hi guys its me! i’m glad that you like ishita’s diary entry! now time for raman’s..


“ruhi no you are not leaving and that’s it” i say looking at ruhi angrily. she stares back at me like i was her biggest enemy or something.
these children these days have no control. Ishita’s too much love is the reason. who lets girls walk out alone with some stranger, that their parents hate?

“papa, i’m grown up now, and you don’t need to boss me around” she says, and throws her ‘ever loving’ magazine at the table. ” i will go with sohail, and thats final”
she says and turns to leave.

ishita looks on. I leave out of the place.

Am I the one who’s doing the wrong thing? am I too caring? should I talk with her? I wish I could understand what’s going on in her mind.

“ruhi..are you in there” i knock at her door, later on in the day.
“Go away papa, i’m getting ready” she says.
“Ruhi, mind who are you talking to. that’s your papa” i hear someone, i turn back and see ishita.

she opens the door. She smiles at us.

“Here I am!” she shouts.
I gasp.
“Are you going to wear that? Are you going to go out wearing that at night, with that guy?” I shout, as i stare at her dress.

she wears a very short dress, and half of it is cut open..and…

“yeah, whats wrong with it?” she says soothing it. “It’s the new style, sohail would love it”

I cannot take it anymore, my daughter is crossing her limits too much.

“Ruhi you are not going out, it’s final” i shout at her.

I see her texting, and not even minding my words! I grab it out of her hands.

“Papa!! give that back!” she shouts as her eyes gets filled with tears. “I was texting sohail papa, he must be waiting”
“Ruhi enough is enough ruhi! I don’t understand you anymore. you were my ever loving daughter and now..IT’s enough ruhi, you’ve gone way..WAY too much.” i shout at her, daring not to look at her teary eyes.

“Well, you think that can stop me?” she ask, sobbing with tears ” You are wrong papa, you’re just wrong. I can live without a phone, of course i can”

I lift my hand to slap her, but suddenly stop as someone suddenly holds my hand.

“Don’t even dare raman!” well guess who it was, ruhi’s ‘ishi maa!’
“Will you guys stop it?” she asks.

“Ishita, you are asking ME to stop when you know YOUR daughter is crossing the limits?” I ask.
“Raman you were going to make matters worse. Ruhi I agree with your father, i allowed you to go as you were still my little princess..but now.. no ruhi are not that old, ruhi..” she says.

I finally thank her, that she said something sensible.

Ruhi suddenly cries loudly, and goes inside her room, she turns to close her door..

“You won’t understand, stopping love is bad..I love him.. just why are you not allowing me..he has done only” she cries and close her door.

I sigh. Ishita sighs.

“Leave her alone for sometime raman” she says.
“No ishita i will stay here, god knows what she’s up to” I say.

I grab a chair and sit down infront of her door, and so does ishita. From Time to time ishita ask her “are you fine ruhi?” or “ruhi..?” and ruhi just cries even loudly.
Somehow, this makes both of us comfortable again..

“We have other things to do raman, we have been sitting here for moe than an hour now” she says indignantly.
“You go, you are the mother of the house, get pihu ready for the night..and do the other work..i’ll come later” I say.

I don’t know why, but it feels like i’m attracted,just like a magnet,to the chair. Just a while ago I scolded her off and now I’m suddenly paining for her.

“hmm” Ishita says and leaves.

I look at ruhi’s door again. I knock.

“You’re here” came a voice from inside.
“Yes ruhi..I can’t leave you..I love you’re my princess. please try to understand me” I say, suddenly I feel my eyes burning, burning of love. That love converts into tears and falls from my eyes..

suddenly she opens the door.

I was stopped by an ever loving hug, i’ve been waiting for ages.

“I love you too papa” she says and i feel her tears running down her eyes.

I managed to smile through my tears. This was the best gift anyone could have..and everyone must have..

I stop here for now..


precap: Ruhi’s diary


thank you for the people who do read. and if you don’t it’s perfectly okay. with comments or without i will carry on my journey 🙂

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    Guys it was one incident of ramans life

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  3. yezs i understand u wrote ishita dairy fully na then why wont u write raman dairy like that??????????

    1. Tvfan1 time i’ll try writing raman’s diary like that

  4. Hey it’s loverly but Roman’s dairy is too short then ishita ‘n dairy

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      Sorry. I’ll write it a bit long next time then

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