Life Diaries (chp 38) : Epilogue

After dropping maa, we went for a long drive. I was really happy seeing Meher smile so cutely. The heaviness on my heart which I was carrying of how to punish Akshat, finally it was solved today. The drive was silent and so was Meher. I switched on the music “khaabon k parindey.” She smiled even more and slid down the window, she even sang along as the song played. I listened to her voice more than the singer’s voice. I was just so lost in her voice. I also sang with her.

The song ended. “I didn’t knew you have such a beautiful voice,” I praised her. “Yes, I always wanted to be a singer but because my parents wanted me to be something else, I didn’t told my dream to them,” she told me. “What they wanted you to be?,” I asked. “Model, and believe me or not, I look bad in those short clothes,” she said and I giggled. “You want to become singer right? I will fulfill your dream, you can be a model as well along with it,and I have seen you in short clothes, you wore them that day in theatre with me, remember? And that day in bar too,” I said.

“You are saying because you love me and you will admire me in every clothes, even if I wear boring clothes,” she said. “That’s true, but you’re beautiful, everyone will like you when you go on stage,” I said and she smiled at me. “But you won’t come to see my performance, you’re doctor,” she said. “I can cancel every appointment and meeting for you, I am free for you always,” I said and she put her head on my shoulder.

After a long drive, Abeer stopped the jeep on marine drive. We stepped down and the cool breeze touched us. I held his bicep and we sat on a rock listening to the calm sound of waves. “Life is so beautiful when a person has a loving life partner,” I said to him and he kissed my cheek. “And it’s more beautiful having a lovely innocent wife,” he said and pulled my cheeks making me remind of the mischief I did with Nani in court and I giggled. We sat there for hours and went back to our house.

We sat on our bed entwining our hands. “You remember how did Akshat’s face become when you slapped him? Just like a dead leaf,” he said jokingly and we laughed. “What to do next?,” I asked. “Still something left?,” he asked. “Yes, honeymoon,” I told him. “Oh yes, how can I forget?,” he said and showed me tickets of US. “Yayyy,” I said and kissed his cheek. “Baby doll,” he said on my childish act and we again laughed.

Next day we went to airport for US. “Listen?,” I said to Abeer and he hmmed.  “Let’s have a kiss,” I said. “Oh that kiss,” he said and winked at me. “OK fine but once we are in the plane.” Just then the announcement was done and we went inside the aeroplane. Once everyone got busy, we drew our faces close to each other and held each other’s hands. Soon our lips met and we shared a kiss. Finally we were happy married couple without any villains.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    abeer is so nice to support meher to be a singer and model.meher singing and abeer admiring her was nice.sitting on the rock and talking..their dialogues were so romantic. last kiss was very romantic. nice ending

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