…………???????????????????????

  6. very very suprb..sometimes we always accept the will helps to realizes that which is true and reality…very nice story…really amazing….

  7. Nice story and thanks for sharing with us

  8. Awesome yaar??????

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