Life Diaries (Description and Promo)


A joyful girl who cared about everyone, was different from other girls tragically loses her mental balance.
The girl who seemed unbreakable, broke,
The girl who seemed strong, crumbled,
The girl who always smiled, cried,
The girl who never gave up, quit trying.Finally she dropped her fake smile and whispered, “I can’t do this anymore.”But God doesn’t leaves anyone alone right? Her life starts changing by someone, who is that someone? Read to find out.

A woman and a man is shouting at a girl, “its a mistake, you were a mistake, you are a liar, u blamed your own friend.”

The girl cryingly says, “mumma believe me I m not lying.”

The woman shouts, “what will society say of us? You should go from here.”

She pushes the girl out of the house.

.          .           .         .         .            .          .

The same girl is walking in middle of the road, a car stops and a man comes out of it.
Man: hey why r u walking in middle of the road? U will get hurt.

The girl doesn’t says anything, he takes her.
.           .             .              ,                 .       .

Girl gets panic attacks and is uncontrollable, the man comes and calms her.
Man: everything will be OK
Girl gets fine.

.       .      .       .       .        .        .        .        .

Man: I love u
Girl runs away.

Why is the girl scared?? What’s the problem she has? Read to find out…so u would have recognized me by now, m salley 145 he he…

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  1. Hello salley “145”??
    Amazing Start seems to different update soon ??

    1. Salley145

      Yeah will do…haha u r right I introduced myself in a funny way lol

  2. very impressive and intereting prologue , update soon

  3. Manya

    Hey Sara it is interesting post soon??

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