Life Diaries (chp 5)- Crime Accepted

He became shocked or should I say he acted as if shocked and don’t know anything. “Who did that?,” he asked sweating badly. “Don’t act as if you don’t know anything, she lost her mental balance because of you, and you are the rapist, her rapist,” I said and he nodded no. “Why you did that to an innocent soul? Just on not agreeing you for marriage, you raped her?,” I said. “Yes I raped her, what will you do?,” he asked grabbing my collars and I pushed him hard. “I will give you to police, you jerk,” I said and called police holding him tight.

The police came and I told them the truth showing the report, Akshat tried hard to free my grip and he bit my hand and I screamed while he escaped from window. They ran to catch him while I bandaged my bleeding hand and went to check on Meher.

I sat in the bathtub with water around me and laid down inside immersing myself in it thinking about my old days.

I came back from school, I was a little girl of about 8 years, I came running inside and hugged mumma. “Mumma, I missed you a lot in school,” I said. “I missed you too beta,” she said kissing my forehead. “I will never leave you,” she said taking me to my room.
Fb end.

I miss you mumma, wherever I am right now, I m still your daughter. I sat up and picked the blade I kept near the bathtub and closed my eyes keeping the blade on the wrist. “Goodbye nani, mumma and papa, I don’t want to live anymore, I left everything for you both, my freedom, I sacrificed everything so that I give time to studies and can become something to make you both proud of me, but I let you down, I gave you shame,” I said and was about to press the blade in my wrist but a sudden force pushed my hand. I looked at my hand than at the one who stopped me. It was nani.

“What the hell do you think you were doing? Should I slap you tight? Come out, what condition have u made of yourself?,” she pulled me out of the tub and took me out of washroom and asked me to change my clothes.

I did so and sat back on the bed, just then Dr.Abeer entered. “How are you feeling?”, he asked. “I am fine”, I said, ” oh and please let me go now, I m not ill.” I was feeling caged. “But first you have to become fine”, he said giving me food. I ate it, taste didn’t mattered. “Isn’t the food good? I feel you’re a robot, no expressions at all,” he said and I laughed along with him. “Thank you for making me laugh,” I said and he smiled, he’s cute, he he.

A peon entered the room. “A letter has came for the patient Meher Purohit,” he said. “Its me,” I said and he gave me the letter but Dr.Abeer snatched it from me and read it. He looked shocked, he ran from there, I wonder who it might be.

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  1. oh thank god meher did not slit her wrist . what is in the letter? eagerly waiting for next episode…..

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      I m updating next epi tonight

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  2. finally this akshat is punished , feeling happy about that

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      No he ran away

      1. omg , i thought he was caught

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    Awesome part

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