hello people you know i am a big fan of YHM, so i’m going to write a story..actually it’s not a story but..
it’s something like a diary. so everyone from YHM will be writing their thoughts in their diary. okay here we go..
first up is ishita..(of course who else would it be?)

dear diary,

i don’t know how to begin, am i supposed to write my feelings? thoughts?
I am a dentist. actually now i am a mother to 3 children. i am married to raman bhalla. (i know you already know that)
my life began with troubles, and it’s still going on. according to raman: it’s because i worry too much about others.
but i can’t help it!

the story behind me and raman is quite unusual but interesting too. We started our marriage life as enemies, became bestfriends, and now lovers.
i should not waste time talking about the people who are our enemies, well not exactly enemies but people who are jealous of our success, success in marriage, work and everything.

if i move onto my children.. i don’t know how to explain, now they are grown up and..i don’t feel that bond with us anymore.
adi for an example, is now engaged, don’t come and share his problem with me that much now.. i must not blame him..he is a well grown man now.
but ruhi..ever since she met this stranger became complicated.. sometimes i wonder if it was me and raman who made her life that way..
raman and ruhi, well know papa and daughter,always make problems, problems as in disagreement. maybe it’s because raman cares too much of her daughter and ruhi just want freedom now.
but i must not blame them, we are their parents, we should know how to guide them..
But i must say my pihu is adorable, and my little child. we don’t have the ‘bond’ that once me and ruhi had, but still.. she is my daughter and i love her to bits.

I am thankful for god for giving me such a nice family, MY family and my in-law family. Such a caring family. They worry about me,care for me and most importantly, love and support me. If their own son (raman) has done the fault, and i did the right thing, they would always support me, that’s how they are!
romi,simmi and rinky, raman’s ever loving siblings, are also a big support for me, they are not sisters and brothers, but friends to me. Although i must rinky is not with us today.


in my family, i have a sister. her name is vandu. she is happily married to Bala and is a mother for 2 children, Shravan and Krshitija.
also my cousin sister mihika (also forever best friend) is now married to romi..yes my husband’s brother.
my amma and appa, are the strength of ishita, it’s because of them i am here.

my journey is quite unique,and not a story for just was full of joy,sorrow anger and many emotions, and it will be..
(the quote on the cover is an quote that inspired me)


precap: diary of raman

hope you guys comment down below..

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  1. It’s lovely loved it

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you!

  2. Ankitha

    Awesome tvfan and I am planning to write something on yhm too . Inspired by you all. So can u give me some ideas ?.

    1. Tvfan1

      hmm, just about to read ur ff. thx

  3. Lisa

    It was just awesome… It was looking as if Ishita is writing it …it was looking so real..?????keep it up…good job u r really a great writer????????

    1. Tvfan1

      thx a means sooooo much..

      1. Lisa

        No need to say thnx ….u r a great writer

  4. Loved it … just Ishitha nice reading

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you so much!

  5. loved it

  6. Zaira

    Wowowowowow I m awestruck u know….its just awesome ,a diary of yhm family great !!
    It is very beautifully woven ???with nice emotions …..I really appreciate u for this innovative idea of writing life in the form of diary???
    I have a request …when u r writing the diary of Raman plz mention his guilt of every wrong thing he have done with ishu n others in his family n how they have forgiven him with utmost love ….n how he was changed from the beast ….??

    1. Tvfan1

      thank you. i’m sorry zaira i hv already written it. i’ll use ur idea next time. sorry again

  7. Kumud


    1. Tvfan1

      thank you kumud

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