hey guys.. raman’s diary was a bit different because it was one incident of his life…now for ruhi’s diary entry.

dear diary,

My name is Ruhi Bhalla. I’m 17 years old. Actually I’m a brave girl, as I had to go through a lot in my life. Now I’m finally safe with my parents, though..I don’t know much now..
Few days back, I met this amazing boy,a kind and helpful boy.. I don’t know what’s happening to me when I’m with him..I feel like that I forget everything..he also cares for me…Oh God!
He is calling me now..

“hello ruhi, did you have your dinner?” he ask me, really sweetly.
“yes sohail..thanks for asking” I reply, I can’t help my self,I think I’m blushing.
“No problem” he says “I just called you to ask about you”
“Sohail I’m fine..” I say.
“Thats good then..good night ruhi” He wishes me
“good night to you too..bye” I say.

I jump back into my bed smiling, see he’s so caring. okay let’s carry on where I stopped from..

I got two siblings..Adi bhaiya and Pihu..

well Adi bhaiya, is busy now..with Aliya di and work..i guess..but pihu is my princess, my world actually.
Now I come to think of it, she is the other half of my world..other part is sohail..sorry pihu!

My papa and ishi maa think I don’t listen to them..but I do! I just want my freedom. do you think being with a totally innocent guy a wrong thing..?
I don’t understand..I used to share everything with ishi maa, and now I feel unsafe..not unsafe..but..I don’t know.. I feel different..

“ruhi are you in there” come a’s ishi maa

can’t I be in the room on my own for a while? Do you understand my situation now?

“yes ishi maa” I reply “why?”
“nahi..just checking…” she answers me. she called me to just check..?
“well I got you milkshake..” she completes her sentence.

oh thanks ishimaa “coming..” i say.

Yum! Milkshake!

I better go and drink that..


precap: diary of adi.


hello guys keep reading these diaries, untill i complete all!
also should i write one incident of adi’s life or his full story?

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  1. Zaira

    Wow dear its very nice ..but I think its too small can u plz just make it a bit long update plz actually I wanted the life story of both Raman n ruhi problems this is also nice ..Adi one I want life story plz ..

    1. Tvfan1

      yeah i know it was too short..okay ill make life story, but i will include some life stories ..and ill make it long!

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  3. It so cool

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