Life Diaries (chp 37): Happy Time

“Judge please don’t believe a word she said, don’t know of what she is taking revenge of. But she’s a liar and besides that, it’s been one year and four months that this happened. She doesn’t have proof, the only proof was the bite marks on her neck I gave her and now they might’ve healed,” said Akshat absent mindedly that he told the truth and then slapped his forehead, I smiled at Abeer and he smiled back and showed me thumbs up. “Happy birthday Akshat,” I said sarcastically as he insulted himself. “And the winner of this case is Meher Malhotra,” declared the judge and I jumped in joy and Abeer was also very joyful, I got out of the witness box and Abeer and I ran towards each other with open arms having a hug. “We won Abeer, we won, m so happy,” I exclaimed parting away and cupped his cheeks.

“I am also very happy for you, you’ll always be happy now and no one will harm you,” he said and kissed my forehead. I smiled. “Mom, please save me mom,” Akshat shouted as the police took him away. “I slapped that innocent girl for your deed, you ruined her, I still can’t believe you can do such a terrible thing,” said Akshat’s mother with tears flowing from her eyes. “Stop inspector,” I said and they stopped. “Meher why the hell are you..?,” Abeer said but before he could complete I showed him my hand asking him to stop. I approached Akshat and my anger rose to heights, I slapped him three to five times. “You can take him now,” I said and they went. Akshat’s mom came to me and I just looked at her blankly. “Don’t you dare do anything to my wife again, she’s innocent,” Abeer said. “I am sorry, I didn’t knew that he really raped you else I wouldn’t have slapped you, I would’ve slapped him,” said his mother folding her hands. “Whatever happened is in past, I am sorry you lost your son,” I said. “It was my fate,” and saying this Akshat’s mom went.

“Now everything is fine Meher,” I said putting my hand on her shoulder. “Yes it is,” she said and just then her family too hugged her one by one. “I am happy for you di,” said Tarun. She ruffled his hair playfully and smiled at him kissing his cheek. I smiled seeing their bond. Tarun responded with a kiss on her forehead. “Doctor uncle, do take care of her,” he said and I giggled. “Call me jeeju,” I said and then we both had a hug. “Is all the love for Abeer only?,” asked Meher and he nodded in negative and we got into a group hug.

We all separated and Meher went to her Nani. “Naniiii, I love you,” she said like a child hugging her. “I am annoyed, you don’t tell me anything now,” said her Nani and jokingly acted as annoyed. “Awww how cute, but you won’t be annoyed anymore, nani amma Nani amma maan jao na,” she said pulling her nani’s cheeks and they both bursted into laughter the next moment. “Nani, whenever you get angry, your cheeks turn red like tomato,” she said naughtily and her Nani smiled at her and put her hand on Meher’s head blessing her. “I love you too beta,” she said and again they had a hug. My Meher was acting all cute like a baby, I went forward and took her nani’s blessings and other’s too. “Mumma papa tunnu nani bye, love you, m going, my hubby needs lonely time with me,” she said bidding bye and as we got out of the court, I lifted her in my arms twirling her.

“Ready for a long drive baby?,” I asked her and she nodded happily.

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    glad that meher won.liked akshat’s mom turning against him and apologizing to meher

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