Life Diaries (chp 7)- My Doctor, My Friend

I collided with someone and it was Akshat. “Where will you hide my love? I found you,” he said holding my waist
and I ran jerking his hand, I saw nani scolding mumma. I went and pulled her with me in elevator. “Nani he is here, we’ll have to go fast,” I said panicking. Dr.Abeer was waiting for us downstairs in the car. We were going by elevator to ground floor but in stopped on 3rd floor and Akshat came inside.

Nani stood before me but he moved her and came towards me while I pinned myself to the wall. “Akshat just get lost, don’t do anything to her,” Nani said and cried. He held my face tightly. “You love playing hide and seek right? Now you see,” he said and put a handkerchief on my face and then everything went black but I heard nani pleading to Akshat.

Next thing I remember is waking up in a room, I sat up and looked around.

Its my room, why did he brought me here? Did mumma and papa brought me here? Thousand thoughts ran in my mind and then the door opened, I didn’t want to see who’s it, I just sat there on the bed in the sea of my thoughts. I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Meher, my child, look who came,” a voice said and I recognized its mumma. I didn’t reacted, I didn’t look at her, only her last words to me echoed in my ears, “what will society say of us? Go get lost, don’t come again here.”

I got up and started leaving and went downstairs and mumma came running behind me

. “Forgive us please, you are my good girl right?,” she said crying and I got teary eyed. “And you are also my good mother right? You want my happiness? My happiness lies away from here, I am going to the same hospital in which I have lived in for one and a half day. At least that doctor and nani believes me, you thought I have blamed Akshat,” I said coldly.

“We gave him to police, don’t
worry now he won’t come. Please let us both rectify our mistake?,” she said folding hands. “No mumma please just stop it, I left everything to make you both proud of me, I sacrificed my freedom, I didn’t went on any picnics but what I got? A false blame,” I said looking down. “We are already proud of you,” she said. “Where’s nani?,” I asked. “She’s in my room,” she said and I went to mumma’s room and sat in front of nani.

“Nani please take me from here, I don’t want to live here, no one loves me here,” I pleaded. “Your mother too forgave you on your many mistakes, can’t you forgive?,” she said. “Nani you too asking me to do so? You know how many panic attacks I got? How much I got troubled and you think its easy, no nani I can’t. Goodbye,” I said and then turned to her,”and yeah thanks for saving me,” I went outside the house downstairs and hired an auto to go back to hospital.

It took a little time but I reached and went inside and asked receptionist about Dr.Abeer, she told directions and I ran to his cabin and knocked. “Come in,” he said and I went in. “You, is everything OK?,” he asked standing up concerned. I hugged him tight and cried my heart out. He hugged me after awhile and caressed my back to stop my tears. “Nani is asking me to forgive mumma, now she’s also on her side, I can’t do it, I just can’t,” I said still hugging him. He parted away from me and made me sit giving me a glass of water. I drank it. “I am with you, I will fight for you, I will support you, remember? We are friends,” he said smiling at me, I smiled back and hugged him.

“Thank you doctor,” I said. “Umhm, you can call me by my name, Abeer,” he said.”OK Abeer,” I said. “Oh and yeah now Akshat is in jail, you won’t need to shift Bhishnupur,” he said. “Oh how did you know about Akshat that he will attack me?,” I asked curiously. “He sent a threatening letter for you which I read and not you so that is why I asked you to shift,” he said. “Oh okay, I don’t have a place to live, can I stay in hospital?,” I asked. “No you can live with me in my house,” he said and I stood up stunned. “What?,” I said and he nodded. How will I live with him? OK I know he’s my friend but I can’t trust him so soon, I also have no other option, so I’ll have to do this.

Guys revenge for love is also updated before this

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  1. wow finally akshat is in jail and meher is going to go to abeer’s house . nice chapter

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    Glad that akshat got arrested.

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